Top 15 Marketing automation companies by revenue in 2022

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 26/10/2023 11:52 · 5-7 min read
Top 15 Marketing automation companies by revenue in 2022

In today's dynamic and digitally driven marketplace, the ability to engage, nurture, and convert leads into loyal customers has become a paramount focus for businesses across the globe. This pursuit of superior customer relationships and exceptional brand experiences has given rise to the remarkable field of marketing automation. In 2022, the competitive landscape of marketing automation witnessed significant advancements, with numerous companies at the forefront, delivering innovation, efficiency, and scalability. 

These pioneers are more than just software providers; they are architects of tailored marketing strategies, masters of personalized content delivery, and experts in data-driven insights. They cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates, addressing diverse industries, from e-commerce to healthcare. 

Our journey into the realm of marketing automation will introduce you to the standout companies in this dynamic field. As we traverse through the list of the top 15 marketing automation companies in 2022, you will gain insights into their revenue, the unique value they bring to the market, and the transformative impact they have had on businesses globally. 

These are not just software solutions; they are the catalysts driving companies toward a future where customer engagement, conversion, and loyalty are at the core of every strategic decision. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a journey through the remarkable world of marketing automation, where technology, data, and human ingenuity converge to revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audiences. 


1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp Review | Pricing & Features (2023) - eCommerce Platform

  • 2022 Revenue - 700 million USD
  • Number of employees - 1,711
  • Founding year -  2001
  • Location: United States

Company description: Transform Leads into Loyal Customers with Tailored Email Marketing from Intuit Mailchimp

Intuit Mailchimp, the leading email marketing and automation platform, enables you to create meaningful customer connections. Utilize real-time behavioral data and automated triggers to personalize every email for each customer. With Intuit Mailchimp, you can enhance your email marketing strategy to engage your audience effectively and turn leads into loyal customers.



2. Klaviyo 

E-Commerce Marketing Platform Klaviyo Unveils New Logo Design - Logo

  • 2022 Revenue – 473 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 1,802   

  • Founding year - 2012 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Klaviyo: Redefining Customer Engagement for Online Brands

Klaviyo presents an integrated customer platform that empowers online brands to take full control of their customer data and interactions. This newfound control allows them to transform one-off transactions into long-lasting, scalable relationships. With Klaviyo, brands can seamlessly blend extensive customer data with 250+ pre-built integrations, enabling automated, personalized email and SMS communications that genuinely connect with customers. Klaviyo's strength lies in its user-friendly approach; there's no need to start from scratch, piece together multiple platforms, or depend on external marketplaces and ad networks. From small businesses to industry leaders, forward-thinking brands such as Unilever, Taylor Made, Citizen Watches, and over 90,000 other satisfied users rely on Klaviyo to capture, engage, and retain customers while fostering organic growth. Explore the future of customer relations with Klaviyo! For more information, please visit our social media community guidelines at #Klaviyo


3. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact's Brand Identity | Constant Contact

  • 2022 Revenue – 331.7 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 1,081 

  • Founding year - 1998 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Constant Contact: Elevating Small Business Digital Marketing 

Constant Contact empowers small businesses with robust tools that streamline and enhance digital marketing efforts. Whether your goal is boosting sales, expanding your customer base, or captivating your audience, we assist you in establishing strong connections and achieving impactful outcomes. With Constant Contact, you have the support you need to excel in the realm of digital marketing. 


4. Braze 

Braze Logo Download png

  • 2022 Revenue – 238 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 1,606 

  • Founding year - 2011 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Braze: A Partner in Customer Engagement

Braze ($BRZE) stands as a prominent customer engagement platform, acting as a bridge between cherished brands and their customers worldwide. Braze empowers businesses with real-time customer data processing, the orchestration of personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns, and the fine-tuning of customer engagement strategies. We are proud to have earned distinctions such as Fortune's 2023 Best Workplaces in New York and 2023 UK Best Workplaces for Women by Great Place to Work. Additionally, we've been recognized as one of Fortune's 2022 Best US Workplaces in Technology. With our headquarters in New York and a presence in over 10 offices across North America, Europe, and APAC, consider Braze as your partner in elevating your customer engagement efforts.


5. Attentive 

Attentive SMS for Marketing Cloud

  • 2022 Revenue – 200 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 1,298 

  • Founding year - 2016 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Attentive: Enhancing Business-to-Consumer Conversations

Attentive® is making waves in the realm of B2C communication, ushering in an era of conversational commerce. Their SMS-driven software platform is a powerful tool that empowers businesses, whether they are startups or corporate giants, to establish more profound connections with their consumers. Through real-time, personalized, two-way interactions, Attentive has contributed to the generation of billions in e-commerce revenue. A roster of over 8,000 industry leaders, including prominent names like CB2, Pura Vida, Urban Outfitters, Jack in the Box, and Coach, trust Attentive to deliver compelling commerce experiences. If you're looking to elevate your business through enhanced consumer conversations, consider joining the conversation with Attentive.


