Top 20 Companies in the UK with taxpayer as a shareholder

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 22/01/2024 09:51 · 8 min read
Top 20 Companies in the UK with taxpayer as a shareholder

In the dynamic landscape of corporate ownership, the presence of taxpayer shareholders in some of the UK's top companies stands as a testament to the intricate relationship between the public and private sectors. This unique phenomenon reflects a shared responsibility toward the nation's economic well-being, intertwining the interests of the government and individual citizens with prominent business entities. 

The integration of taxpayer ownership signifies a collaborative effort to foster economic growth, enhance public services, and contribute to the overall welfare of the nation. Companies that boast taxpayers as stakeholders often operate in critical sectors such as transportation, finance, and energy, playing pivotal roles in shaping the economic fabric of the United Kingdom. 

This article delves into the intriguing landscape of taxpayer-inclusive ownership structures within prominent UK companies. By exploring the motivations, implications, and benefits associated with this arrangement, we aim to unravel the intricate tapestry that binds private enterprise with the collective interests of taxpayers, shedding light on a unique intersection where public and private spheres coalesce for the greater good. 


1. General Dynamics UK Limited ($41.45B) 

General Dynamics UK stands as a prominent force in the UK's defense landscape, serving as a crucial supplier to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). With over six decades of expertise, the company excels in delivering cutting-edge C4I communication solutions, Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) capabilities, and avionic systems. Playing a pivotal role in enhancing the UK Armed Forces' tactical communications, General Dynamics UK is behind the Bowman communication system and is actively developing the revolutionary Evolve to Open (EvO) system. Notably, the company has spearheaded the design and development of AJAX, a groundbreaking Armoured Fighting Vehicle, with 589 units manufactured at its South Wales facility. Additionally, General Dynamics UK contributes advanced avionic systems utilized in various military aircraft worldwide. 


2. BAE Systems ($26.29B) 

BAE Systems stands as a global leader, delivering cutting-edge solutions in defense, aerospace, and security. With a workforce spanning 40 countries and totaling 85,800 skilled professionals, we empower our customers to safeguard people, national security, and critical infrastructure. From pioneering cyber threat detection to enhancing flight control systems, our commitment to innovation ensures our clients maintain a strategic advantage. Our approach involves substantial investments in skills, fostering long-term partnerships with local entities for the transfer of knowledge and technology. BAE Systems exemplifies a dedication to staying ahead, continually evolving to meet the evolving challenges of a dynamic world. 


3. Leonardo UK Ltd ($15.9B) 

Leonardo stands as a global industrial powerhouse, delivering cutting-edge technological capabilities across Aerospace, Defence, and Security domains. With a workforce exceeding 51,000, the company maintains a robust industrial presence in Italy, the UK, Poland, and the US. Its expansive reach extends to 150 countries through subsidiaries, joint ventures, and investments. A pivotal participant in major international strategic programs, Leonardo serves as a technological and industrial ally for governments, defense bodies, institutions, and corporations. The year 2022 witnessed impressive milestones, with consolidated revenues reaching €14.7 billion and new orders amounting to €17.3 billion. Grounded in innovation, continual research, digitalization, and sustainability, Leonardo's business pillars resonate globally. 


4. GE Aviation ($10.2B) 

GE Aerospace stands as a global powerhouse in delivering cutting-edge jet and turboprop engines, components, and integrated systems for a diverse range of aircraft, including commercial, military, business, and general aviation. With a commitment to enhancing global functionality, GE Aerospace holds the belief that the world operates more efficiently when it takes to the skies. 


5. Serco ($5.74B) 

Serco, a prominent solutions partner, excels in combining expertise, technology, and collaborations to devise innovative solutions that effectively tackle pressing challenges in today's world. Specializing in serving governments worldwide, Serco offers a diverse range of services encompassing justice, migration, defence, space, customer services, health, and transport. The company's key strengths lie in service design, advisory, resourcing, complex program management, systems integration, case management, engineering, and asset and facilities management. Serco's commitment to positive impact and addressing complex issues positions it as a reliable partner for governments navigating a broad spectrum of challenges. 


