Top 20 Ride sharing companies by revenue in 2022

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 25/10/2023 08:55 · 8 min read
Top 20 Ride sharing companies by revenue in 2022

In the realm of contemporary transportation, the rapid ascent of ride-sharing services stands as one of the most transformative developments of the past decade. Disrupting traditional taxi services and altering how people move within cities, these innovative platforms have revolutionized personal mobility. As we dive into 2022, it's crucial to examine the landscape and identify the top 30 ride-sharing companies that are not only changing the game but also reshaping urban life as we know it. 

The global ride-sharing industry, valued at billions of dollars, has grown exponentially, fueled by the pursuit of convenience, cost-efficiency, and sustainability. In cities worldwide, commuters are opting for ride-sharing over personal car ownership, reducing congestion, emissions, and parking woes. This shift is powered by a wave of technology-driven companies, pioneering new and improved ways to get from point A to B. From established giants to up-and-coming disruptors, these firms are competing not only for market share but also to provide the most seamless, affordable, and eco-friendly transportation solutions. 

This article delves into the innovative world of ride-sharing, offering insight into the top 30 companies leading the charge in 2022 based on revenue. From the recognizable names that first popularized this service to the dynamic newcomers challenging the status quo, we'll explore how each of these companies has carved out its niche in the market, and their contributions to the ongoing evolution of urban transportation. 

Join us on this journey through the ride-sharing landscape, where technology and mobility merge to create a world of choices for passengers and new opportunities for drivers. Discover how these 30 ride-sharing companies are revolutionizing how we move, the challenges they face, and the innovations they're introducing to stay ahead in the race to transform urban transportation. 


1. Uber 

The Uber Logo Design Showcases User-Centric Technology ...

  • 2022 Revenue –31.8 billion USD 
  • Number of employees - 32,800 

  • Founding year - 2009 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Uber: A Comprehensive Transportation Solution for All

Uber is more than just a company; it's a transformative force in the world of transportation. Their unrelenting goal is to provide people with the means to reach any destination, access their desires, and create opportunities for earning. Uber's driving force is their dedication to movement, continually pushing the boundaries of how people get around.

Founded in 2008 on the streets of Paris, Uber embodies a culture of innovation and adaptability. They have expanded globally, connecting individuals and facilitating the movement of goods in unprecedented ways. While Uber initially introduced ride-sharing, their services now include two-wheel rides, large-scale freight transportation, and doorstep deliveries of essential items, all available 24/7. Safety is of utmost importance, with stringent driver checks and real-time verifications integrated into their services.

Uber is unwavering in its commitment to reimagining transportation, constantly evolving to better serve their users with increased speed and a broader range of possibilities. This journey is just the beginning, and Uber invites everyone to be a part of it. Their mission is to make your journey possible, and they are here to do just that.


2. DiDi 


  • 2022 Revenue –20.3 billion USD 

  • Number of employees – 20,003 

  • Founding year - 2012 

  • Location: China 

Company description: DiDi: Pioneering Mobility Solutions for a Global Impact

DiDi Global Inc. is a prominent player in the field of mobility technology on a worldwide scale. Their diverse range of app-based services is available across several regions, including Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, Russia, and beyond. DiDi's offerings encompass a wide array of services, from ride-hailing and taxi services to chauffeur-driven journeys, hitchhiking, shared mobility, automotive solutions, food delivery, intracity freight services, and financial solutions.

The company is dedicated to providing car owners, drivers, and delivery partners with flexible opportunities and income potential. Through collaborations with policymakers, the taxi and automotive sectors, and local communities, DiDi leverages AI technology and innovative smart transportation solutions tailored to specific regions. Their mission is to address global challenges related to transportation, the environment, and employment. Their primary focus centers on creating safe, inclusive, and sustainable urban ecosystems that enhance lives and contribute to social well-being. DiDi is paving the way for a brighter future in the realm of mobility.


