Top 20 Fintech companies by revenue in 2023

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 20/06/2024 12:21 · 5-7 min read
Top 20 Fintech companies by revenue in 2023

The world of finance is undergoing a remarkable transformation, fueled by the rapid advancements in technology and the rise of innovative financial technology (fintech) companies. These disruptors are reshaping traditional banking, payments, lending, and investment sectors, driving unprecedented growth and redefining the way we manage our finances. 

In this article, we delve into the top 20 fintech companies in 2023, ranked by their remarkable revenue achievements. These trailblazers have not only demonstrated their financial prowess but have also garnered immense recognition and trust within the industry. Let's explore how these companies are revolutionizing the financial landscape and shaping the future of finance. 


1. PayPal ($29.7B) 

For over 25 years, PayPal has been revolutionizing global commerce with innovative experiences that make moving money, selling, and shopping simple, personalized, and secure. Empowering consumers and businesses across approximately 200 markets, PayPal enables them to join and thrive in the global economy. 


2. Fiserv ($19B) 

Fiserv, Inc. (NYSE: FI) is a global technology leader that facilitates money movement for thousands of financial institutions and millions of individuals and businesses. The company aims to move money and information in a way that drives global progress and connectivity. 


3. Intuit ($14.3B) 

Intuit is a global technology platform dedicated to helping customers and communities tackle their most significant financial challenges. Serving millions worldwide through products like TurboTax, QuickBooks, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp, Intuit is committed to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to prosper, continually seeking innovative solutions to fulfill this mission. 


4. Shopify ($7B) 

Shopify stands as a premier global commerce company, pioneering essential internet infrastructure for commerce. Their comprehensive platform equips businesses of all sizes with trusted tools to initiate, expand, market, and manage retail operations. Engineered for speed, customization, reliability, and security, Shopify ensures an enhanced shopping experience across online and in-store channels. Trusted by millions of businesses in over 175 countries, Shopify empowers brands like Mattel, Gymshark, Heinz, FTD, Netflix, Kylie Cosmetics, SKIMS, Supreme, and others to thrive in the digital marketplace. 


5. Revolut ($2B) 

Since 2015, Revolut has been on a mission to provide people with more visibility, control, and freedom over their money. With a suite of innovative products, Revolut has empowered over 40 million customers to maximize their financial potential. And their journey is far from over. 


6. Adyen ($2B) 

Adyen is driven by ambition in everything it does. Originally focused on payments, Adyen recognized the limitations of providers using outdated, patchwork systems. This led to the creation of a modern financial technology platform, built entirely in-house from the ground up. Today, Adyen offers leading businesses worldwide a comprehensive solution that includes end-to-end payment capabilities, data enhancements, and financial products. 


7. Paysafe ($1.6B) 

Paysafe Limited, formerly known as Optimal Payments PLC, is a multinational online payments company. Paysafe provides payment processing, digital wallet, and online cash systems to both businesses and consumers, with extensive experience serving the global entertainment sectors. 


8. Affirm ($1.6B) 

At Affirm, cutting-edge technology drives disruptive innovation within the financial industry. Their focus remains steadfast on enhancing consumer lives through straightforward, transparent, and honest financial products. 


9. Coinbase ($1.6B) 

Coinbase is dedicated to advancing economic freedom globally through crypto innovation. With a mission to empower over 1 billion individuals, Coinbase is modernizing the traditional financial system. They offer a trusted platform facilitating seamless engagement with crypto assets, encompassing trading, staking, secure storage, spending, and swift, no-cost global transfers. Coinbase also provides essential infrastructure for on-chain activities and supports developers aligned with their vision that on-chain represents the future of online interaction. Collaborating closely with the crypto community, Coinbase advocates for responsible regulations to democratize the advantages of crypto worldwide. 


10. Oportun ($1.1B) 

Oportun (Nasdaq: OPRT) is a mission-driven fintech company dedicated to helping its 2.1 million members achieve their financial goals. By offering intelligent borrowing, savings, and budgeting capabilities, Oportun empowers its members to build a better financial future with confidence. Since its inception, Oportun has provided over $17.2 billion in responsible and affordable credit, saved members more than $2.4 billion in interest and fees, and helped members save an average of over $1,800 annually. 