6. Babcock International Group ($5.5B) 

Babcock stands as a prominent international defence company with a strategic focus on the UK, Australasia, Canada, France, and South Africa, extending its reach to additional markets through exports. Rooted in its Purpose – to create a safe and secure world, together – the company is dedicated to supporting and fortifying customers' defence and security capabilities, along with safeguarding critical assets. Babcock's comprehensive product and service solutions align with customer needs, emphasizing value for money, increased availability, modernization, and flexibility. The company actively engages a diverse range of professionals, from chartered engineers and project managers to naval architects and data analysts. Committed to nurturing the next generation of engineering and business experts, Babcock provides apprenticeships and diverse roles for students, graduates, and fully-qualified professionals. 


7. Raytheon UK ($4B) 

Raytheon UK stands as a prominent technology leader with a strong footprint in England, Scotland, and Wales. Demonstrating a commitment to the British workforce and the advancement of UK technology, the company is a key supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence. Raytheon UK actively invests in research and development, fostering innovation and technological progress throughout the United Kingdom. Operating as a landed company within the RTX organization, it is an integral part of the Raytheon Intelligence & Space business, contributing to the company's global expertise in cutting-edge solutions. 


8. Chubb Fire & Security Group ($2.9B) 

With a legacy spanning 200 years, Chubb stands as a global leader in fire safety and security solutions, dedicated to safeguarding people and assets. Renowned for its end-to-end services, Chubb ensures customers' peace of mind, striving to make the world a safer place. Established in 1818 by the inventor of the first patent detector lock, Chubb has evolved into a key provider of security and fire-safety solutions for businesses and industries. As a proud member of APi Group, a leading business services provider, Chubb continues to contribute to safety, specialty, and industrial services on a global scale. 


9. Amey ($1.46B) 

A prominent player in the engineering landscape, our company specializes in full life-cycle solutions encompassing engineering, operations, and decarbonization for transport infrastructure and intricate facilities. Our core mission revolves around delivering sustainable infrastructure, enriching lives, and safeguarding our collective future. By seamlessly integrating expertise in Consulting & Design, Advisory & Analytics, Transport Infrastructure, and Complex Facilities, we adeptly oversee the entire lifespan of clients' assets. Armed with leading-edge data and analytics solutions, we craft transformative strategies that bolster resilience and drive sustainable advancements. Anchored by unwavering values centered on safety, insight, and collaboration, our dedicated team propels us to the forefront of the industry. 


10. Financial Conduct Authority ($798M) 

Dedicated to ensuring the optimal functioning of financial markets for individuals, businesses, and the economy at large, this organization engages in the regulation and supervision of a vast network. With oversight extending to approximately 50,000 businesses, supervision of 48,000 firms, and the establishment of standards for around 18,000 entities, its impact is extensive. Formed on April 1, 2013, inheriting responsibilities from the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the organization operates from its London Head Office and extends its influence across the UK, maintaining offices in Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff. Authorization and registration by this entity are prerequisites for firms and individuals engaging in specific activities, ensuring compliance with rigorous standards. Working in tandem with the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), this regulatory body upholds the integrity of financial practices across a diverse spectrum of institutions. 


11. NSL | trusted outsourcing ($748M) 

NSL, a part of Marston Holdings, holds the forefront as the UK's premier parking enforcement services provider. Armed with a dedicated team of highly trained professionals, cutting-edge technologies, and comprehensive support services, NSL shapes the parking landscape to harmonize user needs and ensure maximum compliance. Collaborating with both public and private sectors, NSL plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety, fairness, and overall quality of life in the UK. Trusted by clients for innovation and service improvement, NSL's spectrum of services spans frontline operations, back-office management, and customer support, contributing to the efficient design and management of public spaces and providing national enforcement expertise across borders and infrastructure. 


12. Boeing Defence UK Limited ($589M) 

With a legacy dating back to before World War II, Boeing stands as a formidable contributor to UK defence and security. Over 1,900 dedicated employees, in collaboration with local suppliers, join forces globally to address contemporary and future challenges in partnership with the Ministry of Defence. Operating under the banner of Boeing Defence UK (BDUK), the company, under the leadership of Managing Director Steve Burnell, emphasizes delivering optimal value through cutting-edge platforms, technology, services, and capabilities. BDUK's commitment extends to fostering a team that includes veterans and reserves, reinforcing Boeing's enduring partnership with the United Kingdom. 


13. Community Health Partnerships ($523M) 

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) is a dedicated service provider, delivering exceptional value to commissioners and local partners throughout England. As a wholly-owned entity of the Department of Health, CHP excels in enhancing the NHS through a unique combination of investment, property management, and strategic estate planning. With a solid track record, the company focuses on achieving savings, fostering service integration, and ensuring optimal utilization of primary and community health estates. CHP's specialized expertise in Strategic Estates Planning contributes significantly to the development and implementation of Local Estate Strategies, driving improvements, supporting service transformations, and unlocking capital from outdated facilities. 


