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Subscribing to the Global Database Automotive Industry Database gives your sales and marketing campaigns a serious boost. With in-depth business information for 437576 companies, you'll have everything you need to build your enterprise in this thriving global industry, set to be worth €79 billion by 2020. All of the records on offer can be easily filtered based on a wide range of options, and contain essential data such as contact details, financials, credit scores and technologies used.

We offer Automotive industry databases for every continent, in the following packages: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

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There are around 12 million people working in the automotive industry within Europe alone, with 8 million in the US and 5 million in Japan. By subscribing to the Global Database automotive industry directory, you can reach the employees at the top of the chain. We offer records for 714789 executives in the industry, all of which can be filtered based on factors like job title, seniority level and department. Direct contact details allow you to bypass secretaries and start pitching immediately.

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Much of the new profits predicted in the automotive industry will come from emerging companies, alongside the US. If you're targeting a new region, email is undoubtedly the most efficient and cost-effective channel. All of the email addresses held in our automotive business database are validated on a monthly basis, so you can be sure of the best deliverability rates on the market. Subscribing to our directory also means you can easily export records via Excel, allowing you to fill your CRM with new contacts in an instant.

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In contrast to many of our competitors, our automotive industry directory provides direct dial phone numbers for businesses worldwide. This allows you to avoid gatekeepers and secretaries who would otherwise block sales calls, and pitch to the people with real power to buy. Of course, calling every company available isn't likely to yield good results; you need to sell to targeted prospects. Global Database makes this incredibly easy; just subscribe to the continent-specific directory you need, then filter the records based on your ideal customers.

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Our commitment to data quality means that our records are consistently checked and updated. We have a team of in-house staff to validate all of our data, as well as patented web-crawling technology. The result is high quality data that is always at least 93% accurate. In the unlikely event that our data doesn't live up to this promise, we'll happily provide you with replacement contacts as an apology. Staying up to date with the companies that are most important to you is easy; we provide email alerts to let you know every time we update their records.