11. KakaoBank ($0.9B) 

KakaoBank aims to redefine the banking experience with a customer-centric approach that prioritizes simplicity and accessibility. Through innovative technology, KakaoBank ensures that banking interactions are seamless and available anytime, anywhere in daily life. It positions itself not merely as a conventional bank but as a transformative reboot of the banking sector, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction through modernized financial services. 


12. Root Insurance ($0.4B) 

Root Inc. is at the forefront of revolutionizing the traditional insurance industry, leveraging technology to disrupt norms and drive the FinTech revolution forward. By developing innovative insurance products and cutting-edge technology platforms, Root is redefining standards in today’s marketplace with a focus on fairness, simplicity, and personalized customer experiences. Positioned as a catalyst for change, Root continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the insurance sector. 


13. Remitly ($944.3M) 

They are dedicated to supporting millions of immigrants worldwide who courageously leave their families to live and work in foreign lands. These individuals, often unsung heroes, fulfill their promises to care for their loved ones and enable their upward mobility, thereby enhancing their quality of life. Their mission is to ensure their hard-earned money stretches further, reaching their families safely and securely. Their stories inspire us every day. 


14. Guidewire Software ($905.3M) 

Guidewire is dedicated to the success of its clients, integrating digital, core, analytics, and AI to offer its platform as a cloud service. With the industry's largest R&D team, services team, and partner ecosystem, Guidewire continually evolves and innovates to meet client needs. This commitment has earned the trust of over 540 insurers, from new ventures to some of the largest and most complex organizations worldwide, all of whom rely on Guidewire. 


15. Payoneer ($831M) 

Payoneer, established in 2005, is a pioneering financial technology company dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. Their mission centers on democratizing opportunity in the digital economy, ensuring every entrepreneur and business has the tools to thrive globally. Payoneer has developed a comprehensive global financial infrastructure, eliminating barriers and streamlining cross-border transactions. This enables millions of SMBs, especially in emerging markets, to seamlessly engage with the global marketplace, facilitate payments, manage multi-currency funds, and expand their enterprises. 


16. Gusto ($500M) 

Founded in 2011 as ZenPayroll, Gusto has grown to support over 300,000 businesses across the United States. Annually processing tens of billions of dollars in payroll, Gusto also offers comprehensive employee benefits such as health insurance and 401(k) accounts, aiming to foster exceptional workplaces for companies of all sizes. 


17. PayU ($497M) 

Combining global reach with local expertise, this company is reshaping the future of payments and fintech to create a world of unlimited possibilities. By bridging the global and local gap, they provide unparalleled global payment coverage along with extensive local expertise and support. 


18. Trustly ($265M) 

Trustly is a leading global payment method that facilitates seamless transactions between top brands and millions of consumers worldwide. Specializing in instant transfers, payments, and refunds, Trustly operates with a strong commitment to security and convenience. As pioneers in Open Banking, Trustly has set industry standards, offering a world-class platform that goes beyond traditional payment solutions. Handling the entire payment journey at a remarkable scale, Trustly enhances the performance and user experience of payments for more than 8,300 merchants across 33 markets. By connecting these merchants to over 650 million consumers through 12,000 banks, Trustly continues to innovate and expand its reach globally. 


19. GoodLeap ($113M) 

GoodLeap is a pioneering technology company specializing in financing and software solutions for sustainable products. With a focus on solar panels, batteries, energy-efficient HVAC systems, heat pumps, roofing, and windows, GoodLeap has empowered over 1 million homeowners. Their innovative technology ensures a straightforward, rapid, and seamless process, making it more cost-effective and accessible for consumers to adopt these solutions. Professionals in the home efficiency and solar sectors leverage GoodLeap's proprietary AI-powered applications and developer tools. These tools enhance customer communication transparency, provide advanced business insights, and streamline payment and operational processes effectively. 


20. Chetu ($56M) 

Founded in 2000, Chetu is a global provider of software development solutions and support services. With specialized technology and industry experts, Chetu caters to startups, SMBs, and Fortune 5000 companies, offering a software delivery model uniquely tailored to each client's needs.

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