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Saudi Arabia Business Database

Middle East countries can be quite the exotic bouquet to get in touch with, and browsing directories in a foreign language is not the most feasible solution to associating yourself with Saudi Arabian parties. Global Database’s Saudi Arabia business directory encompasses 65303 companies and 839450 key professional records in the regions, thus proving to be the ideal fix for both start-ups and expanding campaigns.

Global Database has all the corporate contact details, website addresses, financials, corporate size and ownership information and structure, and a lot more under a single ready-to-use, user-friendly package. Our efforts are always aimed at keeping our customers up-to-date through curated information flows and our innovative online platform in its best form. Saudi Arabia business directory database users benefit from extremely targeted contact lists at the tip of their fingers thanks to intuitive and manageable filters.

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Saudi Arabia Industry Database

There are data on 34 industry verticals available in Saudi Arabia that become fully explorable when you use a subscription with Global Database B2B Saudi Arabia business directory. Each industry is filled to the brim listing a comprehensive email directory of companies in Saudi Arabia with an average of 2,141 exhaustive company profiles providing you with the necessary contact information to get in touch with decision-makers and more than enough material to engage your client’s interests in the best way possible.

Browse Saudi Arabia’s array of possibilities with Global Database’s Saudi Arabia company directory.

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Prominent businesses are well-aware and fully make use of the range of benefits the email channel provides. For a fraction of other mediums’ costs, email delivers better results when it comes to lead generation, nurturing, and retaining existing customers. The only downside is that your email list of companies in Saudi Arabia should be squeaky clean and not host obsolete data.

You can freely enjoy the perks of having your list of companies in Saudi Arabia with email address entirely curated and maintained on a daily basis leaving you only to focus your efforts on delivering the right messages, high-quality newsletters and lead generation campaigns. Your endeavours will always be celebrated by knowing that what you craft will inevitably end at the right mailbox.

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Saudi Arabia Phone Database

In addition to being able to compile a list of companies in Saudi Arabia with email address xls, Global Database has a backup Saudi Arabia companies contact details list should your email efforts be combined with cold calling campaigns. The Saudi Arabia phone database comprises 7958 corporate phone numbers that will have you in touch with decision-makers at a dial’s notice, thus bypassing tedious gatekeepers.

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Saudi Arabia B2B Marketing Database

Your marketing success in Saudi Arabia can be further bolstered with reliable Global Database Saudi Arabia company directory intel and possibly opening new partnerships and supply chain possibilities. Enhanced marketing campaigns net better results but require a heavy and well-maintained influx of data. Acquiring leads with the Saudi Arabia business directory is a breeze as you can freely navigate and cross-inspect industries that would constitute your perfect buyer’s persona. Among loads of other criteria, you can filer the Saudi Arabia business directory database by:

  • Sales volumes

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  • Industry

  • Staff seniority level

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many emails contain the Saudi Arabia email list?

Saudi Arabia's email list contains 155, 466 valid email addresses with over 90% accuracy. In the email list, you can find email addresses not only of employees, but also of decision makers, executives, directors, and managers.

What is the Saudi Arabia Database API and where can I use it?

Saudi Arabia Database API can help you simplify enrichment processes and allow you to use only short forms to capture potential customers. You can use Global Database API to speed up verification of new customers, automate credit decisions, and conduct flexible checks to secure your business.

Does Global Database offer a list of companies in Saudi Arabia with contact details?

Yes, Global Database provides not only employee contact information but also the direct phone number of the decision-makers in your company.

What are the biggest Saudi Arabia companies by revenue?

Saudi Aramco is an oil and gas exploration, refinery, and trading company. Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest integrated oil and gas company having both upstream and downstream operations, producing energy and chemicals. Headquarters is in Saudi Arabia.

The net income of Saudi Aramco for the year 2021 was 110.0 billion USD.

Why should I use Global Database as a B2B data provider in Saudi Arabia?

With Global Database you can easily find out the most important information about the company you are interested in, such as sales, number of employees, industry, seniority, and so on. All this information is checked daily. That's why Global Database is an indispensable tool as a B2B data provider in Saudi Arabia.

What company information does Global Database offer for the Saudi directory?

Global Database offers its subscribers all corporate contact information, website addresses, financials, corporate size ownership information, and more.