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South Korea Business Database

Get ahead of your competitors with high quality, detailed company intelligence from the Global Database South Korea business contact directory. With a total of over 25142 company and key employee profiles for the region, your business can gain a real advantage with accurate and direct new contacts and sales prospects.

Using our companies database, South Korea businesses can be easily filtered based on a wide array of demographic options to create truly segmented campaigns for better engagement. With in-depth information such as income and turnover, employee count, office locations, senior staff lists, and much more, you have a complete company intelligence solution for a range of sales and marketing activities.

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South Korea Industry Database

Our business intelligence covers 34 different sectors, so whether you are looking to buy email list access and business information for finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, marketing, transport and logistics, or something else entirely, we have thousands of South Korea companies ready for you to reach out to.

With such a wide range of industry intelligence available it is no wonder that our database is used by businesses, banks, universities, governments and research centres the world over, including many in the FTSE 100 Index. Even household names such as Microsoft, Maserati, KPMG, Avaya and Cisco trust us to supply them with business data with quality level that they cannot find elsewhere.

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South korea Business Credit Reports

Want to avoid cash flow interruptions and target your ideal prospects in the Chemicals industry in South Korea? The Global Database Credit Report platform offers a simple way to minimize risk and help you make more informed decisions: a business credit report of your future and current B2B partners in South Korea.


While it’s most often necessary to extend credit to your business partners in South Korea, more often than not, companies make assumptions about the creditworthiness of their B2B prospects and partners. They rely on their impressions and interactions instead of data like a company’s payment history, credit limit, and group structure — opening themselves up to potentially devastating financial risk and inability to successfully target the most highly sought after prospects.


Protect your business now — and set it up for maximum future success. You’ll get the most reliable for 739 businesses in the Chemicals industry in South Korea through the Global Database Business Credit Report platform. Our business credit report saves time — and money — helping you avoid fraud, maintain consistent cash flow, understand your prospects’ group structure, and stay up to date on the credit risk of your current partners as well as your future prospects.

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Business Credit Reports

South Korea Email Address Database

As the most important channel for your marketing messages, your company's email campaigns are essential to the overall success of your sales strategies. It is therefore vital that you are working with quality contact data when targeting businesses in South Korea.

When you buy email database access from Global Database, you not only gain 22476 direct email addresses, but also the assurance that, because we validate each one on a 30-day basis, your emails have the highest deliverability rate in the industry.

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South Korea Phone Database

The Global Database South Korea company phone database is made up of over 26721 phone numbers for key decision makers of the country's industry. The phone numbers available in the South Korea directory allow you to call each professional directly, saving your sales team time, money and effort.

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South Korea B2B Marketing Database

Our South Korea directory is searchable using different demographic filters including industry, sales volumes, and number of employees, so whether you are putting together a large or small business database, you can add the exact business types you want to target. You can even filter the list depending on staff seniority level, and be on a call with a CEO or CTO in minutes as a result.

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