B2B Bespoke Data Search Solutions: Benefits of Customly Performed Data Research

by Nicolae Buldumac
B2B Bespoke Data Search Solutions: Benefits of Customly Performed Data Research

Quality versus quantity has long been a matter of debates and many an argument have been quite convincing on both sides. However, as it comes to B2B intelligence, huge chunks of data are useless when incomplete or outdated. Same is valid for loads of accurate information, yet not the one you need for your particular goals. This is when bespoke data solutions come in handy, and that is what our today’s article is about.

What Is B2B Bespoke Data Research and Why Do You Need It?

Bespoke data research solutions offered by B2B company intelligence providers usually imply the search of the information particularly needed by the client for a certain goal. In other words, it means that instead of acquiring available datasets, you call for custom search, one that would ideally fit your objectives and purposes and that would not come with a bulk of redundant entries.

In its essence, bespoke data search is a service which resides in looking up individual segments of information that are specifically required by the client and that can hardly be found in readily available company intelligence directories. Be it a less popular region or industry, a legally hard-to-get employee or contact information, or a domain rarely dug into, bespoke data research providers will do their best to find the information you need.

There are quite a few motives behind the need for bespoke data solutions, among which can be:

  • Availability and ease to find. Many times you know you should be looking for a particular type of companies in a certain region. However, what you do not know is where to start. Search engines display just a few results or none at all, or you might have to dig deep and peruse SERPs, wasting hours and days to find at least something. 

  • Legality. Various countries across the world have their own regulations with regard to data protection and privacy, while the EU and EEA are mostly guarded by GDPR. Therefore, even if your online search does deliver a quantity-wise good harvest, it does not mean that the source of your choice has legally acquired all the information you get, hence using these data would not be compliant with the regulation in force, and you’d end up in trouble. 

  • Accuracy. Various researches state, that the average rate of monthly data decay is 2%-3%, which turns into a lot of obsolete data towards the end of a one-year period. Consequently, even if you do find a database that guarantees the lawfulness of the business intel provided, the latter might be well outdated. Hence you should not only be asking for legal proofs but make sure that data are most recent possible as well.

  • Completeness. Barren data fields are always a pain, and these get even more frustrating when the missing information is exactly the one you need most for your particular purpose. Needless to say that you simply won’t be able to accomplish your tasks and, therefore, the value of an incomplete dataset for you falls to zero. 

  • Efficiency. Oftentimes, companies do not have the necessary human resources nor working hours (days, weeks or even months) to look up company information. As a rule, custom data search does take a lot of time and labour. Moreover, considering all the motives described right above, these efforts may end up futile. To that end, it does often prove smarter cost-wise to appeal to company intel providers’ bespoke data search solutions.

All in all, even the leading data providers do not have global coverage. Usually, they have stronger datasets in certain regions, each their own (something you should consider among other factors when choosing your preferred provider), however even all the data providers’ intelligence combined would not cover and maintain the accuracy of 100% of companies worldwide, and thence the need for bespoke data search.

Benefits of B2B Bespoke Data Search

Aside of being the solution for above-mentioned reasons that found the need for B2B bespoke data research, there are a series of other benefits for your cause.


The result of your bespoke data inquiry is aimed specifically towards your business. Needless to say, bespoke data is all about empowering you with assets of pin-point accuracy.


Even amongst the companies that have dedicated themselves to “data drilling” there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some data intelligence businesses have more prominent results in certain industries, countries, data points all while lacking in other parts that would constitute a detriment to the efficient operation of your business. In order to still make use of one’s strong points, you would have to purchase a subscription to another or even several providers that have the former’s lacking features on the display case. 

Custom data research is done from the ground up and is not pulled from some secret database that many are led to believe. A group of highly-expertised specialists employ their toolbox and chip away at trustworthy sources to scrape data addressing your inquiry. All you have to do is ask entries to fulfil certain conditions. 

IT companies would love to know more about the underlying technologies used. Financial assistance companies, obviously, are keener on what numbers make up those credit reports, risk, financial history. Human resources will most certainly preoccupy themselves with details regarding employees. 

This data is available with datasets under customizable filters in prominent databases such as Global Database. However, if you are looking to extract these data for businesses or employees that are not yet on the list then a custom platter is in order.


The output of bespoke data can put you ahead of your competition and install your brand as the leader. Knowing more about a market, or being able to find and contact directly the change-makers can definitely put you ahead of the curve. One distinct feature can turn the tides, but your clients are not bothered by the amount of work behind the curtains. They want results, and custom works easily achieve that.

Efficient workflow

No longer do you have to mold your underlying software to fit in the various needs with various formats. Now, you are more than just able to command the flow of information that is powering your business. Bespoke data is specifically made to take in every requirement and adjust accordingly. You don’t need to oversee the output as it will always be in the cast you have requested. And if your bespoke data has been a one-time request, you can always keep it fresh with data enrichment solutions. No more errors, no more unaccounted variables, no more unforeseen constrictions. Global Database bespoke data solution will accommodate your wants and needs.

Total ownership

Bespoke data is all about answering your every whim. You needn’t concern yourself with whatever platform is used, methods to deliver, or incompatibilities that may rise along the way. Moreover, the standards for completing custom data research are probably higher than what is generally advertised. 


The main caveat of a bespoke data solution is that it is a one-time request. In time the data acquired by such means becomes obsolete. However, if you were to compare it to a subscription plan, in most cases a custom order downright wins price-wise. In layman’s terms, it’s “pay for what you get.” Moreover, pricing is dynamic. Thus, if an order seems too big for your wallet, a reevaluation of the necessary data points can bring the cost back into the affordable range. 

As for the main caveat, a data-enrichment request of your bespoke data down the line will help bring it back into shape at a fast pace.


To sum up…

Bespoke data search solutions are of the greatest use when you are interested in a particular market, segment, industry or company, and when the information you need about any of these is either too cost-ineffective to obtain with your own efforts, or you just cannot find an accurate, reliable and legal data source. We at Global Database guarantee that we can deliver almost any information that you may require within agreed terms and that we will go through the trouble to find the best source out there. Make the first step by telling us what you are looking for, and we will help.

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