Top 30 Shipping companies by revenue in 2022

by Nicolae Buldumac
· 18/08/2023 09:23 · 5-7 min read
Top 30 Shipping companies by revenue in 2022


In the fast-paced and interconnected global economy, shipping companies play a crucial role in facilitating international trade and logistics. As we look back at the year 2022, we can't help but acknowledge the immense impact these companies had on the movement of goods across the world. With their extensive networks, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, these top 30 shipping companies emerged as leaders in the industry.

Ranked by revenue, these companies demonstrated exceptional financial performance while navigating through various challenges, including supply chain disruptions and increased demand for shipping services. Their ability to adapt and innovate in such a dynamic environment solidified their positions as industry powerhouses.

Each of these shipping companies has a unique story to tell. From the giants of the seas to the nimble and agile players, they all contributed to the global trade ecosystem in their own remarkable ways. Their operations spanned across continents, connecting manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers worldwide.

In this article, we will delve into the top 30 shipping companies of 2022, providing a brief overview of each company and their notable achievements. From container shipping to bulk carriers, tanker operators to logistics providers, these companies demonstrated exceptional capabilities in transporting goods efficiently and reliably.

We will explore their revenue figures, highlighting their financial strength and market influence. Additionally, we will shed light on their operational strategies, technological advancements, and sustainability initiatives that have set them apart in the competitive shipping landscape.

Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the leading shipping companies that shaped the global trade landscape in 2022 and continue to propel the industry forward.


1. Hanjin Shipping

  • 2022 Revenue – 86 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 1,166
  • Founding year - 1949
  • Location: South Korea

Company description: Hanjin Shipping is a premier global shipping logistics company committed to delivering excellence and building trust worldwide. As Korea's largest carrier, we operate over 60 liner and tramper services, transporting more than 100 million tons of cargo annually across the globe. With a fleet of 200 state-of-the-art containerships, bulk carriers, and LNG carriers, Hanjin Shipping ensures efficient and reliable transportation. With a market value of KRW 5 trillion and annual earnings of KRW 6 trillion, we are a trusted partner for your shipping needs. Experience the world-class logistics services of Hanjin Shipping today.


2. CMA CGM Group

  •  2022 Revenue – 74.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 155,000
  • Founding year - 1978
  • Location: France

Company description: CMA CGM is a leading global player in sea, land, air, and logistics solutions, led by Rodolphe Saadé. With a presence in 160 countries and a network of over 400 offices and 750 warehouses, we serve more than 420 ports worldwide across 5 continents. Our fleet of 593 vessels transported 21.7 million TEU containers in 2022, while our subsidiary, CEVA Logistics, handled 522,000 tonnes of air cargo and over 22 million shipments of inland freight. Committed to the energy transition, we aim to achieve Net Zero-Carbon by 2050. Through the CMA CGM Foundation, we support education initiatives and provide humanitarian aid globally, leveraging our shipping and logistics expertise. With a workforce of 155,000 people, including 4,000 in our Marseille headquarters, we continuously innovate to offer comprehensive and efficient solutions in shipping, air freight, and logistics. Experience our industry-leading services today.


3. Hapag-Lloyd AG

  • 2022 Revenue – 36.4 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 14,200
  • Founding year - 1847
  • Location: Germany

Company description: Hapag-Lloyd AG, a global leader in liner shipping, operates a fleet of 251 state-of-the-art container ships with a remarkable transport capacity of 1.8 million TEU. With a presence in 135 countries and over 400 offices, our dedicated team of 14,200 professionals ensures seamless operations. We boast a vast container capacity of 3 million TEU, including a cutting-edge fleet of reefer containers. Our extensive network of 119 liner services connects over 600 ports across all continents, providing fast and reliable transportation solutions. As a top player in the Transatlantic, Middle East, Latin America, and Intra-America trade lanes, Hapag-Lloyd is committed to delivering exceptional service and connecting the world.