3. Yandex.Taxi 

File:Logo yandex taxi app.png - Wikimedia Commons

  • 2022 Revenue –8 billion USD 

  • Number of employees – 555 

  • Founding year - 2011 

  • Location: Russia 

Company description: Yandex Go offers an all-in-one solution for rides, food delivery, and item transportation. With a single tap, you can request a ride or delivery while tracking the driver in real-time. Fare estimates are transparent, and payment options are flexible. The app's smart efficiency and multi-stop ride feature save time. Child safety options are available, and family accounts simplify payments. It serves multiple countries, making it a convenient choice for various transportation needs.


4. Lyft 

The History, Evolution & Meaning Behind The Lyft Logo

  • 2022 Revenue –4.1 billion USD 

  • Number of employees - 22,678 

  • Founding year - 2012 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Lyft: Transforming Transportation with an Eco-Friendly Approach

Founded in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer, Lyft is on a mission to enhance lives through exceptional transportation services. Covering approximately 95% of the United States and select Canadian cities, Lyft is committed to making positive changes in urban environments. They are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions on all rides and promoting transportation fairness through initiatives like carpooling, bike-sharing, electric scooters, and partnerships with public transit systems. Lyft offers a glimpse into the future of transportation, emphasizing environmental consciousness and equity, all while being readily available to serve you.


5. Gojek 

A New Gojek! - 5 min read

  • 2022 Revenue –2.6 billion USD 

  • Number of employees –27,178 

  • Founding year -2010 

  • Location: Indonesia 

Company description: Gojek: Transforming Daily Life in Southeast Asia

Gojek, Southeast Asia's premier on-demand platform, has revolutionized daily living through its multi-service ecosystem. Offering a wide array of services including transportation, food delivery, and logistics, Gojek seamlessly connects consumers with premium goods and services, leveraging technology to eliminate everyday inconveniences. Founded in 2010, Gojek initially focused on courier and motorcycle ride-hailing, launching its app in January 2015. Today, it stands as Indonesia's leading on-demand platform, with a presence in Vietnam and Singapore, boasting a network of over 2.5 million driver partners. As an integral part of the GoTo Group, Gojek plays a central role in Indonesia's largest digital ecosystem. With a dedicated focus on addressing daily challenges, Gojek significantly improves the lives of millions across Southeast Asia, particularly benefiting those in the informal sector and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).


6. Grab 

Free Grab Logo Icon - Download in Flat Style

  • 2022 Revenue –1.4 billion USD 

  • Number of employees – 44,638 

  • Founding year - 2012 

  • Location: Singapore 

Company description: Grab: Empowering Southeast Asia Through Innovation

Grab, the leading superapp in Southeast Asia, is on a mission to drive economic empowerment throughout the region. Its diverse team of Grabbers from around the world is dedicated to advancing Southeast Asia's prosperity. The company's core values, known as The Grab Way and represented by the 4Hs, are central to their operations:

  1. Heart: United as OneGrab, they diligently serve communities across Southeast Asia.
  2. Hunger: Grab continually seeks to understand the on-ground reality and strives for meaningful improvements.
  3. Honour: Trust forms the foundation of their operations, and they uphold their commitments while managing resources wisely.
  4. Humility: Grab is committed to constant learning and improvement, always evolving to meet the needs of their users.

Join Grab in shaping the future of Southeast Asia's superapp ecosystem through innovation and commitment to economic empowerment.


7. Turo 

Turo Logo PNG vector in SVG, PDF, AI, CDR format

  • 2022 Revenue –746.6 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 1,573 

  • Founding year - 2009 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Turo: Your Gateway to World-Class Car Sharing

Turo, the world's largest car-sharing platform, opens doors for you to reserve any vehicle you desire, wherever and whenever you need it. Join a vibrant community of trusted hosts spanning the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and France. Whether you're a traveler from afar or simply seeking local transportation, whether you prefer rugged utility or sleek sophistication, Turo offers the perfect vehicle for every occasion. And if you're looking to become a host, Turo provides the tools to create your own successful and flexible car-sharing business.

