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Japan Companies Database

According to B2B Technology Marketing Community, increasing the quality of leads is the top priority for 68% of B2B professionals, with increasing lead volume being the second, with 55%. Both of these aims can prove difficult; especially when your business is in the process of marketing your product or service to a new region.

Global Database can solve this problem; our unified online platform has details for 44066 companies and key employees located throughout Japan. We collect our intelligence from only the most reputable sources, and carry out consistent checks and updates to ensure it remains of the highest quality.

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  • Qualify leads and carry out due diligence checks before large business deals

  • Verify the accuracy of your existing contact databases

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Japan Industry Database

The Global Database contact directory has company intelligence for businesses across 34 verticals, so we are very likely to hold the leads that you require no matter who you're targeting. When you buy business data from us, you can access companies working in sectors as diverse as technology, government, marketing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and many more.

What's more, these records not only contain essential contact information for phone, email, and fax, but also incredibly valuable insights such as financial details, date of establishment, executives lists, office locations and much more. Using these filters, you can easily build a contact database based around the specific demographics that your business plans to target.

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Japan Business Credit Reports

Want a simple way to make more informed decisions and lower your financial risk? Global Database has the solution. Our Business Credit Report platform offers you the tools to be able to avoid cash flow interruptions and find safe and profitable prospects in the Metals industry in Japan.


In the B2B market in Japan, extending credit is a necessity, but most businesses haven’t assessed the financial health of their partners, relying instead solely on their perceptions and interactions. Without knowing the company’s payment history, credit limit, or what you need to be able to successfully navigate your prospects’ group structure, you leave yourself exposed to a potentially high level of financial risk that can have devastating outcomes.


Take the right step and protect your business. By using the Global Database Business Credit Report platform to obtain a business credit report of your B2B partners, you’ll get reliable data for 6469 businesses in the Metals industry in Japan. A business credit report is an easy and smart way to keep healthy cash flow levels, prevent fraud, monitor credit risk, and understand your B2B prospects’ group structure.

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Business Credit Reports

Japan Phone Database

Our business phone directory for Japan is made up of 64150 phone numbers, meaning your business can contact practically any company in the country.  We also only provide direct work numbers, so you can save time, resources and wasted effort by avoiding gatekeepers and getting straight through to the people with the power to make buying decisions.

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Japan B2B Marketing Database

Global Database's business directory allows you to seek out the exact company types you need to target, using a wide range of demographic filters, including business size and turnover. If your sales team are only looking to speak to CEOs, CTOs or senior managers, that's not a problem; our staff seniority level filter enables you to add just these to your call list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Global Database Japan email list?

We give our subscribers access to all email addresses, for convenience and care. On our platform you select "Location", then the region you want. Then you click on "Advanced Search", and immediately on "Only Select Companies That", and then "Have email address". Done! Now you have the email list you want.

What is a Japan Company API and why should I use it?

Japan Company API is a special interface (a set of commands/controls) that is designed for different programs to communicate with each other.

The purpose of the API is to simplify the programming process when creating applications by abstracting the basic implementation and providing only the objects or actions needed by the developer.

Is there any type of Credit Report for Japan company directory?

There is a type of credit report for the directory of companies in Japan, and it includes indicators such as personal data of the company, Credit scoring, statistics, existing loan agreements, closed loan agreements and that's not all.

What type of Global Database products offer a free trial and how can I request it?

To let you see the quality of our Japan database, we have provided free demos, they are available on products such as Japan Company Database, Japan Industry Database, Japan Business Credit Reports, Hong Kong Business List with Email Address, Hong Kong Phone Database, Hong Kong B2B Marketing Database.

How many Japan B2B marketing providers are listed by GlobalDatabase.com?

GlobalDatabase.com lists about 30,847 Japanese B2B suppliers. We are confident that in our database you can easily, without wasting your time, find the right company for you, thanks to the filtering tools.

Can I export company information from Japan company directory to excel?

Yes, we also offer free Excel exports to make it even easier to set up your new campaign. Thanks to this you can also fill your CRM