Top 30 Banks companies by revenue in 2022

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 18/08/2023 10:50 · 5-7 min read
Top 30 Banks companies by revenue in 2022

Top 30 Banks Companies of 2022: Powerhouses of Global Finance


In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of finance, banks play a crucial role as pillars of stability and facilitators of economic growth. As we delve into the financial landscape of 2022, it becomes apparent that the banking industry has continued to thrive, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in the face of unprecedented challenges.

This article takes a closer look at the top 30 banks companies of 2022, ranked by revenue, and celebrates their significant contributions to the global economy. These banking giants have not only weathered storms but have emerged stronger, catering to the needs of individuals, businesses, and governments alike.

With technology and innovation revolutionizing the financial services sector, the top 30 banks companies have embraced digital transformation to enhance customer experiences and optimize operational efficiency. By providing a vast array of financial products and services, these institutions empower customers with the tools to achieve their financial goals.

From retail banking to investment management, these industry leaders are at the forefront of driving economic progress and financial inclusion worldwide. As they navigate regulatory complexities and manage risks, they continue to inspire trust and confidence in their stakeholders.

Our exploration of the top 30 banks companies of 2022 will offer insights into the factors that have propelled their success, the markets they dominate, and the strategies they employ to maintain their competitive edge. We will highlight their commitment to sustainable finance, responsible practices, and contributions to social and environmental causes.

Join us on this journey to discover how these banks have risen to prominence, shaped economies, and influenced the financial landscape of 2022. As we examine their accomplishments and ambitions, we will gain a deeper understanding of how they are shaping the future of global finance.


1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

  • 2022 Revenue – 212.8 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 20,305
  • Founding year - 1984
  • Location: China

Company description: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. (ICBC) is China's largest and the world's largest bank, renowned as one of the "Big Four" state-owned commercial banks in China. As a global financial powerhouse, ICBC holds the top spot in market value, deposits, and profitability. Established in 1984, ICBC has since grown its assets to a staggering RMB 11 trillion (US$1.6 trillion) by 2009, boasting a vast network of over 18,000 outlets, including 106 branches and agents worldwide. Notably, in July 2007, ICBC achieved a remarkable milestone, surging past Citigroup to become the world's most valuable bank with a market capitalization of US$254 billion. With a strong presence both domestically and internationally, ICBC continues to drive innovation and set new standards in the global banking industry.


2. Agricultural Bank of China

  • 2022 Revenue – 184.8 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 14,949
  • Founding year - 1979
  • Location: China

Company description: Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), or AgBank, is a leading member of China's "Big Four" banks. Established on July 10, 1951, ABC is headquartered in Beijing's Dongcheng District and operates an extensive network of branches across mainland China, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Seoul, and Singapore. As a prominent financial institution, ABC serves a wide range of customers with its diverse and comprehensive banking services.


3. Bank of China Limited

  • 2022 Revenue – 120.3 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 22,524
  • Founding year - 1912
  • Location: China

Company description: Bank of China, including BOC Hong Kong, BOC International, BOCG Insurance, and other financial institutions, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality financial services to global individual and corporate customers. With a rich history dating back to 1912 and approved by DR. Sun Yat-sen, Bank of China has played significant roles as a central bank, international exchange bank, and specialized foreign trade bank. Today, it stands as a state-controlled joint stock commercial bank, holding a prominent position as the most internationalized commercial bank in China. With over 10,000 domestic and 600 overseas operations, Bank of China strives to become a leading international bank, delivering growth and excellence worldwide.


4. Toronto-Dominion Bank

  • 2022 Revenue – 48.7 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 94,738
  • Founding year - 1955
  • Location: Canada

Company description: TD Bank Group (Toronto-Dominion Bank) - Your Better Banking Experience

As one of North America's top six banks, TD Bank Group (TD) and its subsidiaries cater to around 22 million customers across key financial centers worldwide. With a dedicated team of over 85,000 employees, we pride ourselves on delivering legendary customer experiences. Discover why TD is the Better Bank and explore exciting career opportunities on our Careers page. Join us to be part of the strongest banking team in the industry. Learn more about TD's exceptional workplace culture and rewarding career prospects. Visit us today!


