Top 20 Logistics Companies in UK

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 19/01/2024 13:09 · 8 min read
Top 20 Logistics Companies in UK

In the intricate web of global commerce, the backbone that ensures the seamless flow of goods from point A to point B is woven by the top logistics companies in the UK. These industry leaders stand at the forefront of a dynamic and ever-evolving sector, orchestrating the intricate dance of supply chains with precision and efficiency. 

From managing intricate transportation networks to optimizing warehouse operations and implementing cutting-edge technology, these logistics powerhouses play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of modern trade. Their influence extends far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, as they navigate the complexities of international shipping and customs regulations, contributing to the interconnectedness of the global marketplace. 

In this article, we delve into the world of logistics giants that keep the wheels of commerce turning. From established names with a legacy of excellence to innovative disruptors embracing the latest advancements, we explore the diverse array of companies that collectively define the heartbeat of the UK logistics industry. Join us on a journey through the engine rooms of commerce, where meticulous planning, strategic foresight, and operational prowess converge to drive the success of these top logistics companies. 


1. Shell ($381.3B) 

Shell, a renowned global energy giant, boasts a workforce of approximately 87,000 employees spread across over 70 countries. Collaboratively, they drive advancements in cleaner energy solutions, aiming to power progress sustainably. With a vast network, Shell serves over 30 million customers daily at nearly 46,000 retail service stations. The company's strategic focus is on expediting the transition to net-zero emissions, aligning purpose with profitability for a sustainable future. 


2. Phillips 66 ($169.99B) 

Meet Phillips 66, an industry leader embodying the values of Safety, Honor, and Commitment. Renowned for manufacturing essential energy products, they refine and distribute petroleum items like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and lubricants. Additionally, they play a pivotal role in processing natural gas and liquids, powering businesses, homes, and contributing to various manufacturing processes. Notably, Phillips 66 is a key player in producing petrochemicals, polymers, and plastics used in everyday products. Focused on financial robustness and secure operations, the company executes a strategic plan to boost returns, foster growth, increase shareholder distributions, and foster a high-performance team. With 14,000 dedicated colleagues worldwide, Phillips 66, alongside partners and suppliers, actively contributes to job creation, building a company grounded in safety, honor, and commitment. 


3. UPS ($100.3B) 

Spanning over 200 countries and territories, UPS stands dedicated to propelling the world forward by delivering impactful solutions. Originating as a modest messenger service founded by two resourceful teenagers armed with a $100 loan, UPS has evolved into a global force with over 500,000 UPSers and operations worldwide. As leaders in transportation and logistics, the company takes pride in providing innovative solutions for customers of all sizes while actively contributing to the well-being of the communities it serves, evident in the commendable social impact initiatives detailed in The UPS Foundation's report. 


4. Tesco ($77.6B) 

Enter the world of one of the globe's premier consumer goods retailers, spanning from food to fashion. Dedicated to continuous improvement, they prioritize serving customers, communities, and the planet. Trace their roots back to 1919 when Jack Cohen, armed with £30 from his Royal Flying Corps departure, initiated a small market stall in East London. Now, with over 400,000 employees spread across stores, offices, distribution centers, and customer engagement hubs in the UK, Europe, and Asia, they've evolved into a retail giant committed to enhancing lives every day through their diverse offerings. 


5. World Fuel Services ($59.12B) 

World Fuel Services stands out as a global problem solver in the energy sector. Offering an integrated platform, the company addresses energy challenges for clients across aviation, marine, commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors. This allows customers to streamline their operations and concentrate on core activities. Boasting a wide-ranging portfolio, World Fuel Services delivers solutions encompassing fuel and energy supply, logistics, credit, financing, price risk management, and transaction management services. With a presence at over 8,000 locations in more than 200 countries and territories, the company consistently generates enduring value for its business partners. 


