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Top GDB companies
Top 25 companies in Mexico by Revenue in 2017
2017 was the first year Mexico’s gross public sector debt dropped after its drastic and continuous growth for the last 12 years, peaking in 2016. The country’s public debt made its way from 37% in 2005 to 58% of GDP in 2016 and to 54% in 2018. It is still high for the region, but it is on a downward path due to the recent changes in fiscal policies.
Top GDB companies
Top 25 companies in Singapore by Revenue in 2017
Being an air and marine passengers and cargo transportation, water supply, oil & gas transit, financial world hub, Singapore counts on all sorts of taxes and licence fees as on one of its government main revenue sources.
Top GDB companies
Top 30 companies in Germany by Revenue in 2017
The political strength, state support for business and enterprise-oriented legislation, developed domestic market, as well as relentless demand for anything of the “Made in Germany” brand are the key factors boosting the German economy and making it extremely attractive for investors.