Backed by over $450 million in funding from renowned investors like Kleiner Perkins, GV, and IAC, Turo and its dedicated team are redefining the way you approach travel and car rental.


8. Cabify 

File:Cabify-logo-purple.png - Wikimedia Commons

  • 2022 Revenue –688 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 3,322 

  • Founding year - 2011 

  • Location: Spain 

Company description: Cabify: Paving the Way to Greener, Safer Cities

As a proud member of the UN Global Compact since 2018, Cabify seamlessly connects private users and companies with customized transportation solutions, all aimed at fostering healthier urban environments. Their fundamental mission revolves around alleviating city congestion through the provision of safe, high-quality transportation services, underpinned by innovative technology.

Originating in Madrid in 2011, Cabify has rapidly extended its footprint to Latin America, operating across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Portugal, and the Dominican Republic. Their adaptable approach caters to the unique characteristics of nearly 100 cities, with a predominantly Latino team. Cabify's commitment to local talent investment bolsters job opportunities in an industry shaped by technology.

In alignment with their dedication to social responsibility and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Cabify proudly stands as the first Mobility-as-a-Service provider in Latin America and Europe to fully offset the CO2 emissions resulting from their operations. By choosing Cabify, you embark on a cleaner, more sustainable journey towards the cities of tomorrow.


9. Via 

Via Transportation Customer Support Case Study | Guru

  • 2022 Revenue –200 million USD 

  • Number of employees –1,432 

  • Founding year -2012 

  • Location: United States 

Company description: Via: Revolutionizing Transportation with Innovative Software Solutions

Via is a pioneering software company dedicated to serving cities, schools, businesses, and more. As TransitTech innovators, their unwavering commitment lies in improving access to affordable and sustainable transportation. Via's cutting-edge technology digitizes existing transit systems and introduces more efficient services, resulting in reduced costs and enhanced quality. Their proven track record extends across 500+ communities in over 35 countries, making them a trusted partner in the realm of transportation innovation.



10. Gett 

Uber rival Gett looks to raise up to $400 million to keep pace | Crain's  New York Business

  • 2022 Revenue –98.8 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 854 

  • Founding year - 2010 

  • Location: United Kingdom 

Company description: Gett: A Trusted Taxi Booking Platform for Israel and the UK

Established in 2010, Gett has emerged as a prominent taxi booking platform with a strong presence in Israel and the United Kingdom. Renowned for their expertise in the regulated taxi industry, Gett excels in offering a wide range of flexible ground transportation solutions, including efficient delivery services. They cater to a diverse clientele, serving both businesses (B2B) and individual consumers (B2C). With a customer base that includes over 11,000 B2B clients and more than 800,000 active B2C users in Israel and the UK, Gett provides a dependable and convenient option for all your transportation needs.


11. BlaBlaCar 

The new BlaBlaCar logo wishes you a safe journey !

  • 2022 Revenue –85.7 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 1,110 

  • Founding year - 2006 

  • Location: France 

Company description: BlaBlaCar: Your Portal to Affordable and Sustainable Travel

BlaBlaCar is a globally recognized, community-driven travel app connecting 26 million active members annually across 21 countries. This innovative platform bridges drivers with available seats to passengers sharing the same route, effectively splitting travel expenses. With a vision to become the ultimate shared travel marketplace, BlaBlaCar seamlessly integrates carpooling and bus journeys from over 4,000 operators into a single, user-friendly app.

In 2022, BlaBlaCar's dedicated community facilitated 2 million meeting points worldwide, fostering 90 million human connections. Carpool drivers benefitted from 450 million euros in savings, and the company's mobility services played a crucial role in preventing 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. Choose the eco-friendly path to travel with BlaBlaCar and unlock affordable and sustainable transportation options.


