Business Credit Reporting

Know both - your opportunities and risks
Enter company name or registration number
Make informed decisions
Be sure you know everything about your future partners before you close deals
Keep your finger on the pulse
Set alerts to stay updated on your partners’ credit scores
Protect your business
Confirm your targets’ and business partners’ regulatory compliance in no time
Global Database gives you the tools you need to perform business credit checks on any company - your target, potential partner or just a competitor

Credit score and limits

Get to know company credit scores and recommended credit limits before you make a decision. Awareness about your partners’ creditworthiness, B2B customer payment experience and history, and the amounts prospects and suppliers alike can afford to owe is crucial in today’s business relations. Stay assured that you engage in smart business relationships only

Trade payment information

Understand your B2B partners’ and prospects’ company payment behaviour, easily perform due diligence checks and avoid financial difficulties caused by other businesses’ inability to honour their liabilities in time. Use the Global Database Business Credit Reporting to make informed sound decisions that will bring value to your business and help it grow in the long run
Trade payment information

Court judgments and charges

Understand your potential partners’ trustworthiness and future ability to operate by checking court judgements they are involved in. Global Database’s Business Credit Reporting helps you be certain whether they run transparent businesses. Monitor their activity hassle-free while setting customized alerts to get notified as soon as a change takes place

Corporate hierarchy knowledge

Screen clients and competitors and get to know their shareholder and group structure. Global Database company profiles display their corporate relationships tree to help you get a better understanding of your potential business partners’ position. Besides, you can get in touch with their higher-ups using direct emails and corporate phones available in our business directory

Up to 5 years of full financials

Access up to 5 years of in-depth company financial intelligence along with key indicators and ratios readily calculated for you. No matter what you need to find out about your business partners’ or competitors’ financial situation, you will obtain this data with our global business directory

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