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Turkey Business Directory

Is your company in need of small business leads in Turkey? Or maybe in-depth company information for large enterprises? Whatever your marketing needs, Global Database has high-quality data to support your marketing efforts. We have over 80847 records for the Turkey region, which are fully searchable using a range of filter tools, so you can assemble mailing lists based on specific demographics.

Our company profiles not only list company name, address and contact information for phone, fax, and email, but also include insights such as income and turnover, employee total, office locations, senior staff lists, years of operation, and much more. Once you've gathered all of the information you require, you can easily transfer it to your own CRM or email marketing service through unlimited Excel exports, at no extra charge.

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Turkey Industry Database

Global Database has 80847 for Turkey, covering a total of 34 verticals, so you can be sure that when you buy business directory database access with us you will gain valuable leads in your sector. Whether you're focusing your marketing efforts in finance, engineering, chemicals, transport and logistics, IT, oil and gas, or practically any other field, we have everything you need to launch your next campaign.

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Turkey Business Credit Reports

Did you know there’s an easy — yet often overlooked — way to help your company minimize risk and make more informed decisions? When you access a business credit report of your current and future B2B partners, you’ll have the tools needed to protect your cash flow and connect with the most valuable prospects in the Information Technology industry in Turkey:


Businesses in the B2B market in Turkey, commonly need to extend credit for goods and services to their partners, but most businesses in Turkey don’t evaluate the financial health of their partners. Instead, they assume the quality of the relationship provides enough protection. Without a business credit report, you aren’t able to see the company’s credit limit, payment history, or group structure, potentially opening yourself up to a level of risk that can have big financial consequences.


So what’s the first step in setting yourself up for success? Accessing the Global Database Business Credit Report platform. You’ll get essential data for 6134 businesses in the Information Technology industry in Turkey. You can be assured that with a business credit report, you’ll have what you need to avoid fraud, keep healthy cash flow levels, understand your prospects’ group structure, and monitor credit risk for your current and new partners alike.

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Business Credit Reports

Turkey Email Address Database

With the Global Database email address database, Turkey businesses instantly become more penetrable. Our directory holds a total of over 593369 direct email addresses for the region, and as these are all verified on a monthly basis, we can provide one of the highest deliverability rates of any business information provider. With access to our database for a whole year as standard, and our patented web crawling technology adding new profiles every day, you can enjoy a steady stream of leads for your sales team.

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Turkey Phone Database

Despite the digital age that we now live in, telesales campaigns can still prove extremely lucrative with the right contact data. Global Database has 6949 direct dial phone numbers for Turkey key decision makers, and as each entry in our phone database is a direct number, your staff can easily avoid gatekeepers and get straight through to the people with the buying power in each company.

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Turkey B2B Marketing Database

Global Database takes the large amounts of time and money out of quality lead acquisition by enabling our users to filter our database using demographic data such as industry, sales volumes and employee count. It is even possible to narrow a search down to CEOs and CTOs by using the staff seniority level filter option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many emails does the Turkey email list include?

Global Database contains a total of 157,297 direct email addresses, and because they are all checked monthly, we can provide one of the highest rates on the market, that figure is at least 95%.

What information does the Turkey business directory credit report offer?

A business credit report allows you to know both your options and your risks. Credit reporting allows you to look at a company's credit rating and credit limits before you make any decisions. You get an awareness of the company's creditworthiness, fees, mortgages, and many more different metrics.

Which is the biggest company in Turkey?

QNB Finansbank is a company providing banking and financial services. It has 475 branches and 2,897 ATMs, and the total number of employees as of 2020 is 11,111. It is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The market value as of 2022 was 9.648 billion U.S. dollars.

How many companies are there in Turkey?

Global Database has 89,554 companies in the Turkey region and the company data is fully accessible, using several filtering tools, allowing mailing lists to be compiled based on certain specific indicators.

How do I verify a company in Turkey?

You can check the Turkey company on the official Global Database website. This can be done by typing the full name of the company or its registration number. Checking a Turkish company will enable you to get information:

  • On the status of the legal entity;
  • The management and founders;
  • The type of activity;
  • The presence/absence of debts to the tax authorities, counterparties, and local authorities;
  • The absence of violation of tax payment deadlines, submission of reports;
  • Financial and tax reports;
  • The presence of open/closed court cases.

How do I find a company's financial statements in Turkey?

On the Global Database platform, you can request a financial report on the company you need. All you have to do is enter the company's email or company name, and you will be provided with the corresponding prices. In the shortest possible time, Global Database will provide you with all the financial indicators and ratios that will be sufficient for a competent analysis of the company.