5. ING Group

  • 2022 Revenue – 46.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 62,593
  • Founding year - 62,593
  • Location: Netherlands

Company description: ING: Empowering Your Future with Innovative Digital Banking

At ING, we lead the way in digital banking, embracing innovation to empower individuals and businesses to reach their full potential. Our clear purpose is rooted in believing in people's capabilities, never judging but providing support and removing barriers to a brighter future. As a global bank, we take our responsibility seriously to create positive change. Through frictionless banking, financial confidence, and sustainable choices, we make a significant impact in our customers' lives and the world. Together, let's shape a better future through knowledge sharing, financing change, and continuous innovation. Join us and experience a new era of banking.


6. Banco Bradesco

  • 2022 Revenue – 46.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 71,140
  • Founding year - 1943
  • Location: Brazil

Company description: Banco Bradesco is a leading private financial institution and one of the largest employers in the industry. With the highest efficiency index among retail banks, our mission is to provide agile and competent financial and insurance solutions, promoting financial inclusion and social mobility. We believe in the potential of people, making it the foundation of our business. Operating nationwide, we continuously expand, reaching diverse clients and partners, reflecting the rich social fabric of Brazil. Join us on LinkedIn as we continue to foster sustainable growth, benefiting individuals and the community alike.


7. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

  • 2022 Revenue – 45.2 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 20,335
  • Founding year - 2005
  • Location: Japan

Company description: MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group) is a leading global financial group with a remarkable 360-year history, based in Tokyo. With a presence in over 50 markets across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia, and Oceania through 2,100 locations, MUFG stands strong as one of the world's most trusted financial institutions. Our diverse range of services includes commercial banking, trust banking, securities, credit cards, consumer finance, asset management, and leasing. Committed to serving society and fostering shared and sustainable growth, we aim to be the go-to financial group, providing flexible solutions for all our customers' needs and contributing to a better world.


8. SMBC Group

  • 2022 Revenue – 43.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 620
  • Founding year - 2002
  • Location: Japan

Company description: Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. (SMFG) is the holding company of SMBC Group, which is one of the three largest banking groups in Japan. Built upon a foundation that leverages the perspective of more than 400 years of history, our Japanese heritage affirms a sense of honor and commitment that is increasingly rare in the financial world. Our deeply-held values of service, respect, and integrity are present in everything we do. Backed by the capital strength of SMBC Group and the value of its relationships in Asia, we offer a range of commercial and investment banking services to our corporate, institutional, and municipal clients. We connect a diverse client base to local markets and the organization’s extensive global network.


9. Bank of Montreal

  • 2022 Revenue – 34.7 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 51,765
  • Founding year - 1817
  • Location: Canada

Company description: At BMO, we are committed to supporting people at every financial stage of life. As their needs evolve, so do our services. We take pride in offering the best banking experience in the industry, anchored in our unwavering values. With a dedicated team of over 46,000 professionals, we go above and beyond to assist our customers. Get to know us, as we're here to provide the help you need. Experience BMO's personalized banking solutions for your financial journey.


10. Capital One

  • 2022 Revenue – 34.2 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 56,263
  • Founding year - 1994
  • Location: United States

Company description: Welcome to Capital One, where we're redefining banking for the better. Our mission is to create a world where everyone can thrive financially, with equal opportunities for all. As a bank, we're not confined by tradition; we're constantly innovating and inspiring change. Your unique ideas, experiences, and skills are vital in simplifying banking and improving our customers' financial lives. Working here means doing remarkable things and feeling valued. We encourage work-life balance, ensuring you have a fulfilling life beyond work. Join us at Capital One and be a part of making a positive impact. All applicants are welcome regardless of race, color, religion, gender, or veteran status.


11. Postal Savings Bank of China

  • 2022 Revenue – 34 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 3,260
  • Founding year - 3,260
  • Location: China

Company description: Postal Savings Bank of China: Empowering Growth, Trust, and Innovation

With over a century of history in China's postal savings business, Postal Savings Bank of China Limited officially emerged in March 2007. Evolving into a joint stock limited liability company, the bank went public in September 2016 and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Catering to approximately 650 million personal customers through 40,000 outlets, the bank focuses on providing financial services to Sannong customers, urban and rural residents, and SMEs. Committed to the real economy, it embraces innovation and digitalization, ensuring seamless online and offline financial services. Recognized by prominent credit rating agencies, the bank aims to be a trusted, prudent, and innovative leader in China's financial landscape.


