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Hong Kong Business Database

With the Global Database Hong Kong business directory you can add thousands of new leads to your marketing campaign with our innovative online platform. We have 3380300 records for organisations in the country, with entries not only containing essential contact details but also more advanced insights such as turnover, employee size, company nationality, date of establishment, office locations and much more.

With our companies database, Hong Kong businesses are able to be segmented effortlessly based on key demographic data thanks to a number of filtering options. Once you have built your lists you can easily transfer them into your CRM with as many Excel exports as you require, at no extra cost.

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Hong Kong Industry Database

Global Database has intelligence for companies of all sizes and across all industries located in Hong Kong. Whether you need to buy small business data for companies in the technology sector, or B2B email leads for large enterprises working in transport and logistics, we have all bases covered. With over 3380300 company records in Hong Kong, with new entries being added every day, Global Database has everything you need to begin your next marketing campaign in the region.

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Hong kong Business Credit Reports

Want to avoid cash flow interruptions and target your ideal prospects in the Finance industry in Hong Kong? The Global Database Credit Report platform offers a simple way to minimize risk and help you make more informed decisions: a business credit report of your future and current B2B partners in Hong Kong.

While it’s most often necessary to extend credit to your business partners in Hong Kong, more often than not, companies make assumptions about the creditworthiness of their B2B prospects and partners. They rely on their impressions and interactions instead of data like a company’s payment history, credit limit, and group structure — opening themselves up to potentially devastating financial risk and inability to successfully target the most highly sought after prospects.

Protect your business now — and set it up for maximum future success. You’ll get the most reliable for 2375 businesses in the Finance industry in Hong Kong through the Global Database Business Credit Report platform. Our business credit report saves time — and money — helping you avoid fraud, maintain consistent cash flow, understand your prospects’ group structure, and stay up to date on the credit risk of your current partners as well as your future prospects.

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Business Credit Reports

List of companies in Hong Kong with email address

At Global Database we recognise the importance that email marketing still holds for every single business, irrespective of industry or size. Our contact directory holds over 334377 email addresses for key employees in Hong Kong, so you can add large amounts of fresh leads to your email marketing database. What's more, with a whole year's access included in our one-off fee, you will have a consistent stream of new email contacts thanks to our daily updates.

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Hong Kong Phone Database

The Global Database phone directory contains over 28518 direct work numbers for Hong Kong companies. We only ever acquire our contact information from trustworthy sources such as annual reports, Companies House, telephone interviews and stock exchanges. Our phone database holds the direct numbers of thousands of top level executives and other key decision markers, so you can get the word out about product or service to those with real buying power.

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Hong Kong B2B Marketing Database

With the Global Database business directory, you needn't worry about the hassle of sourcing hundreds, or even thousands, of companies and professionals that fit your demographic data. Our range of filter options mean you can quickly and easily narrow your search down to the right contacts based on business size, turnover, staff seniority level, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Hong Kong email list include executives' emails?

Yes, you can easily and efficiently contact the decision makers in each company and the company executives themselves.

What is the Hong Kong Database API and where can I use it?

Global Database’s Hong Kong API can be used to extend a wide range of business functions, from autocomplete website forms to checking customer credentials.

Global Database API allows you to browse all companies based on specific parameters and will provide one or more results based on input that can then be further used to derive company details. You can search for companies in a specific location, of a specific size or turnover, or that are part of a particular industry.

What information does the Hong Kong company's credit report offer?

Global Database Business Credit Reporting in Hong Kong provides information on current and past credit scores, limits, payments and mortgage listings, five years of financial data, key performance indicators and ratios, county court decision information, and more.

What is the biggest company by revenue from the Hong Kong database?

Hong Kong's largest company by market value AIA GROUP. The annual net profit for December 2020 is $5.78 billion. AIA GROUP is an insurance and financial services company.

How many Hong Kong B2B data providers are listed by GlobalDatabase.com?

GlobalDatabase.com lists 49,647 Hong Kong B2B data providers. As we are always making changes and checking the database, the number may vary.

What type of information does Global Database offer for companies in Hong Kong?

Global Database for Hong Kong companies offers not only important contact information but also more advanced ideas such as employee turnover, employee size, company nationality, date of establishment, office locations, and more.