4. Ocean Network Express

  • 2022 Revenue – 30.1 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 10,001+
  • Founding year - 2017
  • Location: Singapore

Company description: Ocean Network Express (ONE) is a dynamic shipping entity formed by the merger of three esteemed Japanese liner companies: 'K' Line, MOL, and NYK. ONE embraces the traditions of its founding companies, which were known for their exceptional service quality and operational excellence. With its global headquarters in Singapore, ONE aims to strengthen its international trading presence. Boasting a fleet of over 250 vessels and active participation in major global trade lanes, ONE leverages cutting-edge IT systems and an extensive terminal ownership portfolio. We are committed to being "large enough to survive, but still small enough to care," working collaboratively with our valued customers and partners to overcome challenges and deliver optimal solutions. ONE—our name and our purpose, united as one.


5. MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

  • 2022 Revenue - 28.2 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 150,000
  • Founding year - 1970
  • Location: Switzerland


Company description: MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is a leading global shipping company founded by Gianluigi Aponte in 1970. With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC operates in over 675 offices across 155 countries worldwide, making it one of the world's premier container shipping lines. With a workforce of over 150,000 MSC Group employees, we offer an extensive integrated network of road, rail, and sea transport resources spanning the globe. Our commitment is to provide exceptional global service combined with local expertise.

OUR SERVICES As a world leader in global container shipping, MSC offers a comprehensive range of services. Our integrated network ensures seamless transportation solutions that cater to your specific needs. Whether it's transporting goods by road, rail, or sea, we have the expertise and resources to meet your shipping requirements.

YOUR INDUSTRY At MSC, we understand the importance of industry-specific expertise. Regardless of what you're shipping or where you're shipping it, our dedicated team delivers professional and efficient service tailored to the unique needs of your business. We are committed to providing reliable and customized solutions that align with your industry requirements.

Partner with MSC for a seamless shipping experience backed by our extensive global network and industry expertise. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your shipping needs and drive the success of your business.


6. Evergreen Marine Corporation


  • 2022 Revenue – 20.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 10,001+
  • Founding year - 1968
  • Location: Taiwan

Company description: Evergreen Line, part of the renowned Evergreen Group, brings together four leading shipping companies under one unified brand. Evergreen Line comprises Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd., Italia Marittima S.p.A., Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd., and Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd., providing international shipping solutions. Established on May 1, 2007, in response to global customer demands, Evergreen Line has expanded its reach with the addition of Evergreen Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd. As the fourth largest container fleet worldwide, Evergreen Line operates over 180 ships with a total capacity of around 650,000 TEU. We are dedicated to maintaining current services and exploring new trade opportunities to meet the evolving needs of our global customers.


7. Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL)

  • 2022 Revenue – 19.8 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 8,547
  • Founding year - 1969
  • Location: Hong Kong

Company description: OOCL, or Orient Overseas Container Line, is a globally recognized brand and one of the largest integrated container transportation and logistics companies. As a subsidiary of Orient Overseas (International) Limited, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, OOCL offers fully integrated logistics and containerized transportation services across Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Australasia. With a strong reputation for customer-focused solutions, quality services, and continuous innovation, OOCL is a leading international carrier, particularly in China, where it provides comprehensive logistics and transportation services. Embracing advanced technology and e-commerce, OOCL excels in managing the entire cargo process, making it a trusted industry leader.


8. HMM Co., Ltd.

  • 2022 Revenue – 14.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 2,480
  • Founding year - 1976
  • Location: South Korea

Company description: HMM is a leading global integrated logistics company that offers comprehensive services across a vast fleet of over a hundred vessels. With a worldwide network and a team of seasoned professionals, we deliver exceptional solutions. As your reliable and trusted partner, we are committed to continuous growth and excellence in the shipping industry. Count on us to be your preferred choice for global shipping services. Partner with HMM, your trusted leader in the logistics industry.


9. Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation

  • 2022 Revenue – 12.6 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 648
  • Founding year - 1972
  • Location: Taiwan

Company description: Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Yang Ming) is a renowned global shipping company, founded on December 28, 1972. Our team worldwide upholds our core values of "Teamwork, Innovation, Honesty, and Pragmatism" to continually enhance our transportation expertise and service excellence. We are committed to delivering exceptional and advanced marine transportation services on a global scale. With a strong focus on punctuality, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, Yang Ming has emerged as a leading player in the shipping industry. Choose Yang Ming for top-quality, dependable, and economical shipping solutions that meet your global transportation needs.


10. ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

  • 2022 Revenue – 12.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 4,427
  • Founding year - 1945
  • Location: Israel

Company description: ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, launched in Israel in 1945, is a pioneering global container liner shipping company. With a focus on select markets and a digital-oriented, asset-light approach, we provide innovative and customer-centric transportation and logistics services. Leveraging our competitive advantages, ZIM covers major trade routes, ensuring high schedule reliability and service quality. As a top industry performer, we maximize profitability through our unique strategy, enhanced digital tools, and commitment to excellence. With ZIM, you can expect unrivaled expertise, premium services, and best-in-class margins, as we continue to lead the way in the container shipping industry.


11. Wan Hai Lines

  • 2022 Revenue – 8.6 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 1,131
  • Founding year - 1965
  • Location: Taiwan

Company description: Established in 1965, Wan Hai Lines is a leading shipping company with a comprehensive network of shipping routes across Taiwan, Japan's Kanton and Kansai areas, Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and various Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East. With a focus on fully-container vessel shipping, Wan Hai offers reliable and regular services connecting these regions. Trust Wan Hai Lines for efficient and seamless shipping solutions across a wide range of destinations in Asia and beyond.


12. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL)

  • 2022 Revenue – 8 billion USD
  • Number of employees - 8,547
  • Founding year - 1884
  • Location: Japan

Company description: With over 130 years of relentless pursuit of growth and innovation, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has become a trusted name in international ocean shipping. Our core business empowers us to add value to the goods and materials we transport, fostering the development of global industries and thriving communities. As a responsible corporate citizen, we embrace our social responsibility by contributing to a more prosperous world. At MOL, we honor the spirit of our founding, carrying forward our legacy with pride. Join us in our journey as we continue to shape the future of maritime transportation and make a positive impact on the world.


13. Swift Transportation

  • 2022 Revenue – 7.4 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 8,939
  • Founding year - 1966
  • Location: United States

Company description: Welcome to Swift Transportation, the largest full-truckload motor carrier in North America. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, our extensive terminal network spans over 30 full-service facilities across the United States and Mexico. We offer a comprehensive range of service solutions, including linehaul, flatbed, intermodal, refrigerated, dedicated, and logistics management. Join our Swift family and explore rewarding careers in operations, finance, account management, shop mechanics, human resources, payroll, and more. At Swift, we're not just a company, we're a close-knit family dedicated to your success. Discover the Swift difference and start your journey with us today!


14. Schneider National, Inc.

  • 2022 Revenue – 6.6 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 10,229
  • Founding year - 1935
  • Location: United States

Company description: Looking for top-notch transportation and logistics services? Look no further than Schneider. As a premier provider headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and with offices across major cities like Chicago and Dallas, we have you covered. Our extensive portfolio includes Regional and Long-Haul Truckload, Expedited, Dedicated, Bulk, Intermodal, Brokerage, Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, and Port Logistics solutions. With over 80 years of experience and $5 billion in annual revenue, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Recognized with prestigious awards like FreightTech 100 and Inbound Logistics' Green Supply Chain Partner, trust Schneider to get the job done safely and efficiently.


