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Ethiopia Business Directory

Global Database offers a complete package for anyone looking to market their product or service to the Ethiopia region. Our directory not only holds direct contact details for over 6549 companies and key people in the country, but also provides more advanced information such as:

  • Company financials

  • Years of operation

  • Senior executives lists

  • Office locations

  • Staff numbers

If you need to set up a targeted mailing list from scratch you can easily do so using a wide range of filters that enable you to focus your search based on certain demographics. Once you've finished building your lists you can easily transfer them into your own CRM or email marketing provider by making use of our free and unlimited Excel exports.

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Ethiopia Industry Database

Whether your business is looking to sell in the finance, technology, engineering or chemicals sector, or a completely different field, with our companies database, Ethiopia key players are easier to reach than ever before. With businesses spanning 34 different verticals and a total of 6549 Ethiopia records, you're sure to find the contacts you need to top up your sales pipeline.

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Ethiopia Email Database

According to research by McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. As the most crucial marketing channel for your business, you need to ensure that your messages are getting to the right people.

With access to our email address database, Ethiopia companies can be easily reached; we have over 22001 direct email addresses with new additions every day. Our contact directory allows you to kick start your campaigns and get to the heart of Ethiopia industry, whether you choose to send out newsletters, event invites or sales messages.

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Ethiopia Phone Database

Global Database has 386 direct work numbers in our Ethiopia business contact directory, including thousands of senior executives. Our database makes getting blocked by gatekeepers a thing of the past; instead your team are able to reach straight out to the people empowered to make buying decisions.

All of our data is taken from trusted sources including annual reports, Companies House, Chambers of Commerce and telephone interviews, and any errors are identified and corrected by our cutting-edge technology and team of in-house employees.

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Ethiopia B2B Marketing Database

Sourcing the exact types of businesses that are right for your product or service can be extremely time-consuming, especially for large marketing campaigns. Global Database provides the perfect solution to this challenge; our Ethiopia B2B marketing database offers a range of flexible filters to help you find organisations based on specific demographics, such as company size and turnover. You can even narrow your search by staff job title, and reach straight out to CEOs and other senior employees as a result.

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