Top 30 Information Technology companies in Europe by Sales in 2018

by Nicolae Buldumac
 · 03/05/2023 14:09 · 13 min read
Top 30 Information Technology companies in Europe by Sales in 2018

The current state of the European tech industry can be called quite good, and the forecast is also optimistic. The IT sector gross value added is growing five times faster than that of the other ones in Europe. In the same time, 2018 brought a 4% IT labour force growth in comparison with 1.1% growth of the overall EU employment. Looks great? Of course, the reality is far from perfect, but still, the Tech industry is presently one of the most investment attractive in Europe. 2018 was a record year in terms of the local IT ecosystem investment volumes - tech companies got $23B of investments.

Europe produced 3 of the ten world's biggest tech IPO companies and 22 companies with billion annual sales in 2018. 5.7M professional developers all over Europe and 15 cities with over 50,000 developer population. London, Berlin and Paris are the largest tech communities. These facts and figures describe the tech industry as per 2018-2019.

All the hype around the European tech industry inspired us to create a guide-like article for potential investors or business partners, willing to enter the local IT market. Meet the Top-30 IT companies in Europe by sales in 2018 that will give you the maximum financial insights, compressed in a few lines. Get aware of the European tech industry current situation and potential investment objects in a 10-minute read. We created this rating based on the Global Database intelligence platform data. Why are we sure it's relevant? Our data is verified and updated daily, both manually and automatically, so we can easily claim it is 90% accurate.

*All figures are in USD. M: Millions of USD, B: Billions of USD
*EUR was converted to USD using an average currency rate of 0.89 EUR to 1 USD   

1. Accenture (Ireland) - $39.1B

Accenture is a professional and technology services company headquartered in Ireland. It provides comprehensive digital solutions, complementing consulting and strategy ones, to its clients from 120 countries. Accenture's 477,000 employees (most of them from India, US and the Philippines) are serving 95 companies of the Fortune Global 100. Over 75% of the Fortune Global 500 are its clients too. All of them contributed to the company's impressive annual sales in 2018 - $39.1B.

2. SAP (Germany) - $27.4B

SAP SE (further SAP) - is the German producer of the most popular enterprise software in the world. The company's regional branches staff helps clients from around 180 countries efficiently manage their customer relations and business operations. Over 96,000 well-trained employees provide high-quality service in SAP. They generated $27.4B in sales in 2018, working with more than 425,000 clients. Currently, SAP is focused on IoT (Internet of Things) and is planning to invest $2.24B in this technology by 2021.

3. Capgemini (France) - $14.35B

Capgemini SE (further Capgemini) is the largest French company, operating in the IT field, by sales. It provides IT and management consulting, as well as outsourcing services to clients from 40+ countries. Capgemini employs more than 200,000 professionals, almost 50% of them in India. Together they managed to generate $14.35B in sales in 2018. The company was founded 52 years ago and still keeps its leading positions in France and Europe.  

4. ATOS (France) - $14.3B

Atos is an IT corporation from France, one of Europe's IT services leaders serving clients all over the world. It employs over 122,000 professionals working for the nine company brands across offices in Europe, North America and Australia. With cyber-security, transactional, as well as big data and cloud services as its main focus, Atos managed to become one of Europe's leading IT companies and achieve sales of $14.3B in 2018. As for the sports sponsorship, which is common for big companies, Atos is the Olympic Games official IT partner for an astonishing 18 years.

5. T-Systems (Germany) - $7.74B

T-Systems is the most prominent IT company in Germany according to the Global Database's list of the largest European IT enterprises by annual sales. Operating as a Deutsche Telekom IT subsidiary, T-systems provides IT consulting and services to the parent company's clients in over 20 countries. Currently, T-systems employs around 45,000 professionals, who generated $7.74B in sales in 2018. After a major workforce cut, planned for 2018 - 2020, taken in an attempt to make the company profitable again, there will remain only 30,000+ employees.  

6. Computacenter (UK) - $5.74B

Once becoming the biggest privately held IT company in the UK (in 1994), Computacenter plc (further Computacenter) managed to keep this position till now. The company provides its services to international private- and public- sector clients through multiple offices in the UK, Spain and South Africa. With annual sales of $5.74B, Computacenter takes the 6th place of our rating of the most prominent European IT companies by sales per year. It is based on the Global Database business intelligence platform data, updated daily.

7. Amadeus IT Group (Spain) - $5.5B

Amadeus IT Group (further Amadeus) is the biggest IT company in Spain, providing IT solutions to the travel and tourism field businesses around the world. Over 17,000 professionals, working for the company, achieved annual sales of $5.5B in 2018. The Amadeus' market cap of $33.6B is mostly based on serving the global travel providers from 195 countries. The company has five major sites and 173 regional offices, and is a part of "The World's Largest Public Companies" rating by Forbes.