15. GLS

  • 2022 Revenue – 5,8 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 19,000
  • Founding year - 1999
  • Location: Netherlands

Company description: GLS Netherlands, a subsidiary of the GLS Group, is a leading provider of reliable and high-quality parcel, freight, and express services. With a presence in 40 countries and a vast network of subsidiaries and partners, GLS is dedicated to being the "quality leader in parcel logistics." Our extensive road transport network positions us as a top parcel service provider in Europe, while our subsidiaries in Canada and the US West Coast expand our global reach. Backed by a strong network of transshipment points, depots, delivery vehicles, and trucks, GLS employs approximately 19,000 professionals. Experience our exceptional services as we deliver 667 million packages and generate €3.6 billion in sales.


16. APL (American President Lines)

  • 2022 Revenue – 4.6 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 5,090
  • Founding year - 1848
  • Location: United States

Company description: Welcome to APL, a trusted subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group offering reliable and secure ocean transportation and logistics services for nearly 175 years. As part of our commitment, we operate a fleet of nine U.S. flagged vessels, providing efficient connections between North America, Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East, and Guam. APL is proud to be a part of the CMA CGM Group, a global leader in sea, land, air, and logistics solutions, serving over 420 ports across 5 continents with a fleet of 583 vessels. With our innovative subsidiaries, including CEVA Logistics and CMA CGM AIR CARGO, we continually strive to deliver comprehensive and efficient solutions for our customers.


17. PIL (Pacific International Line)

  • 2022 Revenue – 3 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 3,442
  • Founding year - 1967
  • Location: Singapore

Company description: Pacific International Lines (PIL) is a renowned container shipping line, established in 1967, and currently ranked 12th globally. As a Singapore-based company, PIL has expanded its operations worldwide, focusing on key regions including China, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, and Oceania. With a fleet of approximately 100 container and multi-purpose vessels, PIL, along with its sister companies Mariana Express Lines (MELL) and Malaysia Shipping Corporation, provides comprehensive services to customers across 500 locations in over 90 countries. In addition to liner shipping, PIL excels in container manufacturing, depot services, and logistics, ensuring enhanced connectivity and delivering value-added solutions to meet customer requirements.


18. GAC (Gulf Agency Company)

  • 2022 Revenue – 2.6 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 7,500
  • Founding year - 1956
  • Location: United Arab Emirates

Company description: Welcome to GAC Group, your global partner for shipping, logistics, and marine services. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and ethical practices, we offer a comprehensive and customizable portfolio to support your strategic objectives. Since 1956, GAC has built a strong presence, employing over 7,500 professionals across 300 offices in 50 countries. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering world-class solutions that add value and provide a human touch. Trust GAC Group for reliable and flexible services that propel your business forward. Contact us today to explore how we can meet your global shipping and logistics needs.


19. Crowley Maritime Corporation

  • 2022 Revenue – 2.5 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 6,300
  • Founding year - 1892
  • Location: United States

Company description: Crowley is a leading U.S.-owned company offering comprehensive logistics, supply chain, and energy services to domestic, international, and government markets. With an impressive annual revenue of over $2.5 billion, a fleet of 160 vessels, and a global workforce of 6,300 employees, we deliver reliable solutions worldwide. With a rich history spanning over 130 years, our commitment to sustainability and innovation sets us apart. Serving customers in 365 nations and island territories, our four business units offer a wide range of services, including ocean cargo transportation, supply chain management, project logistics, offshore energy solutions, government services, ship management, and fuel delivery. Choose Crowley for trusted, efficient, and sustainable solutions tailored to your needs.


20. Triton International

  • 2022 Revenue – 1.8 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 232
  • Founding year - 2016
  • Location: United States

Company description: As the leading shipping container supplier, Triton International is your trusted partner for global trade. With a container fleet exceeding 7 million TEUs, we provide the essential building blocks that drive economies and support worldwide commerce. Through our extensive network of 20 offices and three independent agencies spanning 16 countries, we lease, re-lease, and sell various intermodal equipment. With over 400 third-party-owned depots and facilities across 89 countries, we ensure reliable access to containers and equipment. Powered by our robust global infrastructure, we offer unmatched container supply capabilities and operate at industry-leading cost ratios. Choose Triton for seamless and cost-effective shipping solutions.


