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Why is Company Hierarchy Data important for marketing and sales departments
Company hierarchy data is just one of the numerous types of data you can use to boost your B2B sales and marketing efficiency. Financial information, credit risks, digital insights - there is a bottomless ocean of priceless knowledge, that, when properly structured and used, can make a revolution in one’s business.
9 Ways B2B Companies Can Benefit from Black Friday
Regardless of your activity type - producer, wholesaler or retailer, Black Friday is the time to seize the moment to harvest results on the long-run.
The Power of Business Intelligence - Why retailers love BI
Despite the e-commerce growing fast and taking more and more of the physical retail sales share, bricks and mortar retailers can still stay competitive. Do you wonder what the secret sauce of their success in the modern world is? Learn why BI is the driver of great decisions, and how can retailers benefit from it by using the comprehensive data and detailed analytics BI can provide.