12. CityBee 

Other transport | Kaunas Airport

  • 2022 Revenue –20.4 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 106 

  • Founding year -2012 

  • Location: Latvia 

Company description:CityBee: Pioneering Car-Sharing in CEE

CityBee, boasting over a decade of experience, has established itself as a prominent player in Central and Eastern Europe's car-sharing landscape, catering to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Their overarching mission is to free individuals from the constraints of car ownership, with a focus on alleviating traffic congestion and reducing city CO2 emissions. CityBee's car-sharing services have played a pivotal role in removing up to 15,000 privately owned vehicles from streets and parking lots, underscoring the profound impact of shared mobility.

CityBee is a venture of the Modus Group, a Netherlands-based company engaged in various sectors, including automotive, mobility services, renewable energy, and investment fund management. By choosing CityBee, you can be part of a collective effort to shape a more environmentally friendly urban future.


13. Reby 

Jobs at Reby | JOIN

  • 2022 Revenue –15 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 28 

  • Founding year -2018 

  • Location: Spain 

Company description:Reby: Paving the Way for Urban Mobility

Reby is an up-and-coming Urban Mobility service, providing fast and convenient on-demand electric vehicle sharing. Headquartered in Barcelona, they are rapidly extending their services across numerous European cities. Bolstered by substantial support from top-tier investors, their outstanding team brings together expertise from renowned companies such as Rocket Internet, Linio, Twitter, Google, Uber, Lyft, Tesla, and Airbnb. Reby is shaping the future of urban mobility with a promising trajectory.


14. Bolt 

Taxify is now Bolt ⚡ | Bolt Blog | Bolt Blog

  • 2022 Revenue –11 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 8,933 

  • Founding year - 2013 

  • Location: Estonia 

Company description:Bolt: Empowering Future Mobility for All

Bolt envisions a future where personal car ownership is not an absolute requirement for secure and convenient travel. With a mission to provide over 150 million customers in more than 500 global cities the freedom to access on-demand transportation, be it a car, scooter, or e-bike, Bolt is not only empowering riders but also creating opportunities for over 3.5 million drivers and couriers to establish sustainable livelihoods. The exciting part is that this journey is only just beginning. Join Bolt in redefining the future of mobility, where accessibility and sustainability are paramount.


15. Vulog 

Vulog - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

  • 2022 Revenue –9 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 117 

  • Founding year -2006  

  • Location: France 

Company description:Vulog: Transforming Shared Mobility with Leading Technology

Vulog, recognized as the global leader in shared mobility technology, has been driving innovation through its state-of-the-art platform for more than a decade. Their advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) tools have played a pivotal role in supporting successful shared mobility ventures by offering adaptable fleet management, user-friendly mobile applications, and connected vehicle technology. Vulog has consistently set industry standards, facilitating large-scale fleet launches in just three months.

Their dedication to greener mobility is evident in their efforts to replace private cars with shared electric alternatives, fostering partnerships with prominent industry players like KINTO Share (Toyota), Free2Move (Stellantis), aimo (Sumitomo Corporation), and others. The award-winning AiMA platform by Vulog redefines fleet operations, enriches user experiences, enhances profitability, and actively contributes to promoting sustainable and inclusive mobility solutions on a global scale.


16. RideCell 

Press Room | Media | Ridecell

  • 2022 Revenue –8.8 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 229 

  • Founding year - 2009 

  • Location: United States 

Company description:Ridecell: Revolutionizing Fleet Automation for a Brighter Future

Ridecell is on a mission to elevate the global landscape of mobility and fleet operations. They are committed to enabling some of the world's most extensive fleets to seamlessly transition into the digital age, irrespective of their size or aspirations. Their cutting-edge fleet automation and mobility platform harness the power of real-time data and digital vehicle control to automate previously manual processes, turning the vision of self-sufficient fleets into a reality.

The result? Unprecedented efficiency, unparalleled control, and complete transparency for shared services, motorpools, rental fleets, and logistics operations. Ridecell's technology has already proven its worth by supporting some of the most successful fleets in Europe and North America, including AAA's Gig Car Share, Arval, and Toyota Sweden's KINTO Share. Based in San Francisco with a global reach, Ridecell is dedicated to creating the tools and solutions that unlock the full potential of fleets worldwide.