21. Euronav

  • 2022 Revenue – 0.85 billion USD
  • Number of employees – 1,028
  • Founding year - 1989
  • Location: Belgium

Company description: Euronav, headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium), is the world's largest independent tanker company. With a strong presence in Europe and Asia, we specialize in the safe and reliable transportation and storage of crude oil. Leveraging our young fleet, experienced team, performance-driven culture, and in-house management, we have achieved remarkable growth and profitability in the competitive tanker industry. Euronav operates in both the spot and period markets, offering Floating, Storage, and Offloading (FSO) vessel services through conversion or newbuilding. As a publicly listed company on Euronext Brussels and the NYSE (symbol: EURN), we are committed to attracting and empowering talented individuals to contribute to our sustainable and future-proof business. Join us today and unleash your potential at Euronav.


22. Finnlines

  • 2022 Revenue – 803.9 million USD
  • Number of employees – 1,700
  • Founding year - 1947
  • Location: Finland

Company description: Finnlines, a leading shipping operator, offers reliable freight and passenger services in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, and Bay of Biscay. Our passenger-freight vessels connect Finland to Germany and Sweden via the scenic Åland Islands. With ro-ro vessels operating in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, and Bay of Biscay, we ensure efficient cargo transportation. As part of the Grimaldi Group, a major ro-ro operator worldwide, Finnlines provides liner services to the Mediterranean, West Africa, Atlantic coasts of North and South America, and even China, South Korea, and Australia. Trust Finnlines for seamless sea transportation and comprehensive port services in Helsinki and Turku.


23. Hamburg Süd

  • 2022 Revenue – 91 million USD
  • Number of employees – 2,790
  • Founding year - 1871
  • Location: Germany

Company description: Hamburg Süd is a prominent player in the international logistics service sector, recognized as one of the top ten container liner shipping brands globally. With a strong emphasis on quality, exceptional customer service, and a vast network of over 100 offices worldwide, Hamburg Süd ensures a personalized approach to meet customer needs. As part of the Maersk Line, the industry's leading international container liner shipping company, Hamburg Süd offers unparalleled access to an extensive liner network and the world's largest shipping fleet. We seek dedicated individuals who thrive in a dynamic, international environment, value creativity, attention to detail, and autonomy, as we continue to drive growth and provide exciting opportunities for trainees, career starters, and experienced professionals.


24. Bollore Logistics

  • 2022 Revenue – 22.5 million USD
  • Number of employees – 15,000
  • Founding year - 1986
  • Location: France

Company description: Welcome to Bolloré Logistics' company page! As a subsidiary of the renowned Bolloré Group, a global leader in transport and logistics, Bolloré Logistics offers an extensive network spanning 146 countries, including 83 trusted partners. With a dedicated team of 15,000 professionals, we are committed to meeting your unique requirements with tailored solutions. Explore our people page, where you can engage in discussions, share insights, and even contribute your own topics to our vibrant community. Trust Bolloré Logistics for comprehensive logistics services backed by our worldwide expertise and collaborative approach.


25. Hyundai GLOVIS

  • 2022 Revenue – 20.8 million USD
  • Number of employees – 1,954
  • Founding year - 2007
  • Location: United States

Company description: Hyundai Glovis Georgia, LLC is a leading logistics company based in Seoul, Korea, and a proud member of the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. With a history dating back to February 2001 as Hankook Logitech Co. Ltd, Hyundai Glovis offers a comprehensive range of services including ocean transportation, air transportation, inland transportation, logistics consulting, storage, packaging, and supply chain management. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we launched the "OnECO" auto parts recycling business in 2011, focused on distributing high-quality reuse and remanufactured auto parts. Discover how Hyundai Glovis can optimize your logistics needs and contribute to a greener future.


