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2020 has been quite an interesting year for the Oil & Gas Industry so far, with prices seeing some highs and lows. As well, there were shifts in the patterns of both energy supply and demand. Displaying a higher-than-usual level of uncertainty regarding short-term forecasts, it is still expected that the consumption will be on the rise. With these fluctuations in mind, it becomes more obvious how important the access to accurate oil and gas data is.

Regardless of why you are interested in oil and gas companies, Global Database is the B2B platform providing you with 58,641 in-depth oil and gas company profiles, all digitised and structured in our Oil and Gas directory. 

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Oil and gas companies worldwide offered with Global Database Oil & Gas Companies Directory feature data on industry-related businesses in the Middle East, North America, Latin America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Our database for oil and gas industry is fully filterable, and the available segmentation tools allow you to easily identify the oil and gas companies you are looking for. Most importantly we include the oil and gas contact list to help you target immediately the right people for your particular goal.

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Considering that your goal is to get in touch with companies engaged in searching for, developing or operating in oil and gas fields, Global Database is the perfect solution, because a list of oil and gas companies with email addresses is what you’d be looking for and that’s what we have on tap. Once you select the criteria to identify the oil and gas businesses that you need out of all oil and gas companies out there, you get the full list that fits your search criteria together with the oil and gas industry email database. We guarantee an up to 95% accuracy rate, so have your pitch all set and get ready to harvest the results.

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Email may be the channel boasting some of the highest ROI, yet it’s not always the best choice for contacting your targets. This is why together with our oil and gas industry mailing list we provide you with the oil and gas businesses phone database. Considering that the drilling sector alone made up circa 3.8% of the global economy as of 2019, it would be of no surprise that you’d like to be dealing with businesses in this sector. Take the opportunity and make the most of Global Database oil and gas company contacts directory.

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Oil and gas data are as dynamic today as they were decades ago. Even though this industry is a lot older than many others, change is still on the news daily. This is why an up-to-date directory oil and gas companies is so important for everyone operating in or working with its representatives. B2B marketing oil and gas industry and oil and gas email addresses is what you can obtain with most oil and gas databases. Yet there is much more on tap with Global Database. In-depth company profiles, up to 20 years of digitised financial data, web technologies used and other over 80 data points all boasting an up to 95% accuracy rate guaranteed. Is there anything else you may need?