6. EG Group ($33B) 

EG Group, established in 2001 by Co-founders and Co-CEOs Mohsin and Zuber Issa, stands as a global independent convenience retailer with a diverse portfolio of over 6,000 sites across ten countries spanning North America, Europe, and Australia. From its humble beginnings with the acquisition of a single site in the UK, the Group has evolved into an innovative forecourt trading entity, offering a top-tier customer experience in Grocery & Merchandise, Foodservice, and Fuel. With a committed workforce of 45,000 employees globally, EG Group delivers quality products and services to approximately 24 million customers weekly, fostering positive connections with local communities through strategic acquisitions and strong partnerships with international brand collaborators. 


7. Royal Mail ($16B) 

Royal Mail serves as the vital link connecting businesses, customers, and communities throughout the UK, offering a universal postal service that reaches over 29 million addresses. Positioned as one of the leading companies in the UK, the organization is dedicated to securing recognition as the premier delivery company across both the UK and Europe. 


8. British Airways ($13.9B) 

British Airways, the UK's premier international scheduled airline, boasts a vast network spanning nearly 600 global destinations. Renowned for its commitment to a comprehensive service experience, British Airways elevates travel both in the air and on the ground. As a testament to its customer-centric approach, the airline regularly seeks valuable travel insights from passengers, curating the best tips to feature in its widely-read Business Life Magazine, reaching millions of readers on board every month. 


9. Network Rail ($12.6B) 

As a pivotal force in rejuvenating Britain's railway, this company plays a crucial role in facilitating the movement of people and goods, bolstering the economy. Committed to progress, the organization is actively constructing the railway of tomorrow, prioritizing safety, reliability, and efficiency. With a vision centered on "Putting Passengers First," the company aspires to be a customer-centric entity that advocates for the needs of passengers and freight users alike. 


10. Geopost ($11.9B) 

Geopost, a prominent player in parcel delivery and e-commerce solutions across 49 countries, operates through a network of leading delivery brands such as DPD, Chronopost, SEUR, BRT, Speedy, and Jadlog. The company is at the forefront of expanding out-of-home delivery services with Pickup, boasting Europe's densest parcel shop and locker network. Additionally, Geopost is advancing temperature-controlled solutions for the food and healthcare sectors. With a workforce of 122,000 employees and partners, Geopost is dedicated to enhancing commerce's convenience, profitability, and sustainability. Notably, it has committed to achieving Net Zero by 2040, making it a pioneer in sustainable delivery, as recognized by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). 



Martin Brower stands as the premier supply chain solutions service provider for global restaurant chains, committed to fostering an exceptional work environment for its team and delivering unparalleled value to customers while safeguarding their brands. With a 60-year legacy of partnership with McDonald's, Martin Brower has honed an efficient blueprint that provides valuable insights while recognizing the unique challenges faced by each customer. Collaborating closely with restaurant operators, the company focuses on cost reduction and tailors services to meet current and future business needs. Beyond point-to-point delivery, Martin Brower prioritizes preparedness, transparent communication, and comprehensive support, reflecting a dedication to the success of its customers' businesses. 


12. EMR ($3.697B) 

A prominent player in the metal recycling sector, this company boasts a legacy dating back to the 1950s. Originally a single UK entity, it has expanded to encompass over 130 operational sites across the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US, employing a workforce exceeding 3,500 individuals. Annually recycling approximately 10 million tonnes of waste, ranging from beverage cans to decommissioned aircraft carriers, the company transforms these materials into more than 200 grades of new, sustainable raw materials. Complementing its core operations, the firm houses specialized divisions, including industrial clearance, total waste management, plastics recycling, ship breaking, local government service provision, and environmental consultancy. Positioned as a global leader in waste recycling, its vision entails achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 while championing sustainable materials worldwide. 


13. GXO Logistics ($3B) 

Revolutionizing opportunities unfold for customers, employees, and investors alike with cutting-edge automation that maximizes the full potential of logistics. 


