Sales&Marketing: Uber - Igniting Opportunity by Setting the World in Motion

by Nicolae Buldumac
Sales&Marketing: Uber - Igniting Opportunity by Setting the World in Motion

Boasting an impressive series of collaboration success stories, Global Database proudly continues to deliver high-quality data to all those who are willing to prosper and who chose us. We’ve decided to share with you the story about our collaboration with Uber, to show yet another advantage that a company intelligence directory can deliver to users. This case study is about expanding to new markets.

Uber - a Decade of Safer Rides for Safer Cities

Uber is an American multinational ridesharing company founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in the pursuit of reducing the cost of direct transportation. What started out as a fun project, turned into the number one app used by millions of Americans and people worldwide. The business saw progress due to the stalemate set in the transportation industry, either by regulations or service providers. It rivalled taxicab operations as well as promote a system “for people driven by people” revolving around ingenious peer-to-peer ridesharing. Following the booming success, Uber has decided to tap into tangential industries where applicable e.g. food delivery, hauling, healthcare partnerships, promotion of e-bikes and scooters.


Safety is the main concern after affordability. Designing such a flexible system has not been an easy task. Going out for a ride in a taxicab feels more like a chore, this is why Uber saw such immense growth. Due to attention to customer details, such as car preference, driver gender, performance and comfortability review, affordable rates compared to normal means, Uber has gained global attention, encouraging other entrepreneurs to work on their start-ups on the other side of the globe. With a typical cab service you simply get a car, with Uber you get the car you want. Their sense of altruism has enabled thousands of jobs, no matter if you have a car or not. A driver’s license and a likeable personality facilitate anyone, regardless of background, to start their experience with Uber.

Moreover, Uber is not a greedy business, they are truly looking out for the customer. Constantly working on their driver review system has created a safe and comfortable ecosystem, complemented by an innovative dynamic pricing policy. Prices for fares change in accordance to the supply-demand, thus balancing out available drives at a given time in an area.

Another point to mention is the forward-looking program of promoting green and recyclable energy. With constant talk about the environment, Uber has taken matters into its own hands to deliver a change in how things are done. Electrical vehicles might be observed sprinting the bustling streets of skyscraper conglomerates, delivering essential needs.

Mission & Vision

Originally planned out as an alternative to pricey cab fares, Uber has grown more than that. An ever-evolving mission of prosperity brought about connecting transportation and other industries that might benefit from it. What seemed a second point A to point B, transitioned into a seamless travel experience for both you and your belongings. A self-improvement guideline and assiduous work have become the normal framework. What was once a fare app has become a fully customizable experience, land transport has branched into maritime and airline means of travel, prospects turned into Uber eats and such, a local idea has become a globalized solution. They are not stopping there, but aiming even further with several partnerships underway. The company is based in San Francisco and covers an estimate of 785 metropolitan areas worldwide. 

The other side of the coin is looking just as bright. Changes are made not only externally but internally as well. It’s as if a culture with the emphasis on doing the right thing for employees, drivers and riders, was born before our very eyes, promoting a diverse and inclusive background.

Uber envisions itself as a healthy alternative to ongoing developments. Truly putting to work “for people, driven by people” has allowed them to achieve the number one spot. Such magic formulas should surely be a product of some workaround, alas that’s not the case here. They promote a safe environment not only for customers and employees, but also for your data. Staying true to their name, Uber has provided records in response to regulatory, airport and law enforcement requests about their innovation.

Uber Challenges and Global Database Solutions

Even though Uber has already established a solid presence in 63 countries, they do not stop growing. Expanding to new markets and consolidating business positions requires a thorough knowledge of those very markets. The management and executive teams took a wise decision. They chose to allocate time and other resources in favour of improving both customers’ and drivers’ experience. To achieve that, they opted to subscribe to Global Database’s company intelligence for certain countries in:

  1. North America, comprising over 2 million companies 

  2. South America, including over 500 thousand businesses

  3. South Asia, with over 1.6 million companies listed.

Totalling over 4 million companies in the regions of their interest, they narrowed the search to large businesses, with over 500 employees. Once done, within seconds the results were filtered and cut down to almost 200 thousand executives to be contacted. As Global Database adds to fast solutions advanced filters, the generated lists of companies could easily be segmented into groups, according to which the planned campaigns would further be personalised. 

Together with the subscription to Global Database for the required countries in the above-mentioned regions, Uber has got access to:

  1. Sales and Marketing Platform. This product allows performing data researches based on any custom criteria and goal, aiming at the optimization of Uber’s sales funnel and potentially increasing the conversion rates.

  2. Business Credit Reporting. Having accurate information about prospects’ credit scores helps to make all decisions informed prior to taking on obligations. Hence, only promising potentials would be contacted.

  3. Corporate bulk data. Selecting all the companies that correspond to targeted criteria as well as viewing and analysing the full profiles of each result is possible due to loads of corporate intelligence accessible with Global Database. Available data ranges from financials for at least 5 years to KPIs to employees lists and their contacts to corporate digital insights, to name just a few. All the data delivered is trustworthy and relevant, as all updates are made on a daily basis.

On top of the above-named products and benefits, Global Database offers the opportunity to tweak Uber’s existing database by enriching their data. This solution we provide brings the possibility to fill in the blanks with relevant data, whichever it is - be it financial or contact information, or anything else.

To sum up...

Uber’s collaboration with Global Database is just starting. However, we at Global Database are sincerely glad to bring our contribution to the development and consolidation of Uber’s position and values on both existing and new markets.


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