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Peru Business Directory

Having high quality business data is integral to the success of your marketing efforts, however getting hold of accurate and up to date contact information can be extremely challenging, not to mention time consuming. With this in mind it is perhaps no big surprise that outsourcing lead generation is thought to be 43% more efficient than in-house methods, according to Fearless Competitor.

If you're looking for information on Peru companies, Global Database has a unified solution to provide everything you need. With 59,749 country records detailing everything from direct contact information for key employees and financial details, to employee count, company structure and much more, our intelligence is crucial to helping you crack the Peru market.

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Peru Industry Database

Global Database provides company information across a wide variety of sectors, covering everything from IT and finance to mining and engineering. Our Peru industry database covers 34 verticals in total, which is why we are favoured by numerous leading organisations in all different fields, including businesses, banks, universities, governments and research centres.

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Peru Business Credit Reports

Want a simpler, more cost-effective way to minimize risk and make more informed decisions? The Global Database Credit Report platform helps to avoid cash flow interruptions and target the best prospects in the Construction & Real Estate industry in Peru. How? Giving you access to a comprehensive credit report of your B2B partners and prospects.

While it’s almost a given that businesses need to extend credit to B2B partners in Peru, so many of them look solely at the strength of the relationship when assessing the creditworthiness of their partners. Without the knowledge of a company’s payment history, credit limit, or group structure, you’re putting yourself, and the financial future of your company, at risk.

Don’t wait — start making more informed decisions today. By connecting with the Global Database Business Credit Report platform, you’ll be able to quickly get reliable and crucial data for 7288 businesses in the Construction & Real Estate industry in Peru. You’ll be ready to prevent fraud, keep consistently healthy cash flow levels, successfully navigate prospects’ group structure, and understand the credit risk for your current and future partners.

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Business Credit Reports

Peru Email Address Database

When you buy access to our email address directory database, you instantly gain over 292678 direct email addresses for key people in Peru companies. All of this data is verified on a 30-day term, and any old, unused or inaccurate addresses are removed; leaving us with one of the most accurate email databases in the industry, with an incredibly impressive email deliverability rate to boot.

No matter if you're planning to send newsletters, event invites or cold sales messages, Global Database can give you the quality B2B leads to make your campaign as profitable as possible.

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Peru Phone Database

Whether you're looking to build a large, medium or small business database of Peru contacts, we have a data solution for your company. The Global Database phone directory holds 21015 direct numbers for key employees located across the country, allowing you to speak directly with those empowered to make business deals in their organisation, including thousands of senior executives.

All of our data comes from trusted sources such as annual reports, stock exchanges, telephone interviews, and chambers of commerce, so you can be sure that even before our numerous validation checks are carried out, you will have access to the highest quality business data on the market.

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Peru B2B Marketing Database

The Global Database business directory allows you to target the specific organisation types that your product or service is catered toward. With a range of demographic filters in our online platform, you can easily narrow down your search, including by seniority level in order to reveal Peru CEOs, CTOs and senior managers alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the Peru email list include?

Peru's email list contains the contact information of 20,720 employees and their personal information if they have been granted access and permission to do so. The number may change as we check and update the email list every 30 days.

Can I ask for a free demo to see how the Global Database API works?

To protect our data and your convenience, we offer a free live demo of the Global Database API product. Our dedicated manager will give you a demonstration on a computer screen so you can see the platform in real-time, and let you test a few companies so you can make sure your contact list is up to date.

How recent are the Peru Companies credit reports?

Global Database provides the most updated credit reports of Peruvian companies. All you need to do is request the credit report of the desired company, and we will provide you with the most up-to-date credit reports.

What is the biggest company in Peru?

CREDICORP is a Financial Services, Insurance, Wealth Management, and Investment Banking company with headquarters in Peru.

The market value for January 2022 reached $10,665 billion. And the world ranking for January 2022 reached 1,786.

Does Global Database offer phone numbers for business directory Peru?

Global Database currently has direct phone numbers for 2,543 employees and 8,475 employees. And thanks to this you can immediately contact any employee, even a director or manager, and avoid secretaries.

How many companies are in Peru?

Global Database has information about 21,777 companies in Peru. This information allows you to know and analyse the company, you will know the turnover and age of the company, how many employees work in the company, the status of the company, and a lot of other information.