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Top 20 Software and Programming Companies by Sales in the World in 2018

by Nicolae Buldumac
Top 20 Software and Programming Companies by Sales in the World in 2018

The software & programming field is booming for the last decade and is expected to continue its growth, producing and using new technologies. More and more technology parks and startup accelerators are established, creating a fertile environment for IT businesses successful development and growth. The United States is ahead of other countries in terms of IT environment and related experience. This explains the fact that American companies make up the majority of the world’s largest software & programming companies list.

The number of companies working in software and programming, as well as overall incomes, are constantly growing being both cause and effect of the popularity and accelerated development of the field. However, the majority of the enterprises can’t survive the startup stage, be that due to the lack of management experience, financing and short-term demand of their product or service, or because they were created just to make some money fast and retire or change the activity field. Anyway, the best of the best companies, generating the most sales in the industry, are those present on the market for more than a couple of years.

Check the most prominent software and programming companies in the world, reviewing the Top-20 enterprises from the industry, compiled by Global Database. 

1. Microsoft Corporation (USA)

2. Oracle (USA)

3. SAP (Germany)

4. CDW (USA)

5. Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Holdings (China)

6. (USA)

7. Adobe (USA)

8. VMware (USA)

9. HCL Technologies (India)

10. Intuit (USA)

11. Spotify Technology (Luxembourg / Sweden)

12. Fiserv (USA)

13. Amadeus IT Group (Spain)

14. Symantec (USA)

15. Dassault Systèmes (France)

16. iQIYI (China)

17. SS&C Technologies (USA)

18. Red Hat (USA)

19. Square (USA)

20. Synopsys (USA)


1. Microsoft Corporation (USA) - $118.2B 

Microsoft Corporation (further Microsoft) is a world-renowned technology enterprise from the USA, specialised on PCs, computer software and consumer electronics. Microsoft made the biggest sales among software & programming companies in the world in 2018 - $118.2B. It also has the largest market value ($946.5 B) and is a leading company by assets within the industry.  


2. Oracle (USA) - $39.6B

Oracle Corporation (further Oracle) is yet another technology company from the USA, producing and selling software of different types and cloud engineered systems. It was the second most successful software company by sales and market value in 2018. It earned $39.6B in sales and registered a market cap of $186.3B that year.


3. SAP (Germany) - $29.1B

SAP SE (further SAP) in an enterprise software world leader in terms of sales ($29.1B) from Germany, operating in over 180 countries. SAP has a market value of $134.9B and is traded on NYSE and FWB and is a DAX component. The company employs around 97,000 people that served more than 425,000 clients in 2018, planning on increasing this number in 2019.


4. CDW (USA) - $16.2B

CDW Corporation (further CDW) is a government, education and business technology products provider, headquartered in the USA, with a subdivision, fully committed to the government projects. CDW is the world’s 3rd biggest software company by sales ($16.2B). It is listed on NASDAQ and has a market value of $15.4B.


5. Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Holdings (China) - $14.4B

Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Holdings Co., Ltd (further Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Holdings) is a Chinese operator of internet platforms and integrated operations provider. The company is mostly focused on business information provision for ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry. It registered $14.4B in sales in 2018, the reason why it made it to the top 5 of our rank of top 20 software and programming enterprises.


6. (USA) - $13.3B, Inc. (further SF) is a software enterprise from the US, based on cloud technology, with a market value of $120.9 B (as of 2018). The company is known for its CRM which has brought around 90% of the SF’s yearly revenue, that was $13.3B in 2018. 


7. Adobe (USA) - $9.5B

Adobe Inc. (further Adobe) is yet another major software company, originated from the USA, with annual sales of $9.5B in 2018 and over 21,000 employees across the world. Its most famous products are multimedia and creativity software like Photoshop, PDF and Acrobat Reader. 


8. VMware (USA) - $9B

VMware, Inc. (further VMware) is a virtualisation and cloud computing software provider, headquartered in the USA. The company owns and supports 28 desktop and server software products, resulting in $9B in sales and $2.4B in profits in 2018. 


9. HCL Technologies (India) - $8.4B

HCL Technologies Limited (further HCL) is the largest software and programming company in India in terms of annual sales. HCL registered $8.4B in sales and $21.5B market value in 2018. The company operates across 44 countries, hiring over 137,000 employees.  


10. Intuit (USA) - $6.4B

Intuit Inc. (further Intuit) is the biggest provider of business and financial software by sales in the world, headquartered in the US. The four famous personal finance, accounting management and tax solutions of Intuit provided the company with a $66.8B market value and annual sales of $6.4B. This helped it to rank 10th in the Global Database top 20 software and programming companies in 2018. 


11. Spotify Technology (Luxembourg / Sweden) - $6.2B

Spotify Technology S.A. (further Spotify) is a Scandinavian company legally domiciled in Luxembourg, that provides media services. It is known for its audio streaming platform, that now has over 217M active users monthly. This helped the company generate $6.2B in sales in 2018.


12. Fiserv (USA) - $5.8B

Fiserv, Inc. (further Fiserv) is a US company, providing financial service software and related services globally, with annual sales of $5.8B as of 2018. The company is listed on NASDAQ and has a market value of $33.4B. Fiserv is one of the 2019 Fortune World's Most Admired Companies and this is the 6th time in a row when it’s getting this title. 


13. Amadeus IT Group (Spain) - $5.8B

Amadeus IT Group, S.A. (further Amadeus) is the global tourism and travel technology provider from Spain. The company earned $5.8B in sales and achieved a $33.3B market value in 2018. Amadeus operates central sites in 6 countries and regional offices in 8 countries across the world. 


14. Symantec (USA) - $4.8B

Symantec Corporation (further Symantec), the cybersecurity software provider from California, US, is a Fortune 500 enterprise, listed on NASDAQ. It registered $4.8B in sales in 2018. The market value and assets value of Symantec were $15.6B and $16.5B respectively for the same year. 


15. Dassault Systèmes (France) - $4.1B

Dassault Systèmes SE (further Dassault) is a 3D design, digital mock-ups and PLM software provider from France with a market value of $39.2B. Dassault employes over 16,000 professionals that managed to earn $4.1B in sales for the company in 2018. 


16. iQIYI (China) - $3.8B

iQIYI, the Chinese software and programming company, is one of the biggest online video platforms in the world with annual sales of $3.8B and market value of $16.9B as of 2019. The platform has more than 500M active users per month which spend around 6B hours monthly on its service.


17. SS&C Technologies (USA) - $3.4B

SS&C Technologies, Inc. (further SS&C) is an investment management software provider from the US. The company’s software and multiple related services’ sales resulted in $3.4B in 2018, that, together with its market value of $16.2B allowed it to enter the Fortune 1000 list of top U.S. companies.


18. Red Hat (USA) - $3.4B  

Red Hat, Inc. (further Red Hat) is an open-source software provider from the US, that was recently acquired by IBM (the 9th of July, 2019). This IBM subsidiary is serving enterprises all over the world with the help of around 13,000 employees. The company registered annual sales of $3.4B in 2018.   


19. Square (USA) - $3.3B

Square, Inc. (further Square) is a software company with sales of $3.3B as of 2018, headquartered in the US. The company is focused on mobile payment, financial and merchant services software. Square is listed on the NYSE and has a market cap of $29.7B. 


20. Synopsys (USA) - $3.2B

Synopsys is a software and programming company from the US, famous for its logic-synthesis tool Design Compiler. IT brought the company $3.2B in sales in 2018, justly making it part of our world top 20 software & programming companies. The recent trend the company is following in the last few years is application security. 



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