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Ireland Business Database

Does your business need information on Ireland companies for your next marketing campaign? Global Database can help; our directory contains 748,339 records of businesses and top decision markers throughout the country, so whether you are expanding into the region or simply need to top-up your sales funnel, we have thousands of potential leads ready for you.

Our business contact database is not only comprised of company names, addresses, phone and fax numbers and email addresses, but also more in-depth details such as financial information, business size, years in operation and office locations. All of this data is crucial when it comes to building segmented call and B2B email lists for campaigns that enjoy better engagement rates.

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Ireland Industry Database

The Global Database Ireland Industry directory has company intelligence available no matter what specific field you are targeting. Our 748,339 records for the region are comprised of companies working in transport, technology, finance, marketing, IT, and 29 more verticals. As a result, we have clients across from a broad range of organisations, including businesses, banks, universities, research centres, and governments, who have all come to rely on Global Database to supply them with the most accurate data in the industry.

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Ireland Business Credit Reports

Need an easy way to minimize your financial risk and make more informed business decisions? Global Database Credit Report platform connects you with one of the most overlooked yet crucial ways to avoid cash flow inconsistencies and to target your ideal prospects in the Retail industry in Ireland: a comprehensive business credit report of your current and future B2B partners.


When doing business in the B2B market in Ireland, you’ll likely need to extend credit for goods and services. And if you’re like many companies, you may rely on the interactions and impressions of your partners when assessing partnership potential. Yet without realizing it, you are opening yourself up to high levels of risk. By overlooking the need to run a business credit report, you won’t be able to assess a company’s payment history, credit limit, or group structure information — leaving your financial future up to chance.


Take the first step today — protect your business for the future with a business credit report. The Global Database Business Credit Report platform gives you a fast, easy way to access data for 2559 businesses in the Retail industry in Ireland. You’ll be in the best position to catch fraud, keep healthy cash flow levels, use your prospects’ group structure for targeted outreach, and monitor the credit risk of both your current and future partners.

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Business Credit Reports

Ireland Email Database

When you buy email business database access from Global Database, you'll have one of the most powerful company intelligence directories on the market. Our Ireland database holds over 1106728 email addresses for top decision makers located in the country, all of which are validated on a monthly basis. Our cutting-edge web crawling technology automatically adds new profiles daily, so your business always has a steady stream of new contacts to target, and converting your mailing lists ready for your campaign is painless with as many Excel exports as needed.

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Ireland Phone Database

By purchasing access to our companies database, Ireland key staff are just a phone call away. The Global Database phone directory has 96120 direct work numbers for decision makers throughout the country, allowing your team to evade gatekeepers. All of our Ireland company contact information is only gathered from dependable sources such as annual reports, stock exchanges and Companies House, so you can trust that, even before our vigorous checks, our data is as accurate as possible.

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Ireland B2B Marketing Database

In order for your marketing campaigns to be a success, you need to find the right business types to market your product or service to. Global Database has a wide range of filters to enable users to narrow their search using specific demographic details such as business size and structure, in order to create a call or B2B email list comprised of the exact types of contacts needed. What's more, our staff seniority level filter means you can specifically search for CEOs, CTOs and senior managers to add to your directory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the Ireland email list include?

When you purchase access to business email databases from Global Database, you get one of the most powerful company directories on the market. Ireland database contains more than 24,647 email addresses of senior executives based in Ireland, all of which are checked monthly.

How to extract data from Ireland directory API?

Our users can select the data they need using the Documentation API. In this way, users get an XLS list with the data they select and need.

Is there any type of Credit Report for Ireland business directory?

Ireland's credit report contains important indicators such as: Credit Limit Recommendation, Legal Form, Company profile, Payment Information, Financials and many other important indicators.

What are the largest company listed in the Ireland directory?

CRH. Turnover: €27.6 billion. (Source: CRO, 31st Dec 17)

Cement Roadstone Holdings is comfortably Ireland’s biggest company. CRH has quietly grown into an industrial powerhouse since its foundation in 1970. Today, it is the biggest supplier of building materials to the construction industry in America, with strong positioning in Europe and Asia too.

How many B2B Ireland data providers are listed by

There are 155,850 companies listed in the Irish directory. We guarantee more than 93% relevance, as our database is checked monthly.

Can I export company information from Ireland companies list to excel?

Yes, you can easily export company information from the list of companies in Ireland to excel, thereby filling your CRM. We provide unlimited export access to our subscribers.