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Zambia Companies Directory

The Global Database companies database, Zambia, contains 9293 organisations and company contacts. Our B2B marketing database holds vital information to get to the heart of every business, including:

  • Company names and addresses

  • Senior staff details

  • Employee numbers

  • Turnover

  • Landline, mobile and fax numbers and email addresses

You can easily segment the database using these filters, as well as exporting it to Excel for efficient list creation. Whether you are searching for new business leads for your B2B email list, qualifying potential customers or assessing credit risks, Global Database has the answer.

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Zambia Industry Directory

With company records across 34 different fields, including transport and logistics, chemicals, legal and government, the Global Database business directory can offer contacts no matter the niche. Our 9293 Zambia records can be narrowed further using a range of different criteria, so your company can enjoy large, medium and small business leads within the region.

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Zambia Phone Directory

Our 10808 Zambia direct phone numbers take the hassle out of cold calling campaigns, ensuring that you can get hold of the key decision makers you need without the annoyance of constantly being blocked by gatekeepers.

We gather the information for our company phone database using a range of reputable sources, including Companies House, annual reports and public filings, and our constant updates mean that you won't have to worry about stale or inaccurate data.

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Zambia B2B Marketing Database

Not only does the Global Database Zambia directory hold direct contact details for the country's key decision makers across all industries, it also allows users to filter their search based on the seniority level of each professional. This means that CEOs, CTOs or senior managers can be targeted more efficiently than ever before.

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