12. Société Générale

  • 2022 Revenue – 29.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 117,000
  • Founding year - 1864
  • Location: France

Company description: Societe Generale, a leading European financial services group, blends financial strength, innovation, and sustainable growth in its diverse and integrated banking model. Together with its clients, the company is dedicated to creating a better and sustainable future through responsible and innovative financial solutions, driving positive transformations in societies and economies worldwide. With a strong presence in Europe and a global reach, Societe Generale's 117,000 staff across 66 countries support 25 million clients, offering tailored financial solutions and advisory services. The Group's core businesses include French Retail Banking, International Retail Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services, and Global Banking and Investor Solutions, all backed by recognized expertise and international locations. Societe Generale is proudly included in major socially responsible investment indices, affirming its commitment to environmental, social, and governance principles.


13. Groupe BPCE

  • 2022 Revenue – 28.4 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 117,000
  • Founding year - 2009
  • Location: France

Company description: Groupe BPCE: Empowering Customers and Driving the French Economy

As a leading banking and insurance group, Groupe BPCE serves the French economy through its Banque Populaire and Caisse d'Epargne cooperative banking networks and diverse subsidiaries. With a strong presence in local markets, the Group's 117,000 dedicated employees cater to 36 million customers, 8.6 million of whom are cooperative shareholders. Groupe BPCE's subsidiaries deliver personalized banking and insurance solutions tailored to individual needs and regional demands. Comprising 19 Banque Populaire banks, 17 Caisses d'Epargne, Natixis, Crédit Foncier, Banque Palatine, and more, the Group offers a comprehensive range of financial services, contributing 20% towards financing the French economy.


14. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

  • 2022 Revenue – 27.9 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 3,166
  • Founding year - 1993
  • Location: China

Company description: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank) is a leading joint-stock commercial bank, established on January 9, 1993, with approval from the People's Bank of China. Based in Shanghai, it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1999 (Stock Code: 600000) and boasts a registered capital of RMB 29.352 billion. Renowned for its exceptional performance and integrity, SPD Bank is highly regarded in China's securities market as a reputable and trusted listed company.


15. China Everbright Bank

  • 2022 Revenue – 22.4 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 17, 000
  • Founding year - 1992
  • Location: China

Company description: China Everbright Bank, established in 1992, is a client-centered financial institution headquartered in Beijing. With a market-oriented strategy, it offers quality financial services to retail and corporate clients, adapting to China's economic and financial industry development. The bank's achievements include strong competencies in corporate, treasury, investment banking, wealth management, and mortgage businesses. In 2007, it underwent significant financial restructuring and received a capital injection of RMB20 billion from Central Huijin Investment Ltd., enhancing its overall capital strength. With 30 branches, 426 outlets, and one representative office in Hong Kong, China Everbright Bank serves 45 major cities, backed by a skilled workforce of 17,000 employees.


16. NatWest Group

  • 2022 Revenue – 19.7 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 38,121
  • Founding year - 1968
  • Location: United Kingdom

Company description: NatWest Group: Empowering Change for a Thriving Future

At NatWest Group, we believe in the power of success, not only for our customers and employees but for our communities and the economy. Our purpose drives us to champion change in enterprise, learning, and climate for the betterment of all.

As a leading supporter of UK businesses, we prioritize breaking barriers for communities facing obstacles to entry. We foster a dynamic learning culture to adapt to the evolving digital landscape, empowering our people and customers alike.

Our commitment to combat climate change is at the core of our purpose. We champion climate solutions, integrate climate into every decision, and aim to be climate positive by 2025.

Through our purpose, we dismantle obstacles, inspire change, and create an exceptional work environment. NatWest Group is dedicated to driving a thriving future for all.


17. Crédit Mutuel

  • 2022 Revenue – 18.9 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 12,818
  • Founding year - 1882
  • Location: France

Company description: Crédit Mutuel: Empowering People through a Mutualist Model

As a mutualist banking network comprising 2,124 local branches and 18 regional federations across France, Crédit Mutuel operates with a people-centric approach. Unlike publicly traded banks, we prioritize long-term development over short-term profitability, focusing on delivering quality services to our members at fair costs. Our decentralized structure ensures efficient customer service and swift decision-making. Recognized by clients and financial experts alike, Crédit Mutuel upholds values of solidarity, responsibility, equality, and social awareness. Joining our group means benefiting from a streamlined recruitment process, thorough integration programs, a customer-centric IT system, collective goal-oriented management, and abundant opportunities for career growth in various sectors and markets within the Group.