14. Supply Chain Coordination Limited ($470.6M) 

Supply Chain Coordination Limited (SCCL), registered in England and Wales with company number 10881715, functions as the management entity overseeing the NHS Supply Chain. Wholly owned by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, SCCL plays a pivotal role in the NHS Supply Chain operating model, aiming to generate £2.4 billion in savings for frontline services by 2023/2024. The company, guided by the Secretary of State and a dedicated board director, focuses on eliminating price variations and enhancing consistency in consumables used in patient care. Committed to robust commercial capabilities, SCCL aims to become the NHS's preferred strategic procurement partner, revolutionizing the procurement landscape for the benefit of healthcare delivery. 


15. UK Asset Resolution Limited ($290.5M) 

UK Asset Resolution Limited (UKAR) operates as the holding company overseeing NRAM Limited (NRAM) and Bradford & Bingley plc (B&B), along with its subsidiary Mortgage Express. The complete ownership of UKAR is managed by UK Government Investments (UKGI) on behalf of Her Majesty’s Treasury (HM Treasury), holding a 100% share in UKAR. 


16. G4S ($106M) 

G4S stands out as a premier security and facility services company, renowned for its proactive security solutions and state-of-the-art smart technology. By offering tailored, integrated security services, G4S enables clients to concentrate on their core business activities. With a vast global workforce of around 800,000 individuals, the company applies best practices in communities worldwide. Generating revenues of approximately $20 billion, G4S benefits from efficient processes and systems derived from its impressive scale. The company's local commitment revolves around a core promise: ensuring the safety of individuals to foster thriving communities. 


17. NHS Professionals ($100M) 

Dedicated to placing skilled professionals where care is needed, NHS Professionals stands as the leading provider of a flexible workforce to the NHS. Operating uniquely as a managed service provider, the organization is wholly owned by the Secretary of State for Health, ensuring that all profits are reinvested to benefit the NHS. With a robust database boasting over 130,000 healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, midwives, and administrative staff, NHS Professionals plays a vital role in supplying essential shift cover. Collaborating closely with NHS Trusts, the aim is to enhance service improvement plans by delivering a cost-effective, reliable, and safe flexible workforce, ultimately contributing to substantial savings and improved productivity. The organization excels in workforce consultancy, facilitating the seamless merging of temporary workforce banks by aligning policies, procedures, and pay rates, reinforcing its commitment to supporting the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services. 


18. Bloom Procurement Services ($23.9M) 

Bloom is revolutionizing public sector procurement through its dynamic supply chain platform. Serving as a marketplace, Bloom facilitates the purchase and management of services for the public sector. The platform boasts a continually expanding network of pre-approved suppliers and consultants, ensuring the delivery of quality outcomes. Operating on an outcomes-based model, Bloom guarantees that the public sector pays only for the successfully delivered services. The company offers a fully compliant, open-access marketplace and manages the entire procurement process, including specification development, supplier identification, onboarding, comprehensive contract management, and insightful lessons learned after successful outcomes. 


19. Thales ($19.1M) 

Thales, a global technology leader, boasts a workforce exceeding 77,000 individuals across five continents. At the forefront of innovation, the company invests in digital and "deep tech" solutions, encompassing Big Data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity, and quantum technology, with a vision to construct a trustworthy future. Recognizing the centrality of human involvement in critical decisions, Thales prioritizes building trust for flourishing societies. Through advanced solutions and products, spanning digital identity and security, defense, aerospace, space, and transport, Thales empowers companies, organizations, and governments to realize their goals, playing a pivotal role in shaping societal landscapes. 


20. Birmingham Children's Trust ($5M) 

Birmingham Children’s Trust is on a mission to create a positive impact for children, young people, and families in the city. Formerly known as Children’s Services under Birmingham City Council, the Trust emerged from a need for significant improvements, especially in supporting disadvantaged youth and ensuring their safety. Undertaking a transformative journey, the Trust has enhanced social work practices, prioritized staff support, and instituted vital changes. Transitioning into a Children’s Trust in April 2018, it operates independently yet remains owned by Birmingham City Council. As a Community Interest Company, it pioneers innovative approaches to better care for the city’s disadvantaged youth while the Council maintains oversight to ensure safety and happiness. 

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