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Top 25 public companies in France by revenue in 2020
The economy of France has seen better days than yesteryear, and the numbers and forecasts are not too bright either. Yet we believe that the country's biggest companies will be the supporting pillars of the national economy, and compiled this top 25 largest companies in France by revenue in 2020.
Top 8 B2B marketing trends for 2021
Together with all them surprises 2020 has brought us, it has also triggered a range of changes to the B2B world, many of which are here to stay. Here are the main B2B marketing trends to pay due attention to in 2021.
2019 Global Database vs Hoovers, Discoverorg, ZoomInfo and Insideview
According to Ascend2, more than 50% of marketers mention enriching their contact data quality as the main impediment to obtaining email marketing success.