18. Mizuho

  • 2022 Revenue – 18.8 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 9,847
  • Founding year - 2003
  • Location: Japan

Company description: At Mizuho, we're not your typical financial institution. Our people set us apart, embracing diversity and respecting each other's differences. Our culture revolves around purpose, passion, and compassion, creating a unique work environment. As an international industry leader, we offer stability with the growth opportunities of a dynamic business. You'll find rewarding responsibilities at all levels, fostering a richer work experience than you'd find in smaller firms or established giants. With a global network fueled by local expertise, collaborating with ambitious colleagues and diverse clients opens doors to a fulfilling career and lasting friendships. We're dedicated to making a positive impact, doing right by our clients, communities, and each other. Join one of the world's largest and most impactful banks, where doing well means doing good.


19. Commonwealth Bank

  • 2022 Revenue – 16.4 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 40,674
  • Founding year - 1911
  • Location: Australia

Company description: Welcome to Commonwealth Bank, Australia's top financial services provider. We offer retail, premium, business, and institutional banking, along with funds management, insurance, and investment solutions. With over 52,000 dedicated employees and 800,000 shareholders, we're committed to helping all Australians achieve financial success. Explore our comprehensive range of services and products to build and manage your finances effectively. #CommonwealthBank #FinancialServices #Banking #Investment #Insurance #Australia


20. Huaxia Bank

  • 2022 Revenue – 13.8 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 3,616
  • Founding year - 1992
  • Location: China

Company description: Hua Xia Bank Co., Ltd. is a prominent banking company headquartered in Beijing. Don't miss the chance to connect with us on LinkedIn! Take ownership of your page, share a compelling description, and engage with content to build valuable relationships with potential customers, brand advocates, and prospective employees. Join us on our journey to create meaningful connections and opportunities in the financial industry.



  • 2022 Revenue – 10.2 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 10,991
  • Founding year - 1822
  • Location: Norway

Company description: Welcome to DNB, your pathway to staying ahead. With almost two centuries of knowledge and global networks, we adapt to modern life while prioritizing profitability and responsibility. As Norway's largest financial services group and a prominent player in the Nordic region, we offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions, including loans, savings, advisory, and insurance products for both retail and corporate clients. Our extensive network of bank branches, postal and banking outlets, online banking, and mobile services ensures we're where our customers need us. With a significant presence in various industries like shipping, energy, fisheries, and seafood, we are a leading international financial institution. Join our diverse team with career opportunities across 22 countries to contribute to DNB's continued success.


22. United Overseas Bank

  • 2022 Revenue – 8.1 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 22,719
  • Founding year - 1935
  • Location: Singapore

Company description: Welcome to UOB, where we strive to make a positive impact. As a leading financial institution, we are dedicated to building a brighter future for the people and businesses in the region. With our extensive network and diverse capabilities, we provide customized financial solutions that cater to your specific needs. Through data-driven insights and strong relationships, we guide businesses responsibly and help personal wealth grow sustainably. Our one-bank approach connects you to new opportunities in ASEAN, fostering inclusiveness and environmental well-being for stronger societies. At UOB, we are committed to forging a sustainable future for generations to come. Join us on this journey!


23. UniCredit

  • 2022 Revenue – 5.1 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 52,165
  • Founding year - 1870
  • Location: Italy

Company description: UniCredit: Empowering Europe's Future

At UniCredit, our purpose is clear: to empower communities and drive progress across Europe. With 13 banks working as one, we leverage collective strength to deliver exceptional value to our clients, employees, and investors. Our common culture is fueled by integrity, ownership, and care, empowering our people to make bold decisions that create positive impact. As we envision the bank for Europe's future, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of individuals, businesses, and communities continent-wide. UniCredit is committed to being the catalyst for positive change, delivering for all stakeholders and shaping a prosperous future for Europe.