17. Cogo 

Cogo | All shared rides in one app

  • 2022 Revenue –6.6 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 11 

  • Founding year -2020 

  • Location: Denmark 

Company description:Cogo: Streamlining Mobility for a Convenient Future

Cogo is committed to simplifying mobility for a more convenient future by centralizing shared transportation options. Their app seamlessly brings together shared scooters, bikes, electric and human-powered cars, and mopeds into a single platform. With a network of 300 mobility operators serving 700 cities worldwide and a focus on continuous expansion, Cogo is dedicated to making urban transportation even more effortless.


18. Splyt 

Splyt - One global network with over 2 billion users

  • 2022 Revenue –4.3 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 25 

  • Founding year - 2015 

  • Location: United Kingdom 

Company description:Splyt: Streamlining Your Travel Experience with a Unified Approach

Splyt plays a key role in integrating various transportation and delivery services, including ride-hailing, transfers, scooter rentals, bike sharing, and food delivery, within superapps and travel platforms. Through a single, straightforward integration with Splyt, users gain access to a hassle-free, all-in-one experience, eliminating the need for multiple app downloads. They have established partnerships with reliable service providers offering quality-assured, localized services across more than 2,000 cities spanning 150 countries.

Splyt's foundation is built on a diverse team representing 25 different countries and fluently speaking over 20 languages. They embrace a remote-first culture with social hubs in London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo. Splyt offers the means to simplify and streamline your travel experience, all with a few clicks today.


19. Mondo Ride 


  • 2022 Revenue –2 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 31 

  • Founding year -2013 

  • Location: Kenya 

Company description:Mondo Ride: Revolutionizing African Mobility

Mondo Ride, the forward-thinking taxi app designed for Africa, is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, Mondo Ride's rapid expansion across the continent is making a positive impact on the lives of customers and providing drivers with streamlined business opportunities, one city at a time. Their commitment to localized and around-the-clock support ensures that users have a reliable transportation partner.

Mondo Ride offers a diverse range of transportation options, including Standard, Budget, Large cabs, Boda Bodas (motorcycles), and Tuktuks, catering to various preferences and needs. Additionally, their corporate solution simplifies business transportation by allowing employees to effortlessly switch between business and private profiles. Receptionists can efficiently book rides, and the dashboard and invoicing features provide corporations with transparency and control over employee travel expenses. Mondo Ride invites you to join their journey towards a more convenient and efficient mobility experience in Africa.



20. Quick Ride 

Quick Ride Logo PNG vector in SVG, PDF, AI, CDR format

  • 2022 Revenue –1.6 million USD 

  • Number of employees – 192 

  • Founding year -2014 

  • Location: India 

Company description:Quick Ride: Transforming Commuting Through Community

Quick Ride has cultivated a thriving community of over 4 million users, where they're actively reshaping carpooling, bikepooling, and taxi services. Their platform guarantees punctual local, airport, outstation, and rental taxi services, creating a versatile one-stop solution for travelers. But Quick Ride goes beyond just transportation – it serves as a job marketplace where users can either refer candidates or find job opportunities through referrals.

Additionally, Quick Ride provides a peer-to-peer sharing network specifically designed for verified professionals, fostering a sense of trust and reliability. This economical, safe, and enjoyable commute experience offers riders rates as low as Rs4 per kilometer, while also saving ride providers up to Rs12,000 per month.

Quick Ride is known for its consistent and budget-friendly fares, minimal cancellations, advanced scheduling options, and a sense of security for taxi services. Beyond transportation, their verified professional community streamlines the hiring process, making it efficient and hassle-free. Whether you're looking for job opportunities, seeking candidates to refer, or simply looking for a convenient way to commute, Quick Ride offers a glimpse into the future of commuting with their innovative platform. You can easily download the app to get started.


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