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B2B E-Commerce: To Ignore Or Not To Ignore
B2B e-commerce has evolved and is experiencing a state of continuous rapid growth. Various industries continue to analyze and foresee the financial impact of allowing customers to do purchases online. This article allows seeing what benefits and drawbacks you can expect before going forward with implementation.
B2B Opportunity Costs: The Trade-Offs of Not Using Company Intelligence Today
Considering the uncertainties that could unfold, it is hard for businesses to choose what should be a priority and what should come as a second option. This is what today’s article is about - understanding the costs of the decisions you take today.
How to Sell in Crisis
With the current degree of globalisation, a crisis that would hit only one country, region or vertical is quite impossible to imagine. Starting with one state being hit both socially and economically, the impact has internationally spread quite as fast as the virus itself. With many negative effects of the pandemic on B2B companies in mind, we decided to post our 12 suggested solutions on how to sell in crisis.