Sales&Marketing: Terrapinn - accurate data to transform business

by Nicolae Buldumac
Sales&Marketing: Terrapinn - accurate data to transform business

It’s been a while since Terrapinn, a well-known global events company, has become one of our beloved clients. In this case study, first in our new series, we’d like to share with you some of the challenges that were met by the company and which of these were solved with the help of Global Database.

Terrapinn: making a difference

Having a global footprint, Terrapinn is a business media company. It operates via its network spread over four continents, headquartered in London. Always keen to ‘spark something’, Terrapinn organize events such as conferences, training solutions, trade exhibitions as well as electronic and print publications all to persuade businesses and people around the world to join their enthusiasm to make the world a better place.

The company is governed by an experienced team and boasts to have a strong corporate culture built according to its indispensable operating ethics. The core principles around which Terrapinn develops its activities regard:

  • Growth: the team becomes fully engaged with the goals and objectives of every business participating in the events as well as of each attendee. Businesses’ success on one side and new approaches to the ways the world does business today on the other side are combined to find solutions and change people’s lives.

  • Customer service: by carefully selecting both the businesses and attendees invited to the organized events, Terrapinn tends to exceed customer expectations. In such a way, every entity that is invited receives the possibility to get the most out of the information provided at the events as well as to meet some of the most relevant potential business partners.

  • Integrity: being an organic, creative, and customer-focused team, Terrapinn organizes the events in the conditions of transparency and honesty in both their business and personal relationships. The events have the goal to support life-changing technology and innovation by bringing scale, knowledge and solemnity.

  • Quality: the variety of the types of events and domains touched by their topics assure the delivery of value-adding solutions to both customers and attendees. Whether it is solar and renewables in the Americas, education technology in the Middle East, payments and e-commerce in Europe, railways in Africa, orphan drugs in Asia, or aviation in Australia, the main goal of the events is to make a difference.

  • Creativity: high standards of conceptualisation and design help to accomplish the goal of delivering curated content for the specific industries and locations of each and every event. The most successful events are the ones where the team manages to bring together change agents, innovators and disrupters.

  • Fun: Terrapinn boasts a fast-paced and caring working environment in every office of their network. One can imagine how challenging yet fun it can be to find and combine the uncombinable, helping entities to gather for events, to make new connections, to present and launch products and to inspire others to make and sustain changes in every industry.

The types of events organised by Terrapinn can be generally grouped into:

  • Education, include events aimed at bringing together hundreds and thousands of educators to evaluate and plan for the future of learning, assess and debate on some of the latest teaching strategies, collaboration opportunities, revolutionary technologies and many more.

  • Vaccines, events that bring attendees content, networking and potential partners, and even customers looking for specific solutions and facing individual challenges. Unsurprisingly, these events oftentimes involve plans and debates on the future of vaccine research, development and production.

  • Orphan drugs, events that represent a very special kind of category, due to the main peculiarity of the topic. Intended to cure rare medical conditions, too expensive and unprofitable to produce, orphan drugs are most usually funded with governments’ assistance. This type of events aims to bring together leaders in orphan drugs from various countries, instigate discussions and experience exchange on rare disease research, orphan drug development, funding peculiarities and other related subjects.

  • Energy events bring together power leaders and other stakeholders from all over the world to share knowledge and experience on the ways innovations (e.g. AI or IoT) could change the way energy is generated, transmitted and distributed; latest technologies in solar, storage, wind, smart energy, power generation and electric vehicles; to debate on the future of energy by regions and worldwide and many other related issues and challenges.

  • Telecommunication, events that gather telecom operators bringing in one place the best in the industry. The speed of changes taking place in telecoms considered, innovations are a never-absent topic to these events, along with technologies and media partnerships, processes’ and performances’ optimisation, growth drives and variation, the ways all these together can transform and diversify the future of telecoms, and a lot more.

  • Finance, comprise events related to investments, accounting, finance and legal challenges, including the ones that regard optimisation, innovations and technologies intended to streamline processes around cash flows and management, help to reduce double entry, eliminate paperwork, strategising and other. Most of these events also have technology topics on their agenda, e.g. the influence of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain and others on the finance function.

  • Aviation, bringing together small and big dogs of the world’s aviation industry along with legacy carriers, creating a haven to network and reach out to decision makers. Aside from networking, attendees share the latest changes, updates on possibilities to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence in air traffic control and ground control and many other topics.

  • Rail, aim to share experience and incentivise debates on the future of mobility, train control, performance and maintenance and optimisation thereof, new projects and technology development and many other topics. These are the events where top leaders from world influential and innovative transit agencies usually huddle together.

  • Payments and commerce, regard events intended to share the expertise as well as ideas on bringing more innovation and technologies into the payments and commerce sector, understanding and using the ways these shape the payments landscape and changes in customer behaviour, and many other related topics.

To overcome the challenge to organise these events on a more or less regular basis, Terrapinn continuously needs access to updated company information and contact details of key decision makers. An equally important aspect of that data is that it has to be available at hand, with no time to waste on research.

Challenges and business intelligence solutions

During our first conversations with one of Terrapinn offices network, we at Global Database have identified the main shortfalls encountered and that we could help with. Thus, the main challenges were:

  • Low quality of contact information for event attendees, resulting in low deliverability rates or low email open rates especially due to obsolete data

  • High expenditures related to the need to acquire data from multiple data providers, offering just parts of needed information, and then requiring loads of time for compiling the separate pieces of information accumulated to be able to efficiently manage the datasets

  • Limited information available for businesses from certain regions in Asia and Africa which was an impediment to have a full understanding of the local markets and to access a truly comprehensive audience to send either sponsor, speaker or attendee invitations.

Global Database offered solutions needed and even more:

  1. The possibility to choose data sets by country and region allowed Terrapinn to get access to data selectively for the regions they needed. In such a way, Global Database provided information for businesses from over 40 countries. Besides all other advantages, including high-quality up-to-date company information, Terrapinn rejoiced in the occasion to have all the data aggregated in one single unified platform, cutting the waste of resources on acquiring datasets from various providers and compiling them into one meaningful database.

  2. Terrapinn received access to relevant and regularly updated contact information. Global Database comprises data for 70 million companies around the world. The information is updated on a daily basis, bringing clients the confidence of being aware of the most recent changes happening on the market of their interest. Most importantly, the database comprises contacts of these companies’ key decision makers. This offered Terrapinn the possibility to address directly the people they needed to get a fast and solid answer without wasting any time on bypassing gatekeepers.

  3. Terrapinn benefitted of multiple bespoke data researches, staying informed about the most relevant businesses changes in the fields of interest. Global Database offers bespoke data research for free with certain types of subscription. This service implies the performance of customer research at client’s requirement, tailored to individual needs.

With the help of all of the above, soon Terrapinn reported an overall increase in the number of event attendees. As a consequence, our database was recommended to other offices in the network, and now we are proud to work with a total number of five Terrapinn offices from around the world. Besides, there are two other clients we are negotiating a collaboration with, which are referrals from Terrapinn and which we are grateful for.

To sum up...

Soon after starting to work with Global Database business intelligence platform, Terrapinn started to record higher deliverability rates and an increased number of event attendees and to rejoice at inspiring and transforming business even more. This is one of the examples, where two high-value products combined generated greater results and became the basis of a prosperous collaboration.

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