Top 10 B2B data enrichment tools in 2024

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 29/01/2024 12:38 · 5-7 min read
Top 10 B2B data enrichment tools in 2024

B2B data enrichment tools are an essential part of any data-driven organisation’s toolkit. This article will explain what data enrichment is and which data enrichment platforms you should consider using in 2024. 


What is data enrichment?

Generating basic contact data (contact name, email, postal address etc) is relatively easy. But effective outreach campaigns are finely tuned to your audience – which means you need rich datasets to better understand the individuals you want to reach. 


This is where B2B data enrichment tools can help. A data enrichment platform takes your existing contact data and adds additional, relevant details. As the information becomes more accurate and granular, it increases in value – which is why the process is called ‘data enrichment’. 


With that in mind, here are the top 10 data vendor companies you should be considering: 

Global Database

Our standout recommendation for B2B data enrichment is Global Database. They have many years’ worth of experience providing accurate, reliable and regularly updated contact data to customers across the world. Their unique datasets can be used to enrich your data for any purpose including sales, marketing and data compliance obligations. 

  • Simply upload your dataset and Global Database does the rest, matching your records with theirs and displaying all the additional information available. Enriched company data can be downloaded and imported into any database or application of your choice. 

  • All data offered by the Global Database B2B data enrichment solutions is collected and aggregated from public sources to ensure information is current and accurate. Their unique datasets never include data from other providers. 

  • Firmographic data on offer includes 250 million company record and 380 million contacts. Additional CRM data enrichment options include group structure, ownership information and financial records. 

  • Contact data enrichment tools provide the specific details you need, such as industry, job role, company size and much, much more. 

  • By only aggregating information from publicly available sources, the enrichment data provided by Global Database is 100% GDPR compliant. 

  • B2B data enrichment tools are complemented by add-on tools including powerful analytics, customisable workflow tools, and other data enrichment solutions tailored to your requirements. 

  • Global Database is not an ‘off the shelf’ data enrichment service. There are also custom solutions available for when your organisation has a specific need that can't be met by regular data enrichment software. 

  • Data is constantly reviewed, refreshed and updated to ensure your datasets are enriched with the most accurate details available. 


Rather than a data enrichment platform, Clearbit describes itself as being a ‘marketing intelligence platform’. However, subscribers can use Clearbit datasets to improve the granularity of their own. 

  • 100+ B2B details for contact enrichment. 

  • A very good source of enrichment data for early and growth-stage start-ups. 

  • Offers a free trial to see whether their data enrichment tools will work for you. 



Widely known as one of the world’s leading credit scoring agencies, Experian also operates a successful customer data platform.  

  • Holds records on more than 1 billion people and businesses worldwide. 

  • Provides up to 900 additional elements for CRM enrichment. 

  • Lack of transparent pricing means the B2B data enrichment service may not be cost-effective for every organisation. 



ZoomInfo is one of the largest providers of B2B data enrichment solutions in the USA. With records for 14 million companies and 235 million individual employees it’s easy to see why. 

  • Some details, like mobile phone numbers, are crowd-sourced, reducing overall accuracy for contact data enrichment. 

  • Information is heavily biased towards the US, making this data enrichment platform less useful for sourcing data for organisations located elsewhere. 

  • You must request a quote making it hard to compare pricing with other sales data enrichment services. is popular with email marketers – because that is what it is best at. Snov’s lead enrichment tools are focused on one task – verifying email addresses – so it offers far less potential than many other data enrichment companies. 

  • Only checks contact email addresses. 

  • Offers a free subscription tier, allowing marketers to check up to 150 addresses each month. 

  • An API is provided to integrate functionality within your own tech stack. 



Describing themselves as ‘Waze for salespeople’, Lusha uses crowdsourced information for their data enrichment service. 

  • Several connectors available to provide automate CRM data enrichment. 

  • Enrichment data is sometimes out-of-date. 

  • Lack of contact data available for companies of less than 50 seats. 

  • Some users complain that Lusha stores personal email addresses for many contacts, making that information useless for data enrichment or B2B sales prospecting. 



One of the smaller providers, Datanyze offers approximately details for approximately 120 million contacts.  

  • Uses a Chrome browser extension to display contact details as the user browses social media profiles or company websites. 

  • Data enrichment must be performed manually using contact lists assembled and exported from Datanyze. 

  • Offers a money back guarantee for inaccurate enrichment data. behaves like a combination of B2B database and a sales engagement platform – ideal for smaller businesses that do not want to invest in separate CRM and sales tools. 

  • Users report that email addresses and mobile phone numbers are often inaccurate or missing – not ideal for B2B data enrichment. 

  • Apollo does offer automated CRM data enrichment, adding details that may be missing from your existing contact records. 

  • Prices from $39 per user per month. 



With over 200 million company records, Opencorporates claims to be the “world's largest open legal-entity database”.  

  • A built-in RESTful API for enriching data stored in your other applications (CRM, sales, marketing, ERP, service etc) or for building automation workflows etc. 

  • Bulk data downloads option so you can manually enrich company data. 

  • Opencorporates does not offer contact details for individual employees. 

  • Only suitable for enriching basic company information like registered address, phone number and catch-all email address. 



A popular tool for marketing, sales, and operations teams, InsideView was once included as standard with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This data enrichment tool is particularly useful for account-level enrichment. 

  • Offers connectors that allow InsideView data to be used with a range of platforms including Microsoft Dynamics 365, NetSuite, Oracle CRM,, SAP, SugarCRM and Marketo. 


Note: InsideView has been acquired by Demandbase and is now integrated into their “Go-To-Market Platform” offering. 


Take the next step

To see how B2B data enrichment tools can help your business extract additional value from your datasets, please contact Global Database to arrange a free trial. 

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