6. Intercom 

Intercom Vector Logo | Free Download - (.SVG + .PNG) format -  SeekVectorLogo.Com

  • 2022 Revenue –150 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 1,336 

  • Founding year - 2011 

  • Location: United States 

Company description:Intercom: Streamlining Customer Support for Enhanced Satisfaction

Intercom stands as a comprehensive Customer Service solution that effectively blends automation and human support, with the aim of elevating customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs. Their vision is to create a future where most customer inquiries are efficiently addressed without the need for human intervention, allowing teams to allocate their efforts toward more high-value interactions. Trusted by an extensive roster of over 25,000 global enterprises, including industry giants like Atlassian, Amazon, and Lyft Business, Intercom is dedicated to nurturing exceptional user experiences at every level. With a platform that handles over 500 million monthly messages and interactions involving 600 million monthly active users, Intercom has become synonymous with personalized online business. Since their establishment in 2011, Intercom has enjoyed the support of prominent venture capitalists, including Kleiner Perkins, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Social Capital, all while remaining steadfast in their mission to make online business feel personal.


7. ActiveCampaign 

File:ActiveCampaign logo.svg - Wikipedia

  • 2022 Revenue – 60 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 811 

  • Founding year - 2003 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: ActiveCampaign: Driving Customer Engagement with Automation

ActiveCampaign stands as a leading Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA), serving a vast customer base spanning more than 185,000 businesses across 170 countries. This platform provides businesses of all sizes with a wide array of tools, offering access to an extensive library of over 820 pre-designed automations. These automations seamlessly merge transactional email, email marketing, marketing automation, ecommerce marketing, and CRM, leading to powerful segmentation and unparalleled personalization across various communication channels such as social, email, messaging, chat, and text. ActiveCampaign is characterized by its robust integration capabilities, with over 70% of its user base leveraging its 870+ integrations, including well-known names like Microsoft, Shopify, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce. Recognized for its outstanding customer satisfaction, it ranks among the select few with over 10,000 positive customer reviews on Additionally, it has earned top ratings in customer satisfaction in categories like Marketing Automation, CRM, and E-Commerce Personalization and holds the title of Top Rated Email Marketing Software on TrustRadius. With cost-effective pricing starting as low as $9 per month and the option for a risk-free trial, ActiveCampaign is a valuable choice for enhancing customer engagement. Discover the possibilities for your business at


8. Introduces Qualified for Outbound and Qualified Anywhere

  • 2022 Revenue – 21.4 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 182 

  • Founding year - 2018 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Qualified: Amplifying Salesforce-Powered Revenue Generation

Qualified serves as the premier pipeline generation solution for revenue teams operating within the Salesforce ecosystem. It has earned the trust of prominent B2B brands, including Adobe, LaunchDarkly, SurveyMonkey, ThoughtSpot, and VMware. Qualified leverages your corporate website to identify high-value potential buyers, uncover signs of buyer intent, and promptly initiate sales conversations.

The outcomes are striking: Qualified users have reported an impressive tenfold increase in sales meetings, a fourfold rise in lead conversion, and a sixfold expansion in their sales pipeline. Integrated with Salesforce, Qualified seamlessly blends website activity with Salesforce data, allowing for the identification of account-based buyer intent and enabling real-time sales interactions.

Ranked as the number one solution on the Salesforce AppExchange and holding top positions across more than 20 categories on G2, Qualified is headquartered in San Francisco. The company is led by former Salesforce CMO Kraig Swensrud and former Salesforce product SVP Sean Whiteley, with financial support from notable venture capital firms like Norwest Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and Salesforce Ventures.


9. edrone 

File:Edrone logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

  • 2022 Revenue – 16.6 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 164 

  • Founding year - 2016 

  • Location: Poland 

Company description:edrone: Innovating E-commerce with Intelligent Marketing Solutions

edrone is leading the way with its Autonomous eCommerce Cloud, which includes a groundbreaking eCRM specifically tailored for e-commerce. The platform offers user-friendly, plug-and-play Marketing Automation solutions driven by advanced algorithms that are focused on deciphering customer behavior (Customer Intelligence) and enhancing engagement (Marketing Automation) through an all-encompassing e-commerce marketing cloud.

The platform is divided into two powerful sections: Learn and Engage. Learn harnesses advanced statistics, RFM segmentation, and customer-specific insights, including social media data. Engage provides 20 pre-configured scenarios, ranging from cart recovery to product recommendations, effectively increasing revenue through cross-selling with the assistance of the Customer Intelligence algorithms.

edrone serves a diverse clientele, including prominent European online retail giants and emerging e-commerce stores. Notable users of edrone's services include DUKA, Tous, x-Kom, Energa, Abra Meble, Wojas, Ryłko, Reporter Young, and many others, with edrone facilitating transactions totaling over 3 billion Euros.


