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Argentina Business Directory

According to a research from the B2B Technology Marketing Community, 61% of B2B marketers think generating high-quality leads is one of their biggest challenges. It takes a lot of time and resources to look for new leads manually, and waiting for potential customers to come to you can prove to be disastrous.

The Global Database Argentina contact directory holds details for 970534 businesses and key contacts in the country, so you can enjoy a wealth of high quality fresh new leads to add to your sales funnel immediately. The database is fully searchable using a range of filtering options, so whether you're looking for small business leads or the CEOs of major industry-leading companies, you'll have all the information you need to reach out to them.

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Argentina Industry Database

The Argentina business directory has information on companies across 34 verticals in the region, including IT, legal, engineering, and transport and logistics, to name just a few. Our records include company name and address, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, staff members, turnover, and much more. Users can easily filter their search applying specific demographics to narrow down the 970534 Argentina records to exactly what they need.

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Argentina Business Credit Reports

Want a simple way to make more informed decisions and lower your financial risk? Global Database has the solution. Our Business Credit Report platform offers you the tools to be able to avoid cash flow interruptions and find safe and profitable prospects in the Information Technology industry in Argentina.


In the B2B market in Argentina, extending credit is a necessity, but most businesses haven’t assessed the financial health of their partners, relying instead solely on their perceptions and interactions. Without knowing the company’s payment history, credit limit, or what you need to be able to successfully navigate your prospects’ group structure, you leave yourself exposed to a potentially high level of financial risk that can have devastating outcomes.


Take the right step and protect your business. By using the Global Database Business Credit Report platform to obtain a business credit report of your B2B partners, you’ll get reliable data for 15623 businesses in the Information Technology industry in Argentina. A business credit report is an easy and smart way to keep healthy cash flow levels, prevent fraud, monitor credit risk, and understand your B2B prospects’ group structure.

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Business Credit Reports

Argentina Email Database

At Global Database we understand how vital your email marketing list is to your business; having the right email addresses is integral to helping you crack the Argentina market. Our directory contains 632580 direct email addresses for the region, all of which are tested every 30 days to ensure they are valid and still in use. Our data is so accurate that you could even use it to clean your existing lists, to make sure everything is still right.

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Argentina Phone Database

With 12584 direct numbers in our companies database, Argentina businesses are easier to reach than ever before. As with all of our intelligence, the phone numbers contained in our B2B marketing database are subject to our strict system focused around data integrity.

  • Data collected from reputable sources only, such as Companies House or annual reports

  • Patented-web crawling technology that adds and updates profiles in real-time

  • A team of in-house experts to manually check and sort data

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Argentina B2B Marketing Database

If you're looking to target company CEOs, CTOs or senior managers in Argentina, Global Database's business directory is the ideal choice. The staff level filter allows you to narrow your search accordingly, allowing you to add hundreds or even thousands of senior executives and managers to your B2B email list or phone list in an instant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Global Database Argentina email list?

You can purchase a one-year license for the Global Database platform. We provide access to all email addresses for your convenience. With this solution, our customers can create the right email lists for themselves and be assured of the accuracy of our data.

How does the Argentina business directory API work?

The first advantage of the Argentina Business Directory API is that it allows you to automate processes, i.e. set up criteria that meet your requirements. Also, the Argentina Business Directory API allows you to set up autofill fields and the search processes become clear.

Is there any type of Credit Report for Argentina business directory?

Each region has its type of credit report, including the Business Directory of Argentina. The Argentine business directory credit report includes the following information: credit score and credit limit, financial accounts for the past 5 years, document filing history, corporate ownership, outstanding and satisfying mortgages, shareholder information, company identity.

Where can I find the list of the major Argentina industries?

The global database offers a complete list of companies and the industries in which they operate. The largest industry in Argentina is Information Technology and the total number of companies in this industry reaches 13,947 companies and 33,336 employees.

Why should I use Global Database as a B2B data provider in Argentina?

Global Database as a B2B data provider in Argentina is good for you because:

  • Our Data is taken only from official sources, such as the Chamber of Registration or annual reports;
  • Web scanning technology that adds and updates profiles in real-time;
  • A team of employees to qualitatively verify and sort the data collected.

What is the biggest company in Argentina?

Mercado Libre Inc. was the highest market capitalization company in Argentina as of September 2021. The market capitalization of this e-commerce corporation headquartered in Argentina was estimated to be about $92.8 billion.