8. Micro Focus (UK) - $4.8B

Micro Focus International plc (further Micro Focus) is the second biggest IT company from the UK by annual sales according to the Global Database business intelligence platform. Its 5,000 employees provide software and IT consulting services to multiple international clients. The company reached the net income of $784M from the $4.8B in annual sales in 2018, these figures making it a Top-10 European IT companies member.

9. Spotify Technology (Luxembourg) - $4.6B

Spotify Technology SA (further Spotify) is a Sweden-based IT services provider with legal headquarters in Luxembourg. It owns the world-known audio streaming platform Spotify that provides free and paid subscriptions to its users from 5 continents. The Spotify platform works on most modern devices and all the operational systems, popular today. Almost 50% of the subscribers the platform has are paying ones. These 100M people brought huge sales of $4.6B and contributed to a $27B market cap to the company in 2018.  

10. Sopra Steria (France) - $4.59B

Sopra Steria Group SA (further Sopra Steria) is one of the France leading IT companies, 51 years old, focused on IT consultancy. It employs over 44,000 professionals, providing computer and software development services to clients in 17 countries. Together they generated sales for $4.59B in 2018, $143.92M of which resulted in net income. These figures allowed Sopra Steria to enter the Top-10 biggest IT companies in Europe by sales in 2018. The rating is based on data from the Global Database business intelligence platform.

11. Bechtle (Germany) - $4B

Bechtle AG (further Bechtle) is an IT system house, the biggest in Germany and one of the leading enterprises of this kind in Europe. It provides IT services and sells its IT products directly in 14 European countries and through 70 DACH region offices. This business model allowed it to generate $4B in sales in 2018 with the help of over 10,000 employees. Bechtle has five direct subsidiaries across DACH as well as shares in around 100 companies, contributing to its leading position in Germany within the industry.

12. Indra Sistemas (Spain) - $3.8B

Indra Sistemas, SA (further Indra) is the second largest IT company in Spain in terms of sales in 2018 according to the Global Database platform data. It provides IT services, systems and consulting for the defence, transport, telecommunications, energy and other fields. Almost 43,000 of Indra's employees serve clients mainly in the US, Europe and LatAm. These three regions brought around 30% of the company's annual sales of $3.8B. Spain contributed to the rest.

13. Dassault Systèmes (France) - $3.59B

Dassault Systèmes SE (further Dassault) is a software and programming enterprise from France, operating as 3D design, as well as digital mock-up developer. It also creates PLM (project lifecycle management) software for its local and international clients. Dassault operates three main sites in Europe, North America and Asia bolstered by 11 subsidiaries across these continents. The company is the biggest software publisher in France by revenue, five times ahead of the 2nd biggest one. Dassault sales and market cap for 2018 reached $3.59B and $34.6B respectively.

14. Agfa-Gevaert (Belgium) - $2.47B

Agfa-Gevaert NV (further Agfa) is a Belgian-German international IT and imaging holding. Agfa works with analogue and digital imaging products at a full-cycle basis - from development to distribution. Over 10,000 professionals from Agfa are serving clients via company's offices and manufacturing plants in 40 countries and partners network elsewhere. All the commerce Agfa currently has is fully B2B. It brought $2.47B in sales in 2018.

15. Wirecard (Germany) - $2.31B

Wirecard AG (further Wirecard) is a software & programming company from Germany, operating as financial services and IT provider across all the continents. Almost 6,000 professionals the company employs are serving clients via 19 subsidiaries in 15 countries. Wirecard cooperates with near 250,000 companies like Allianz and Qatar Airways to provide high-quality electronic payment solutions and risk management services. This cooperation has borne nice fruits, like $2.21B in annual sales and $18B market cap in 2018.  

16. SCC (UK) - $2.02B

Specialist Computer Centres (further SCC) is a UK based enterprise and the biggest independent IT services company in Europe. The company has around 6,000 employees that are serving customers in multiple branches from 75 locations in Europe. More than 2,500 clients from over 50 countries benefit from SCC IT planning, supply, integration and management services. SCC generated sales of $2.02B in 2018 providing solutions to aviation, technology, property and other businesses.

17. Supercell (Finland) - $2.02B

Supercell is the biggest IT company in Finland by sales in 2018 and is focused on mobile game development. The freemium mobile games released by the company appeared to be very successful and generated impressive sales of $2.02B in 2018. The success induced Supercell to open offices in Japan, South Korea, China and the USA. In 2012 - 2014 the company has collected multiple awards. It was named as the game developer of the year in Finland, the most reputable company, best Nordic start-up etc.

18. GFI Informatique (France) - $1.68B

GFI Informatique (further GFI) is a digital services company (DSC) from France. It was ranked as the 9th biggest French DSC by turnover in 2015 and the 5th largest French IT company by sales ($1.68B) in 2018. GFI employs around 17,000 professionals, more than 6,000 of them working abroad. The company has subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Mexico and is planning to open an agency in Tunisia by 2020.

