Top 10 B2B Data Providers in 2024

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 11/01/2024 12:42 · 5 min read
Top 10 B2B Data Providers in 2024

High-quality B2B data will be essential to helping generate leads and grow your sales in 2024. But how do you choose the right B2B data provider for you? 

Because there are dozens of companies offering B2B data, we’ve written this guide to make the process of choosing the right on easier. In this article we’ll show you: 

  • The most popular and trusted data vendor companies. 

  • The benefits and risks of using each B2B provider. 

  • Pricing of these B2B data services (where available). 

  • Other factors you may have to consider when selecting a B2B data provider. 

With that in mind, here are the top 10 data vendor companies you should be considering: 

1. Global Database

At the top of our list of B2B data providers is Global Database, thanks to their unique data sets which offer comprehensive, authoritative, and granular intelligence on a global scale. 

  • All B2B company data is collected and aggregated from public sourced by Global Database direct for the highest levels of accuracy. They never use data from other providers. 

  • Firmographic data on offer includes 250 million company record and 380 million contacts. Additional B2B data includes group structure, ownership information and financial records. 

  • Slice-and-dice data to find the specific B2B information you need based on industry, job role, company size and much, much more.​ 

  • By aggregating information from publicly available sources, Global Database offer not only the best B2B company data, but also ensure that every record is 100% GDPR compliant. 

  • Add-on tools include powerful analytics, customisable workflow tools, and other solutions tailored to your data needs. 

  • Slice-and-dice data to find the specific B2B information you need based on industry, job role, company size and much, much more.​ 

  • Custom solutions for when your organisation has a specific requirement that can’t be met with an off-the-shelf service. 

  • B2B data can be exported for use in other systems, such as your CRM database. 

  • Data is constantly reviewed, refreshed and updated for accuracy. 

Importantly, Global Database offers a free trial so you can get an idea of just how accurate and useful their B2B data really is. 

2. Clearbit

Clearbit is one of the most successful B2B marketing data providers: 

  • Offers a free trial to help you get started 

  • B2B marketing focus means data may not be as useful for other tasks 

  • Credit-based billing model can lead to overspend 

For high volume activity, you must purchase access credits – and once they have been used, you will be charged again for any extra add-ons. 


3. ZoomInfo 

ZoomInfo is one of the largest data vendors in USA. It uses smart website scraping technologies to collect and aggregate information from a variety of services. 

  • Contacts data is US-focused which can be a problem for non-USA users 

  • Some users complain about outdated information 

  • Service is ideally suited for data enrichment activities 

Pricing is based on how much B2B data you want and what you plan to do with it. 


4. Cognism

Cognism makes some bold claims about their B2B datasets, including:  

  • The greatest coverage of US mobile phone numbers 

  • CRM and sales integration tools as standard 

  • 98% data accuracy 

  • ‘The most complete B2B contact data in the EMEA region 

Cognisant pricing is determined by how much B2B data you need to access and which platform features you select as part of your package. 


5. Lead411

Lead411 is firmly targeted at sales callers, specialising in direct dial contact details. 

  • Relatively small dataset with 20 million companies and 450 million contacts. 

  • High-quality B2B data is regularly cleaned and verified. 

  • Contact records lack some detail. 

  • Quite expensive compared to other B2B data vendor companies. 

Starting at $99 per user including a maximum of 250 contacts, Lead411  



Yet another one of the data vendors in the USA, uses artificial intelligence to collect contact data. 

  • Holds more than 1.9 billion contact and company records. 

  • Includes connectors for many popular CRM systems. 

  • US-centric focus means that B2B data for companies outside that region may be missing important details. 

  • Seamless AI does not guarantee their data meets GDPR requirements or similar. 

This makes Seamless AI a good choice for companies in the USA – but probably not so good for the rest of the world. They do offer a free trial allowing you to check the accuracy of their B2B data for yourself. 


7. Uplead

Uplead’s offering differs very little from its competitors and is best used for data enrichment and intent insights. 

  • Claims 95% data accuracy rate. 

  • Limited range of data filters (job title, location, company size, and industry). 

  • Good range of connectors to other systems. 

  • Quickly becomes expensive for heavy users. 

A free plan is available but only includes 5 credits. Paid plans start at $74 USD per month, but you will have to buy additional credits if you exceed your monthly allocation. 


8. Apollo

Apollo is an online service believed to best suit SaaS providers: 

  • 250 million contacts, 60 million companies and 120 million mobile phone numbers. 

  • Offers a Chrome browser extension to simplify data lookups. 

  • 200 search filters available to help you generate granular, targeted contact lists. 

As with some of the other providers listed here, there are some concerns about the accuracy of the B2B data provided. 


9. Lusha

Lusha describes itself as a ‘marketing intelligence platform’ aimed as sales, marketing and recruitment professionals.  

  • Maximum of 1000 contact records can be used at a time. 

  • API connections to popular CRM systems like Salesforce. 

  • Credit-based billing system can become confusing – particularly as credits can expire and do not roll-over between billing periods. 

There are also some user concerns that Lusha contact records lack important details, reducing their value to B2B marketers. 


10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is built on top of the LinkedIn social network, offering a handy way to analyse and use their contact data: 

  • 850 million contacts working for 58 million companies across 200 countries. 

  • CRM integration and an API to support custom development if required. 

  • Unlimited B2B data searches included with each subscription. 

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn Sales Navigator is quite expensive to use and is limited to contact information hosted on the social network. There may also be questions as to whether this is high-quality B2B data because it is fully reliant on LinkedIn members regularly updating their own contact information. 


What is a B2B data provider?

A B2B data provider offers company information for B2B operations such as sales, marketing and recruitment. Using the purchased contact information, companies can plan and execute campaigns that are tailored to their specific B2B audience.  

The best B2B data providers will also take great care to ensure that the datasets they offer comply with relevant data protection and privacy requirements. It is also incredibly important that the B2B data provider regularly ‘cleans’ their records to ensure they are accurate. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this comprehensive and in-depth post – and that you have enough information to help you choose the right B2B data provider. These data vendor companies help you reach out and connect with potential customers and by using intelligent filtering tools you can tailor communications for even greater success. High-quality B2B data will also allow you to better monitor and understand your competitors as you conduct competitive research. 

To learn more about how good B2B company data can improve your operations, why not arrange a free trial with Global Database? 

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