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Power your sales success adding carefully verified up-to-date data to your sales pipeline. Drive powerful sales engagement campaigns with Global Database for Salesloft, getting access to a vast company and contact database.
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Keep Your Data Under Control

It’s totally up to you what types of data offered in Global Database to add and how to do this. You decide whether to fill in the gaps in your own data only or create a detailed set of personalised rules for smooth and efficient sales engagement process. Be in control with your data 24/7.

Add Data En Masse or Gradually

Narrow down your prospects search, using a set of variable filters available on our platform and then push them to your Salesloft account. You can either forward the contacts one by one for highly personalised email campaigns or add them in packages created according to a certain criteria.

Accurate Data for Perfect Sales Engagement

Integrating your Salesloft account with Global Database you get more than automatic synchronisation of the entries and bulk info at hand. What you get is the most accurate data on the market, added from more than 300 sources. Our data is validated by an in-house technology simultaneously with human verification, that doesn't stop for a second.