19. Barco (Belgium) - $1.23B

Barco NV (further Barco) is a Belgian technology enterprise, developing solutions for visualisation and collaboration. 3,600 employees of the company are serving customers in 90 countries from Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. Together they achieved $1.34B market cap and $1.23B annual sales in 2018. During its existence, Barco developed and implemented such top-notch technologies as LCD, LED, 3D, VR and others. This always helped it stay way ahead of competitors.

20. Trivago (Germany) - $1.16B

Trivago NV (further Trivago) is a transnational IT company from Germany that created one of the most famous hotel metasearch engines in the world. Being the main clients of Trivago, the hotel and lodging businesses have brought $1.16B in sales in 2018. Business success made the company one of the fastest growing in Germany. Trivago managed to double its profitability just in four years.  

21. Adyen (Netherlands) - $1.1B

Adyen is a Dutch IT company, operating as a global payments and e-commerce technology provider with annual sales of $1.1B in 2018. Near 9,000 employees from 15 locations are providing e-commerce, mobile and point-of-sale payments as well as risk management solutions to over 3,500 customers. It took Adyen 5 years (2006 - 2011) to reach profitability, and the company managed to keep the high profits level till now. It was even named the 6th biggest European unicorn in 2015.

22. Axis Communications (Sweden) - $1.08B

Axis Communications AB (further Axis) is a technology company from Sweden. It manufactures IP cameras and creates software and hardware for closed-circuit television and physical security industries. Clients, using the Axis network cameras, brought $1.08B in sales to the company in 2018, and the operating income reached $0,11M. The company owns patents for five network cameras and video technologies for now and is working on getting more.  

23. PTV AG (Germany) - $920M

PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG (further PTV) is a consulting services enterprise and software solutions provider from Germany. Most of its clients are transportation, logistics and mobility businesses. PTV group employs over 700 professionals worldwide, serving customers in near 100 countries, who use the company's traffic and logistics software. Together they generated $920M annual sales. The transport planning software developed by PTV is used by more than 2,000 clients from multiple countries.

24. IFS AB (Sweden) - $606M

IFS AB (further IFS) is a Swedish IT company, an enterprise software developer. Its 3,500 employees work for over 10,000 B2B clients internationally. In 10 years IFS bought seven software development companies from Norway, the UK, the US and Canada. They strongly contributed to the IFS products quality and versatility, so that in 2018 the company earned $606M in annual sales.

25. Critical Software (Portugal) - $504M

Critical Software is a Portuguese IT company with annual sales of $504M and the 25th largest IT company in Europe by sales according to Global Database. Critical Software solutions are used mainly in defence, finance, aerospace, energy and many other fields for safety and business-critical apps. Over 800 employees of the company serve its local and international clients through offices in Portugal, Germany, UK and US.

26. Nemetschek (Germany) - $460M

Nemetschek Group (further Nemetschek) is an architecture, engineering, construction, and multimedia software developer and distributor from Germany. Nemetschek operates seven major and multiple smaller subsidiaries with over 2,000 employees that maintain 16 product brands. Annual sales of $460M allowed Nemetschek to enter the Top-30 European IT companies by sales in 2018. This rating is based on our business intelligence platform data, that is updated on a day-to-day basis

27. NNIT (Denmark) - $400M

NNIT A/S (Novo Nordisk IT, further NNIT) is a public company, operating in IT, with regulated industry sectors enterprises as key clients, located in Denmark. NNIT provides IT services and consultancy to clients all over the world with the help of 3,000+ employees working in 7 countries. In 2017 NNIT was the 3rd largest Danish IT services provider. In 2018 it earned $400M in sales and became the biggest Danish IT company by sales according to Global Database.

28. Vaisala (Finland) - $372M

Vaisala Oyj (further Vaisala) is an environmental and industrial measurement products and services developer from Finland. Vaisala serves an area of more than 150 countries, providing high-tech solutions to aviation, meteorological, energy (weather-critical) and other enterprises. Over 1,600 employees, working in Vaisala branches in 15 countries, managed to generate $372M in annual sales and almost $46M net income in 2018.

29. Rovio Entertainment (Finland) - $297M

Rovio Entertainment Oyj (further Rovio) is an IT company from Finland, famous as the creators of Angry Birds. This video game developer created 59 games since 2003, 21 of them belonging to the Angry Birds franchise. Rovio employs over 350 professionals in 2 studios that generated annual sales of $297M in 2018. This allowed the company to become a part of our Top-30 biggest IT companies in Europe by sales in 2018.

30. Data Respons (Norway) - $290M

Data Respons is an IT company from Norway with offices in 4 more countries, that managed to get $290M in sales in 2018. The company is an embedded systems developer, working for automotive, energy, finance, defence, MedTech and other fields. Data Respons is a software and hardware developer, as well as R&D engineering services provider working for clients all over the world.

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