Custom Research: Amazon Web Services - Connecting Innovations without the Burden of Licensing Costs

by Nicolae Buldumac
Custom Research: Amazon Web Services - Connecting Innovations without the Burden of Licensing Costs

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon - the American power-house - which provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies and governments. AWS’s platform can be labelled as infrastructure as a service - a type of cloud computing service where enterprises rent or lease servers for compute and storage in the cloud.

In IaaS, users have the freedom to run the desired operating systems or applications without having to worry about maintenance and up-keep. Moreover, this architecture allows for easy scaling, be it sideward or upward, depending on resource demand. Thus, the buyer eliminates the need to provision a specialized environment to keep the data centre running.

It can be used for pretty much anything involving the internet and a chip. From IT infrastructure to IoT (Internet of Things), AWS has a product to satisfy all needs.

In a nutshell, AWS is an assortment of technologies and infrastructure built with the purpose of finding solutions for the issues of managing the world’s most buzzing site. Amazon cannot permit themselves for their site to go down under any circumstance. Therefore, they built many pylons to keep it running and are allowing the public to benefit from it as well.

At the time of writing, AWS’s free tier includes more than 85 products and depending on which one there are also up to three different types of offers. Web designers and developers can use this opportunity to accommodate their skills to the Amazon ecosystem.

However, if you are looking to capitalize on Amazon’s entire firepower you ought to check out the current catalogue of more than 175 products in - cloud storage, compute power, app deployment, user account management, data warehousing, tools for managing and controlling IoT and many minutious services to satisfy business needs.

To further develop and raise the audiences’ awareness about all the possibilities offered by their infrastructure, the AWS training and certification team enhanced their efforts to educate all those interested in AWS use cases. Mainly, these are directed towards providing the means for businesses to improve their efficiency, innovate and grow in a safe and scalable environment. In their attempt to do so, however, AWS faced a series of challenges, and this is when they’ve decided to call in Global Database B2B company intelligence to assist them in achieving these and other noble goals. 

Finding Niche-Specific Contacts within Optimal Time Frames

Among the main issues AWS had to overcome, the following can be named:

  • Lack of detailed information about specific people in governmental bodies. This intel was crucial to AWS for the optimisation of processes related to reaching out to various institutions as well as gaining needed permissions to further promote education on the ways to enhance security in the IT environment.

  • High costs of manual research with low output due to lack of data in public resources. Efficiency-wise, the resources AWS had to spend on finding necessary information were not worth it and took too much time. Considering the fors and againsts, outsourcing or finding a specific source of data promised to be a smarter solution, should all the requirements be fulfilled and sought data be provided.

  • Multiple data vendors required - one for each separate market, in the case of data directories acquisition. AWS faced the problem of needing to seek several data providers, as none of the initially looked-in platforms could cover all the needs they had, not under one single license. It is well known, that most data providers do have better coverage in certain regions, while providing somewhat less intel for others. A data provider that would be able to deliver a directory with up-to-date information, complete in-depth business profiles and a strong coverage is not too easy to find, and therefore oftentimes several licenses from various providers have to be acquired to fill in all the blanks.

The solution provided by Global Database, most importantly, allowed AWS to get access to the needed data under one license, eliminating the need to look for several data vendors for each region of interest. 


Besides, what AWS benefited from with Global Database B2B intelligence platform were:

  • Access to almost 300 thousand niche-specific companies’ profiles worldwide. The possibility to select the niche of interest and further divide listed results into groups by location and other criteria using our straightforward segmentation tools, provided AWS with extra functionality and manoeuvrability in managing the needed data.

  • Dedicated in-house data collection team for custom requests. The ability to find any and every company’s information using reliable sources only is one that takes quite a lot of practice. Luckily, our in-house team has an expanded experience with that, and the custom search solution we offer to our clients, including AWS, in there to perform bespoke information searches in optimal time frames while assuring the accuracy of the data fetched. In such a way, AWS benefited from multiple custom searches and rejoiced at delivered results, which were thoroughly verified, hence the high accuracy.

  • Possibility to apply over 80 easy-to-use filters to find companies by any criteria required at any moment. We will not disclose here the exact filters AWS had applied. However, we will show an example of how these could have been used to achieve some of the goals set. As the main vector was the will to educate various companies about the wide range of possibilities available with the AWS infrastructure, they could have used a certain location (e.g. United Kingdom) and look up companies that use Amazon Hosting (search by this criteria), to further contact the companies contained in the resulting list with the proposal to educate them on all the benefits they could have or on the complementary solutions provided by AWS. Similarly, AWS could’ve selected companies that use competitor’s products to cultivate the knowledge about the AWS infrastructure.

Using the Global Database B2B intelligence directory, AWS team rejoiced at the following outcomes:

  • Over 200 niche-specific contacts delivered via custom data research, offering the chance to perform the pitch-perfect homework and reach the right people with the right message

  • Continuous updates on newly added businesses in the niches that mattered to AWS’ goal, therefore an ongoing lead generation flow

  • Significant decrease in data research cost and time 

  • High accuracy rates and, therefore, deliverability due to continuously verified and updated company intel.

To sum up…

The world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform serving millions of customers globally, AWS set up a goal to educate more businesses and deepen the existing users’ knowledge of the AWS infrastructure. In order to achieve that goal, while reaching as many businesses of interest as possible and yet keeping costs low, AWS reached out to Global Database. Not only could they find what they were looking for using both the business intelligence platform and the custom search solution, but they also saved time and kept costs low as results were delivered under one single license and in optimal time frames. 

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