26. Estes Express Lines

  • 2022 Revenue – 20 million USD
  • Number of employees – 5,044
  • Founding year - 1931
  • Location: United States

Company description: Welcome to Estes Express Lines, the leading freight transportation provider headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Our comprehensive range of shipping solutions includes LTL, time critical, volume & truckload, global, and custom options, tailored to meet your specific needs. Since our establishment in 1931 by W.W. Estes, we have grown from a humble one-truck operation to the largest privately held carrier in the nation, serving customers across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. With over 230 terminals and a global freight-forwarding service footprint, we deliver direct and door-to-door services with the utmost professionalism. Join our diverse and inclusive workforce by visiting for exciting career opportunities.


27. Saia, Inc.

  • 2022 Revenue – 2.7 million USD
  • Number of employees – 12,000
  • Founding year - 1924
  • Location: Georgia

Company description: Welcome to Saia, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAIA), your trusted provider of comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions. We offer a diverse range of services, including less-than-truckload, non-asset truckload, expedited, and logistics services. With our headquarters in Johns Creek, Georgia, we operate an extensive network of 191 terminals nationwide, serving customers across the United States. Our team of over 12,000 dedicated professionals ensures reliable and efficient freight transportation. Saia LTL Freight takes pride in its exceptional safety record, acknowledged by the American Trucking Associations Safety Management Council. Experience our top-notch services and unmatched commitment to safety today.


28. Transcoal Pacific

  • 2022 Revenue – 1,7 million USD
  • Number of employees – 163
  • Founding year - 2006
  • Location: Indonesia

Company description: PT. Transcoal Pacific, Tbk is a rapidly growing enterprise specializing in energy transport and logistics services. Our one-stop solutions cover every aspect, from warehousing to delivery, providing professional and efficient services. With our strong track record, advanced equipment, and sound management, we are poised to become a leading energy transporter in Indonesia. Headquartered in South Jakarta, Indonesia, we have regional subsidiaries and local support strategically located near your operations. At Transcoal, we embody the values of innovation, practicality, teamwork, and integrity, leveraging cutting-edge solutions to expand our market presence. Our goal is to enhance competitiveness, market share, and business sustainability in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Join us for customized and state-of-the-art energy transportation solutions that stay ahead of industry updates.


29. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited

  • 2022 Revenue – 1,44 million USD
  • Number of employees - 30,980
  • Founding year - 1961
  • Location: China

Company description: China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, also known as China COSCO Shipping Group, is a leading Chinese conglomerate and state-owned enterprise based in Shanghai. Our diverse business sectors encompass integrated logistics, shipping, finance services, and equipment manufacturing. The merger of COSCO Group and China Shipping Group in 2016 was driven by the industry's challenges, uniting our strengths to weather the downturn in containerized-ocean-freight and break bulk shipping. With a fleet of 1,114 merchant vessels and a total capacity of 85.32 million DWT, we rank first globally. Our container shipping division, COSCO Shipping Lines, boasts a capacity of 1.58 million TEU, positioning us as the fourth-largest worldwide. As we strive for continuous growth, we aim to expand our fleet to over 2 million TEU by 2018, cementing our position as one of the top container lines globally. Partner with China COSCO Shipping for comprehensive and reliable shipping services.


30. Star Bulk


  • 2022 Revenue – 1.43 million USD
  • Number of employees – 235
  • Founding year - 2006
  • Location: Greece

Company description: Star Bulk is a leading global shipping company specializing in the transportation of major and minor bulk cargoes across the world's seas. With a modern fleet of high-specification bulk carriers, including Supramax to Newcastlemax vessels, we ensure efficient and sustainable transport of commodities like iron ore, minerals, grain, bauxite, fertilizers, and steel products. Our dedicated team of skilled seafarers and onshore professionals upholds the highest industry standards for safety, quality, and environmental protection. Join us in shaping the future of dry bulk shipping as we strive to become the global leader in our field. Explore exciting career opportunities with Star Bulk today!