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Top 30 Proven Sales Strategies To Close More Deals and Get Life-long Customers
There’s still no proven alternative to a personal conversation with your leads. You have to be attentive, listen to your prospect, draw conclusions from every interaction, gradually understanding what motivates him/her to make a purchase or give up on it. Use the time-tested scenarios, based on real experience, to succeed.
How Can Wholesalers Find and Contact New Leads: Business Intelligence to the Rescue
Building new trade relationships for either manufacturers or wholesalers has long become more of a protracted process, with complex steps towards mutual trust. This article reveals the ways to step up your lead gen strategy with the help of business intelligence.
Personalisation - an efficient way to stand out among other B2B email marketing campaigns
If you manage to make your customers or business partners feel special, you raise your chances to gain their loyalty. Find out why and how personalisation marketing can help you keep your existing business relationships and establish new ones.