10. Sendlane 

Sendlane Review 2023: Pricing & Features - Tekpon

  • 2022 Revenue – 7.1 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 64 

  • Founding year - 2013 

  • Location: United States 

Company description:Sendlane: Enhancing Revenue through Smart Marketing Solutions

Sendlane is here to help your business soar with its focus on revenue generation, customer retention, and personalized automation. Their suite of features includes:

  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • SMS Marketing
  • Experiments: Multivariate Testing
  • Sendlane Beacon: Tracking
  • Multivariable Segmentation
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Intelligent Pop-ups
  • Deep-Data Integration

Sendlane aims to transform your marketing strategy, where innovation is driven by delivering tangible results.



11. AskNicely 

We love your honest feedback - AskNicely

  • 2022 Revenue – 5 million USD 

  • Number of employees -51 

  • Founding year - 2014 

  • Location: United States 

Company description:AskNicely: Enhancing Customer Experiences for Service Businesses

AskNicely, recognized as the top-rated Customer Experience Platform, understands that measuring customer experience is only the beginning; the true challenge lies in improvement. Success in this endeavor necessitates an inspired and dedicated team committed to creating exceptional customer experiences. This becomes particularly critical for service-oriented businesses where consistent excellence from numerous frontline employees is paramount.

This is where AskNicely plays a vital role. They introduce the world's first customer experience coach, now available at your fingertips. Envision frontline team members receiving real-time feedback on their customer interactions, a process that motivates and drives performance improvements for every customer they serve. When you extend this approach across your entire frontline workforce, the end result is not only happier team members but also delighted customers. Elevate your customer experiences with AskNicely.


12. Splio 

Splio gets a makeover

  • 2022 Revenue – 3.5 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 232 

  • Founding year - 2001 

  • Location: Franta 

Company description:Splio: Pioneering Intelligent CRM and Predictive AI Marketing

Splio, a reputable MarTech vendor headquartered in Paris, is comprised of a team of 250 experts, 90 of whom are dedicated to Product & R&D. With a presence in various locations across Europe and the Middle East, Splio is on the forefront of revolutionizing Marketing Automation by seamlessly integrating Predictive AI into Intelligent CRM. This innovation allows for highly personalized, large-scale marketing solutions.

Their extensive client portfolio, which includes prominent names like Longchamp, FNAC, Nature & Découvertes, SNCF Connect, Orange, and Samsung, spans a wide array of industries, such as retail, food, telecoms, travel, and more. In 2023, Splio took a significant step forward by acquiring Tinyclues, further enhancing their CRM with deep learning intelligence. This move solidified their standing as a leading force in AI-powered CRM.

Guided by their visionary CEO, Mireille Messine, Splio has experienced significant growth, marked by four acquisitions since 2018.


13. CleverTap 

CleverTap Logo PNG vector in SVG, PDF, AI, CDR format

  • 2022 Revenue – 2.9 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 639 

  • Founding year - 2013 

  • Location: United States 

Company description:CleverTap: Unleashing Customer Lifetime Value

CleverTap, an all-in-one engagement platform, serves as the gateway to harnessing the boundless potential of customer lifetime value. By enabling brands to craft personalized experiences that nurture their most cherished customers, this platform choreographs tailor-made journeys that span various lifecycles.

Through comprehensive lifecycle analytics, businesses can quantify and enhance real-time interactions. CleverTap's distinctive AI capability is both informative and directive, streamlining intelligent and swift decision-making. By integrating experiences from every touchpoint, it ushers in a new era in customer engagement.

Powered by TesseractDB™, the world's inaugural database designed exclusively for customer engagement, it delivers unparalleled speed and scalability. Trusted by a client base of 2000+, including prominent names like Electronic Arts, TD Bank, AirAsia, and many others. With support from prominent investors, CleverTap stands as your ally in delivering exceptional customer experiences.



14. MadKudu 

MadKudu Vector Logo | Free Download - (.SVG + .PNG) format -

  • 2022 Revenue – 2.5 million USD 

  • Number of employees -50 

  • Founding year - 2014 

  • Location: United States 

Company description:MadKudu: Streamlining Revenue Growth Amidst Data Deluge

In an age where data inundates B2B revenue teams, the challenge lies in distilling meaningful insights from the cacophony. The surplus of information often leads to disarray and an excess of data-related tasks. So, how can we streamline the data overload to drive revenue growth?

Enter MadKudu's Revenue Automation Intelligence. This innovative solution excels in forecasting and prioritizing actions that drive revenue. By automating workflows, discerning actionable signals, and seamlessly integrating with your current systems, MadKudu empowers your teams to direct their efforts toward expanding and closing sales pipelines. With MadKudu, clarity and focus become the cornerstones of success in the data-driven revenue landscape. Unleash your revenue team's potential today.


15. Evocalize 

About - Evocalize

  • 2022 Revenue – 1.4 million USD 

  • Number of employees - 39 

  • Founding year - 2012 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Evocalize: Simplifying Collaborative Marketing for Complex Organizations and Partners

Evocalize offers a Collaborative Marketing Platform designed to streamline the implementation of local digital marketing campaigns for complex organizations and their partner networks.

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