Data Enrichment: Leadfeeder - Bringing Sales and Web Intelligence into Business

by Nicolae Buldumac
Data Enrichment: Leadfeeder - Bringing Sales and Web Intelligence into Business

Identifying new business opportunities by uncovering the companies visiting a corporate website and then targeting them as warm leads seems quite the attractive marketing key to increasing your chances to meet consumers’ ever-growing demands. Facing that challenge with a collaboration between savvy marketers and brilliant software engineers is one way to combine utility with functionality, and that is how Leadfeeder was created. Now it’s an outstanding solution to make the most of web analytics, many a marketer’s favourite. 

Customers want results and data as a delivered sheer asset, careless of the underlying processes. Leadfeeder’s customer-centric product cannot thrive on obsolete information which is why they’ve selected to make use of Global Database consistent data flows. By connecting to our API endpoint, Leadfeeder has access to instant enrichment without the need of manually executing request queries. Here is how our Data Enrichment solution helped Leadfeeder achieve truly great results. Read on to see how our collaboration has evolved. 

Leadfeeder: Putting the Spotlight on the Right Leads

Having a business website decked out on the internet is not the final step of successful marketing strategies. Many tools will promise to improve statistics in various areas if you give them your business. Unfortunately, most automation tools can only capture about 2% of users visiting your website as they go about identifying themselves, usually through sign-up forms for ‘free’ stuff. You need the ability to identify the users that go unseen by other tools combined with intuitive UI, performant scripts, extensive database, quality filters. 

Leadfeeder is the perfect solution to shine light on the 98% that covert op website traffic. By using the power of Reverse Domain Name Systems (rDNS), Leadfeeder performs a reverse look-up to find out which companies are visiting your website based on their IP address. Almost everyone can do so, but the next step is what sets Leadfeeder apart from the others. Their software filters ISPs (in case they’re unreliable), bots and spammy traffic leaving you with a neat list of real companies interested in what you have on offer. Consequently, this can be translated into generating and converting more high-quality leads.

In just a few words, here is what Leadfeeder allows you to achieve:

  1. Identify the companies that have visited your website, transforming your traffic from just a number into lists of real records

  2. Enrich and feature the full profiles of these companies, displaying lots of information that would help you understand whether each particular website visitor is worth nurturing

  3. Uncover in detail the pages that visitors were most interested in to qualify them more accurately as prospects, leads or warm leads 

  4. Get GDPR-compliant contact information, including corporate phone numbers, email addresses as well as links to social media profiles of key people

  5. Send qualified leads to your CRM and automatically update the relevant data.

If there are multiple gadgets in your toolstack, ease of integration is among the chief pain points when deciding to expand. If you already have Google Analytics set up, then Leadfeeder can connect the dots by syncing your existing records. Otherwise, you are free to install the script and have direct access to the flow of data. 

Since tracking software naturally collects information about visitors, it means that certain rules and guidelines must be followed. Fortunately, Leadfeeder processes data in compliance with GDPR legislation as long as you make the privacy terms and cookie policy visible on your website.

Website Visitors Identification Backed by Extensive Company Profiles

In order to widen the horizon of the data points delivered to their users, Leadfeeder applied for the help of Global Database. Getting access to our global API license, Leadfeeder are now ready to deliver enriched information about identified website visitors, as full company profiles, comprising yet not limited to:

  • Contact details, including full company name, address, activity type, corporate phone numbers and emails of key people

  • Up to 20 years of financial data, including revenue, turnover and other information featured in financial statements, allowing due diligence checks, monitoring and credit risk analysis, as well as most important key indicators readily calculated.

By connecting Global Database API to their customer-facing product, Leadfeeder can receive a stream of information directly from us bypassing any ‘request’ phase. This works in the form of requests from Leadfeeder platform to ours, based on introduced information. Regardless of whether an end-user fills in the company name or Leadfeeder displays it for the user, the API automatically finds a match in the Global Database directory and pulls as much data as possible and/or accessible on the match made, be it by name, location, website or other data points. This is called automatic form population and it's used across industries to create seamless processes of providing complete company and contact profiles to users. The freedom to choose which fields should and should not be filled automatically allows Leadfeeder to manage the data fetched from the directory according to their users’ queries and to the data available with Global Database on the company in question.

The range of data points is quite extensive starting from registration number and activity status and ending in detailed financial information. As the API allows direct communication between the two platforms, each time a change is made on the Global Database side, a connected Leadfeeder user’s account will also receive this update without manually requesting it. Users can contact their website visitors, once identified, without any risks of reaching out to the wrong people or hitting an invalid email address.

All in all, after just a few months of collaboration with Global Database, Leadfeeder can rejoice at three primary accomplishments:

  1. Being able to enrich over 140,000 companies’ profiles for their users

  2. Delivering accurate revenue information on the clients’ website visitors, one of the most required data points as per Leadfeeder

  3. Improving overall company identification, hence even higher quality solutions delivered to their users.

With the successful results achieved so far in mind, we are looking forward to a developing business relationship and to more satisfied users.

To sum up…

Leadfeeder is the perfect tool to get more out of your flows of data, while your marketing and sales departments can benefit from the boost in efficiency and performance. Greater insight is put forward and as a result, decisions become more data-driven. Global Database has contributed high-quality information for company identification improvement to help more Leadfeeder’s users’ website visitors receive the assistance and nurturing they were lacking. And prospects meet only the results of businesses’ arduous struggles of discovering their needs.

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