14. Wincanton ($1.79B) 

Explore the realm of Wincanton, a prominent British supply chain solutions company. Renowned for its business-critical services encompassing storage, handling, and distribution, high-volume eFulfilment, retailer 'dark stores,' two-person home delivery, fleet and transport management, and network optimization. The group caters to the needs of major UK entities across diverse sectors such as food, retail, eCommerce, infrastructure, fuel, and defence. With an extensive legacy of nearly a century, Wincanton's robust team of 19,600 operates from over 200 sites nationwide, deploying 3,500 vehicles to ensure efficient and seamless solutions for its clientele. 

15. DHL Supply Chain ($1.6B) 

As the preeminent contract logistics specialist globally, this company excels in crafting tailored logistics solutions. Leveraging standardized warehousing, transportation, and integrated services, they provide a competitive edge to customers. Their approach encompasses sector-specific expertise, worldwide scale, and localized insights, enabling the seamless management of supply chains. From handling raw materials and manufacturing to the delivery of finished goods and return services, this industry leader offers comprehensive solutions at a global scale. 


16. Signature Aviation ($1.41B) 

Signature Flight Support Corporation, a subsidiary of Signature Aviation plc, stands as the globe's largest fixed-base operation (FBO) and distribution network for business aviation services. With a comprehensive array of offerings, including fueling, hangar and office rentals, ground handling, maintenance, and diverse amenities for both crew and passengers, Signature is a pivotal player at strategic locations worldwide. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Signature operates seamlessly at over 200 sites across the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. 


17. Southern Railway ($1.3B) 

In a transformative move on July 26, 2015, Gatwick Express and Southern seamlessly integrated with Great Northern and Thameslink to form the powerhouse known as Govia Thameslink Railway. Southern, a thriving rail franchise operator, spearheads a network connecting south London, central London, the South Coast, and expanses of Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and Hampshire. With an unwavering commitment to enhance the customer experience, Southern manages 156 stations, operates a fleet of 300 trains, and delivers over 2,000 daily services. Last year witnessed 164 million passenger journeys across 414 miles of track. Recognized as an Investors in People (IiP) Champion, Southern invites dynamic individuals to join its passionate, customer-centric team dedicated to 'delivering a better railway together.' 


18. Post Office Ltd ($1.2B) 

Embark on a journey with a venerable institution, spanning over 380 years of evolution. Boasting a staggering network of 11,500 branches nationwide, this entity surpasses the combined branch count of the UK's four largest banks. Undoubtedly, it stands as the preeminent retail network in the country, ensuring accessibility for customers wherever they may be. While the physical presence is unparalleled, the digital realm is not overlooked, with a website welcoming nearly 1 million visitors weekly, indicative of a robust digital strategy. In this vast enterprise, opportunities abound across diverse sectors, inviting enthusiastic, ambitious, and customer-centric individuals to join the ranks. The commitment to simplicity, customer excellence, and a positive work environment underscores a dedication to continuous innovation, fostering a confident anticipation of positive transformations benefiting both the workforce and clientele. 


19. London Gatwick ($535.8M) 

As the UK's second-largest airport, this hub plays a pivotal role in connecting passengers to an array of short and long-haul destinations. Recognized as a crucial component of the national infrastructure, it significantly influences regional and national economies. In 2019, a transformative long-term partnership was forged with VINCI Airports, marking a substantial investment with the acquisition of a 50.01% stake in the airport. 


20. Tankers International ($14.5M) 

Tankers International stands at the forefront as the operator of the world's largest pool of contemporary very large crude oil carriers (VLCCs). Specializing in VLCCs, this company offers shipowners a transparent and cost-efficient solution, leveraging powerful economies of scale and unrivaled access to cargoes to optimize earnings in the spot market. For charterers, Tankers International provides a fleet of modern VLCCs renowned for their quality, availability, and flexibility. With a relationship-driven approach, the company boasts a diverse network of chartering connections established since the inception of the first-ever VLCC pool in 2000. Known for stringent safety requirements, the pool welcomes shipowners of all sizes, offering excellent commercial management focused on maximizing financial returns and cash flow in volatile market conditions. Owned and financially backed by leading global shipowners, Tankers International is distinguished by its all-inclusive management fee, ensuring transparency and fairness, and operates with the highest standards of safety, integrity, and quality. 

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