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Due diligence
A Guide to the Biggest Factors That Impact Your Business Credit Score
Your business' credit score holds the key to the success of your finances for a number of reasons, and is ultimately a positive or negative reflection of your company. In contrast to your personal credit file, business credit reports are available to anyone who inquires about it - including potential lenders, investors, suppliers, customers and competitors.
Due diligence
Customer Screening: A Guide to Understanding Company Accounts
When it comes to protecting your business, ensuring that you have confidence in your transactions is essential. Whether you're taking on a new high-value client, entering into a long-term contract or trying to qualify potential leads, getting hold of another company's financial history can be a huge help in determining if you are facing any possible risks.
Due diligence
Social Data: The Future of Online Fraud Prevention?
With over 52 percent of US consumers purchasing products online, it's vital to provide more room for sales improvement and to reduce online fraud