24. Macquarie Group

  • 2022 Revenue – 4.4 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 21,765
  • Founding year - 1969
  • Location: Australia

Company description: Macquarie Group, a global financial services organization with Australian roots, empowers individuals to innovate and invest for a brighter future. Operating in 34 markets, we offer a wide range of financial solutions to cater to diverse needs. Discover more about our services and how we can help you achieve your financial goals at Trust in our expertise and experience as we guide you towards a better tomorrow.


25. Qatar National Bank

  • 2022 Revenue – 3.9 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 17,699
  • Founding year - 1964
  • Location: Qatar

Company description: QNB Group, established in 1964, has emerged as the largest bank in Qatar and a major financial institution in the MEA region. Our continuous growth reflects our commitment to becoming a leading bank in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. With recent expansion in competitive markets like Hong Kong, we now serve over 30 countries across three continents. As the Official Middle East and Africa Supporter of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, we take pride in offering advanced products and services through our subsidiaries and associate companies. QNB Group maintains its top credit ratings and receives numerous accolades from international financial publications. We actively support communities through various social, educational, and sporting events. Learn more about our comprehensive offerings at


26. Rabobank

  • 2022 Revenue – 2.9 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 45,917
  • Founding year - 1972
  • Location: Netherlands

Company description: Rabobank is a cooperative financial services provider with a rich history dating back 110 years in the Netherlands. Our roots are in local loan cooperatives that empowered enterprising individuals with limited access to capital. Today, Rabobank Group comprises independent local Rabobanks, Rabobank Nederland, and several specialized subsidiaries. With around 61,100 dedicated employees, we serve 10 million customers in 47 countries. As a full-range financial institution, we uphold cooperative principles to deliver exceptional services to our global community. Join us at Rabobank for a seamless banking experience tailored to your needs.


27. Raiffeisen Gruppe

  • 2022 Revenue – 2.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 3,647
  • Founding year - 1899
  • Location: Switzerland

Company description: Raiffeisen Switzerland, the third largest banking group in the country, stands as a leading retail bank with a cooperative structure. Serving 3.6 million Swiss citizens, including 1.9 million cooperative members, Raiffeisen is renowned for its customer-centric approach, reliability, and exclusive benefits for members. With an extensive branch network of over 824 locations across Switzerland, Raiffeisen's success stems from its personal customer relationships and local presence, which have characterized the bank for over a century. Experience the advantages of Raiffeisen as we prioritize your financial needs and offer unwavering support for a better banking experience.


28. Royal Bank of Canada

  • 2022 Revenue – 52 million USD
  • Number of employees - 88,841
  • Founding year - 1864
  • Location: Canada

Company description: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) - Empowering Growth, Enriching Communities

RBC is a global financial institution driven by purpose and guided by principles, delivering top-notch performance worldwide. Our 88,000+ employees channel their creativity and insights to actualize our vision, values, and strategy, enabling clients to thrive and communities to prosper. As Canada's largest bank and a major player in the global market, we prioritize innovation and deliver exceptional experiences to our 17 million clients across Canada, the U.S., and 27 other countries. Discover more at

At RBC, we take pride in supporting diverse community initiatives through donations, investments, and employee volunteerism. Explore our impact at


29. Credit Suisse

  • 2022 Revenue – 22.8 million USD
  • Number of employees - 45,000
  • Founding year - 1856
  • Location: Switzerland

Company description: Credit Suisse: A Leading Global Wealth Manager & Investment Bank. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, we serve clients in 50+ countries across mature and emerging markets. With 45,000+ employees from 150 nations, we offer holistic financial solutions, innovative products, and ethical advice. Quality and excellence drive our work, fostering internal mobility, dedicated training, and leadership opportunities. Embracing diversity, our inclusive community delivers value for clients, shareholders, and communities. We embody entrepreneurial spirit and are now part of the UBS Group. Explore Credit Suisse for exceptional financial services and insights. #CreditSuisse #GlobalWealthManager #InvestmentBanking #UBSGroup


30. Scotiabank

  • 2022 Revenue – 4.7 million USD
  • Number of employees - 78,452
  • Founding year - 1832
  • Location: Canada

Company description: Welcome to Scotiabank - your global partner for success. Our mission is to serve and support thousands of customers, families, and communities worldwide with expert advice, innovative products, and exceptional services. Stay tuned for the latest news, valuable insights, and thought leadership from Scotiabank as we work together to empower your financial success. #Scotiabank #FinancialSuccess #GlobalBanking.